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Poll: Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 6 Discussion

07-25-11, 9:56 PM

Joined: Mar 2011
Posts: 1523
HNNNNNNNNNNNG more misunderstandings.
08-08-11, 8:16 PM

Joined: Feb 2011
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If another guy came to me like Kazehaya came to Ken, that other guy would probably get the crap beaten out of him, and I don't want any butt hurt comments saying: "He likes her, it was only natural." It's only natural to talk things, not to attack someone.
09-10-11, 9:19 AM

Joined: Apr 2011
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Sawako baka baka baka....ehhh such a baka chi...hope thing will turn out fine
01-01-12, 5:11 PM

Joined: Aug 2008
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I was like woah really?! Finally a confession?
And then this huge misunderstanding came out of nowhere just by the choice of words both of them chose to say.
01-03-12, 2:46 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 56
Needless to say, I spent most of this episodes trying to not shout at the screen, and wishing that I could walk into this anime and get these people to get a clue, stop screwing things up, and leave things to happen at the right time. Also, I tire of all these "misunderstandings" Sawako, please get a clue, and open your eyes, and realize what Kazehaya JUST SAID IN PLAIN JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really want to smack both Sawako and Kazehaya upside their heads because of the delusional crap they create in their brains.

Good Lord...I hope things work out.

Hope I can finish this mess tomorrow.

Thanks for reading...
02-28-12, 7:55 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
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That was interpreted so fkin badly I am so mad because I have to sit through this painful situation. JUST USE THE TERM LOVE NOT LIKE GODDAMMIT.
03-12-12, 11:56 PM

Joined: Feb 2011
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04-01-12, 7:16 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
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05-19-12, 5:07 PM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 68
Highlight for me was Chizu telling her how it was straight up. Though harsh, it definitely needed to be said. I like girls like Sawako, for the most part, but gdkdjjhws. How could you get it wrong when he states it so plainly? And what happened to the old Kazehaya, who would have ran up to her and hugged her as soon as he saw tears? Stop walking away dammit. Dx Aah, everyone needs to stop second guessing themselves before I lose the rest of my hair.
05-27-12, 9:07 PM

Joined: Dec 2008
Posts: 73
Pin is fucking hilarious. Loved his walk away mumbling he was just cheering her up.

Damn you Japanese, damn you and your "suki" for liking and LIKING ;(
Baka Kazehaya is useless too, how about you call her Sawako and use DAISUKI when you confess you good for nothing!
05-31-12, 5:14 PM

Joined: May 2012
Posts: 24
uuugggh its all so complicated its making me cry T_T
I hate how the both of them think they both like each other but in different ways that is not in a affectionate way like omg you guys are killing me
07-01-12, 4:36 AM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 2058

It's good that Kazehaya confessed already but Sawako thinks that it is only a "like" as a friend~ And now she broke up crying.

Say something.
08-03-12, 1:56 PM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 1887
Wow.. powerful episode. The misunderstanding was like in the line of sad, and ticking me off. I was so depressed but at the same time I almost wanted to scream at both of them for not making it clearer. But, of course, they couldn't have done anything about it. Still, Chizu's speech was heartbreaking. I shed a tear.

I'm just curious about what Sawako's going to do now though... Can she figure it out on her own?
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08-12-12, 9:51 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 33
Thank god there are sensible characters in this show. Kazehaya had a misunderstanding because of Sawako's misunderstanding so he assumed her confession was just friendzoning him. While Sawako is being so dumb and oblivious that an outside party had to step in the set things straight. She's so frustrating this season geez
08-18-12, 12:27 AM

Joined: Sep 2010
Posts: 177
Damn these misunderstandings.
Next weeks title: ... Just Give Up ....Just Give Up...
08-26-12, 12:56 PM

Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 335
Sawakoooo -_-"
I legitimately screamed "WHAT THE FUCK!!" at my screen today..
can I just say that Ayane is like, the greatest friend ever, though?
I just adore her so much.
10-01-12, 12:24 AM

Joined: May 2012
Posts: 1345
That misunderstanding was clearly Sawako's fault. She always takes things the opposite way. But is understandable.

Next episode is called Just give up. Now what??
10-06-12, 5:07 PM

Joined: Nov 2010
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05-14-13, 1:30 AM

Joined: Jul 2012
Posts: 100
My goodness the lack of communication in this anime can be maddening. Kaze, Kuro, elaborate!!!!!!
08-02-13, 9:11 PM

Joined: Oct 2012
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I was facepalming myself this entire episode.
08-02-13, 10:05 PM

Joined: Jan 2013
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Sawako can get really annoying but it was really nice, and had a lot drama going on xD Kazehaya got all up on Kenta :P
08-03-13, 3:38 PM

Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 4
yeah those misunderstandings were kinda pissing me off
but i comforted myself that it'll work out anyway and safely got to end of show :3
Modified by chii-, 08-03-13, 5:23 PM
08-13-13, 11:03 PM

Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 3506
Too much feels in this episode as expected.

Kent is a moron.

Misunderstandings and double meanings are annoying!

Confessions everywhere...


