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Favourite Pisces Character?

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02-22-11, 3:48 AM

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Say your fave here ♥

04-30-11, 9:41 AM

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Reinhard von Lohengramm
Oginome Ringo
Tama from Gintama
Neil Dylandy
Death the Kid
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08-07-11, 8:37 PM

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Death the Kid
Egypt (APH)
Heiwajima Kasuka
Yakushi Kabuto
Hirasawa Ui
Squalo Superbi

10-01-11, 6:10 AM

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Superbi Squalo
Yagami Light
Hanninozuka Mitsukuni
Heiwajima Kasuka
Nanami Kanata etc. XD
01-27-12, 2:50 PM

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Yagami Light
Squalo Superbia
Kyoko Sasagawa
Osaki Nana
Hirasawa Ui
Lee Lenalee
Death the Kid
01-28-12, 12:14 PM

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Light Yagami
Nana Osaki

death the kid is a pisces??

“There is a meaning behind everything that happens. However, there are very few people who understand everything. To search for the meaning behind every event that happens… it’s a daunting task even to imagine it. However, noticing that there is meaning behind everything that happens… that in itself is meaningful. There is a meaning in wondering why.”-Yuuko-xxxHolic

01-12-13, 3:33 PM

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Light Yagami
Hinagiku Katsura
Homura Akemi
02-11-13, 10:57 AM

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Sanji, Shanks, Smoker and Dracule Mihawk from One Piece (Shanks and Mihawk have the same birthday)
Lal Mirch from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Eiri Yuki from Gravitation

And some others that haven't been added to the club yet.

Aquila Marin, Seika and Hound Asterion from Saint Seiya
Pisces Amor from Saint Seiya Omega (voiced by Akira Ishida - sadistic, pervy, crazy hair, immense power, pretty much evil all through. I love this guy. Also, to up the creepiness levels, he's over 20 years old and hits on a 13-year-old girl while trying to kill her. He pretty much acts like Dietrich from Trinity Blood. Except I hate Dietrich.)
Pisces Lugonis and Dryad Luco from Saint Seiya: the Lost Canvas (Lugonis and Amor are my favorite Pisces Saints in the whole franchise)
Pisces Cardinale from Saint Seiya: Next Dimension
Marcel from Angelique
Claire Fortran from Future GPX Cyber Formula
Li Kohran from Sakura Taisen
Shin Mori from Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (known as Cye in the English dub)
Second Hokage / Tobirama Senju from Naruto
Wabarihiko and Hiiragi from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4 (especially Hiiragi - he's hot beyond words and looks exactly like my Saint Seiya OC Arthur. EXACTLY. Creepy thing is, I made Arthur before Haruka 4 was even released.)
Egypt from Hetalia
Hiroto Kanazawa from La Corda d'Oro / Kiniro no Corda
Kajiwara Kagetoki from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3
Azmaria Hendric from Chrono Crusade
Ryuuken Ishida from Bleach (my favorite character in the whole series)
Lockon Stratos (Neil and Lyle) and Allelujah/Hallelujah from Gundam 00
Asato Tsuzuki from Yami no Matsuei

He isn't one of my favorites, but I share my birthday with Chiriko from Fushigi Yuugi. *facepalm*
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04-18-13, 7:23 AM

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the only character i can remember is HIKARI HANAZONO xD
we have the same birthdays! ~ :3 : READ MY ORIGINAL WEBMANGA!
03-05-14, 11:15 AM

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Kanata Nanami
「Motto, hoshiin daro?」 Mr. SADISTIC NIGHT

06-03-14, 7:12 AM

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Saya Tokido-Little Busters! EX (She shares my same birthdate ^__^)
Reinhard von Lohengramm-Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Yuri-Dirty Pair Flash
Michiru Kaiou-Sailor Moon
Sakura Matou-Fate/stay night
Umi Ryuuzaki-Magic Knight Rayearth