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19 38.78%
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04-23-11, 11:26 AM

Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 5769
A very random good episode. That censoring sucks hard though,

Ah yeah, Chitose. <3
レッツゴー ED イケイケゴーゴー
04-23-11, 11:29 AM

Joined: Nov 2008
Posts: 14141
I really hope that censor is removed in the BD/DVD, a 1 minute 3 second censor kills episodes.

04-23-11, 3:50 PM

Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 833
Haha I love that one that always wears the weird costumes.

"This part of the show was cancelled due to some inappropriate erotic scenes" wat
I bet it was because it looked like the girls were getting flooded, not because it was erotic. Especially considering the next scene is a naked girl straddling a lizard, lol.

I don't mind the censors though, I think they're kinda funny. Also maybe because I'm watching this for the comedy/characters, not the boobs.
04-23-11, 4:02 PM

Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 174
Tyrenol said:
were the case; they might as well have the anime on AT-X.

Unfortunately the at-x is the same. Dropped for now, i wait the bds at June, this kind of censorship is too invasive and ruin all the comedy of the show. -_-
Modified by Fnights, 04-23-11, 4:05 PM
04-23-11, 4:29 PM

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 497
i wonder if that censored part was from an actual inappropriate erotic scene.
04-23-11, 6:47 PM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 210
shen2001 said:
Tyrenol said:

And then the Evangelion scene rip-off.

This was such a random episode :3 but I still found it entertaining ( minus the 2 mins of full screen pointless censoring D: ) also I almost missed that very subtle EVA reference get pass me lol but I see I'm not the only one that saw it :D

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed.
Did anyone by chance pick up on the Nausicaa and Spirited Away references when Chitose was on the giant fish? They had the Nausicaa song going with the light beams and then she said that the fish had been the one who saved her last time like Haku saved Chihiro.
04-23-11, 7:01 PM

Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 507
That long censor screen was pretty darn annoying... I really wish they would get to some real tennis though, main reason I picked this up was because I'm a big fan of tennis.

Also, Hanako the Cow is... one brave smart cow :P
04-23-11, 7:13 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 304
fucking awesome and hilarious episode This shit is addictive.
Lol'd hard at the eva reference and the onsen part

>Crying and dropping anime thanks to Censor.
>MFW i have no face
Modified by codes, 04-23-11, 7:17 PM
04-24-11, 1:08 AM

Joined: Sep 2010
Posts: 150
Alright I will break down my problems with this into a list.

1 censored panty shots
Look if you are going to censor the fanservice don't include it

2 another censoring problem
the editors/animators of this are obviously unexsperienced for everyone knows the proper way to censor a bath is with hair or steam , not annoying animal faces.

3 The removed scene part , wtf at least cut the whole thing out and make the episode a little short

If you agree with me I am highly dying to discuss the horrible censored of this episode so please post on my profile.


4 I want more mishi eri lol i love eri

5 I am not a big fan of fanservice to start with but at least do it right.

6 This had to be the most random episode yet
Modified by kiba1996, 04-24-11, 1:12 AM
04-24-11, 1:23 AM

Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 164
Oh yeah. I found out WHY that overtly long censoring (via, saddeningly, Artefact of Sankaku Complex):

It's the scene (from the Softennis manga) where Chitose gets swept away by the flooding waters; and there was much crying and whining. This is equal to what happen when Earthquake pansy-smacked Japan and Tsunami followed suit. "Self-Restraint" @ its best.

But yeah. The people censoring should've told us the truth instead of "Oh, Erotic Scenes." -_-;

Still... Random, "ran out of ideas so we use someone else's" episode where half of the panty shots were able to escape the censor animals.
04-24-11, 11:14 AM

Joined: Sep 2009
Posts: 4
YEAH....A completely random episode; which helps me draw the conclusion the anime is COMPLETELY different from the manga.

I know it's just me on this, but I feel that at times Softenni, or in this case the director, is emulating the "atmosphere" or style in Softenni to be somewhat similar to Hidamari Sketch; or that maybe some of the director's influence from...<sigh>...Akiyuki Shinbo is rubbing off onto this anime. It worked for SHAFT with Hidamari Sketch, but to me, it really doesn't suit quite well for Softenni.

Granted there were a few laughs in about five parts in this episode, but the hot spring under the school was a waste of space in this episode. Animation also fell kind of flat to me. I mean, really? A hot spring under the school? I'm starting to see why XEBEC is seen sometimes as a thorn in the anime business by some fans.

Overall, I think the director really needs to up the ante on the comedy aspect of Softenni. He's not really doing anything spectacular with the source material from the manga, to which I believe he has potential to make it better. I sure hope the anime improves with the next episode since the girls are about to go through the tournament.

Oh yeah, the end running gag for each episode I bet: the cow Hanako escapes from the barn and shows up in front of Asuna's house. sigh...sure, why not, whatever.
Modified by VoltHAZARD, 04-24-11, 2:33 PM
04-24-11, 12:03 PM

Joined: Sep 2009
Posts: 2104
Oh my, the long censor was a mood killer.
Do like the randomness of the show a lot and Chitose is my favorite from all the other girls.
Mishi's last dialogue at the end does not make sense. They don't even play play tennis 3/4th of the time XD
04-25-11, 2:01 AM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 2872
Great gags,very funny once more. That censor screen was pretty effing ridiculous, but I could't help but laugh at the animal pictures and the fitting music! xD

Looks like next week some guys will appear!
04-25-11, 6:08 PM

Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 2035
I guess if it was flood censors... Okay.

I didn't have a good impression of the episode at the end, but reading the forums now i guess there was a lot of good laughs.
04-26-11, 3:04 AM

Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 108
I just loled at the Evangelion scene, omfg... Entertaining show though.
04-26-11, 6:57 AM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 7
Asuna needs help, her poor little mind is so warped.

I was confused by the censoring because of the timing. I couldn't figure out what explicit scenes would start at that exact moment and then, I realized that it was tsunami related. At least we know that censorship knows its place.

All in all, funny episode.
04-27-11, 3:58 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 3377
too much censoring. lol @ hot spring under the school.
04-27-11, 8:00 PM

Joined: Dec 2009
Posts: 166
I thought they'd talk about tennis.
But nope they like talking about tennisboobs. :O
05-04-11, 9:06 PM

Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 3668
beccca14 said:

Did anyone by chance pick up on the Nausicaa and Spirited Away references when Chitose was on the giant fish? They had the Nausicaa song going with the light beams and then she said that the fish had been the one who saved her last time like Haku saved Chihiro.
Yeah, I noticed that as well.
05-05-11, 2:13 AM

Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 1500
Random and funny episode.

''This part of the episode was removed'' Let's wait for the BD...
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