09-23-13, 1:49 PM

Joined: Jan 2013
Posts: 178
Jealous and angry Kazehaya don't think clearly and although the confession he was a coward not to show his real feelings. He was so cold towards her when saying that he likes her it was an obvious reaction of hers....

11-01-13, 11:39 AM

Joined: Sep 2013
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12-31-13, 3:14 AM

Joined: Oct 2008
Posts: 22
Maaan!! this anime is really frustrating!! If Sawako over-thinks everything, why didn't she try to understand what Kazehaya really meant? Why can't these two just talk like normal people do? Aaaah! So frustrating....

01-20-14, 12:44 AM

Joined: Dec 2013
Posts: 132
What a mess. I still have my grudges on kento for making everything so complicated. But it just pisses me off (in an aggitating but not bad type of way) that sawako and kazehaya are having total opposite thoughts apart from liking each other :(
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02-24-14, 11:58 PM

Joined: Jun 2013
Posts: 8
zero blame for kent on this one.

in a sense, he's kind of like kazehaya in that maybe he wanted to help sawako in a sense. he definitely knew that she was into kazehaya, but based on his preconceptions of kaze, he thought that kaze was simply being nice to her BECAUSE she's such a misfit, and had zero feelings for her. the fact that when they spoke and kaze vaguely mentioned liking another girl was just another reason as to why kent might've wanted to "help" sawako out, and pull her out of one-sided love.

he was definitely right in saying that it'd be best for her to stay away from kaze, since kent knew she would HATE it if kaze's reputation were "ruined", because maybe kent knew she would hate herself if that were the case, and REALLY tried hard to convince kaze to do the same as well.

of course, when you throw a bit of love interest, like kent obviously had for sawako, into the equation, it just adds more fuel to what he was doing. I am 100% sure he wasn't trying to manipulate anything, but definitely misread sawako and kaze's feelings towards each other wrong (though anyone could, THEY ARE SO ****ING VAGUE)

03-22-14, 6:08 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 324
Wow,so much frustration...i am so forever done with romantic shoujo after this........

Sawako is driving me insane with how socially inept she is...and with her shoujo tears (and her voice too). Get your shit together. But to be fair,they are both useless...she and Kazehaya. I would hope for their own good they never ever get together. Blonde guy is kinda right.
(and i actually found them quite sympathetic at the beginning.. *sigh*)

Shisus bless Chizu and Ayane though...they are the only thing on the show i don't want to slap. And Ryu.
04-12-14, 9:06 PM

Joined: Jan 2008
Posts: 1231
impulsive said:
*face palm* How much plainer can he say it? Though once endearing, I am so over Sawako's ignorance. In all honesty, she has to be one of my least favourite characters on the show.
Pin was awesome though.

But u have to understand that she spent so much of her childhood alone so when it really came down to it she doesnt know what it means to be told stuff like that

think back to season one when Chizu told Tohru that she loved him he didnt take it the way she ment it it was a common misunderstanding that happens in anime to say well hell she is my least favorite bc of her ignorance but they were both the same thing just in reverse it happens and when someone spends so much time alone as Sawako did things like that were bound to happen remember she also thought that the reason that Ayane and Chizu were being sad was because of the rumors but it was (well in the end bc of them being quick to take what she was saying without really letting her explain) because she couldnt really episode what it was she wanted to say soon enough before they thought she was saying something else

Its not that she is ignorant its that she doesnt say someone soon enough or she starts it in the wrong way which makes them think something else is what she is trying to say.

It is alittle annoying that even though after what happened in the first season with Chizu n Ayane she would learn to explain it better but at the time with Kazehaya she was already feeling like she was inferior to him at the time so she was extra shy around him so yeah that is what I think
04-16-14, 8:44 PM

Joined: Mar 2013
Posts: 790
Sawako, you idiot! I love you, but what on earth are you doing? Why does she have to misunderstand everything? God, this is frustrating.

|| || || ||
04-29-14, 10:35 AM

Joined: Jan 2013
Posts: 5781
Honestly I am getting annoyed by both Sawako and Kazehaya. It's like he thinks Sawako likes him as a friend but he likes her as a lover.
05-05-14, 11:46 AM

Joined: Oct 2013
Posts: 1
I see a lot of people blaming Sawako for this complete and utter chaos, but Kazehaya has just as much blame for this. "Your like is different from mine", "You can take it that way if it bothers you". I'm sorry, but WTF, seriously, why say the second one. Just freaking say I like you in terms of love, will you go out with me, or something to those lines. I want to kick Kento and the 3 random guys in the balls, punch kazehaya on the head, and maybe lightly punch Sawako on the shoulder. This is such a mess, its ridiculous.
05-19-14, 10:13 AM

Joined: Aug 2013
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Well, I thought it would be a really sad episode with that failed/misunderstood confession, but it ended up on a really heartwarming note.

Damnit Chizu! You too don't devalues yourself, especially when you say what are probably your most touching words of the serie! xD
What she said was really spot on. Sawako really need to stop thinking that people have become friends with her by pity. She have an aura around here that attract people when someone help her a little bit.

Damn, I cringed so hard when Pin was being an huge douchebag with Sawako :P

I think my heart skipped a beat when Kazehaya said that he loved her and no one seemed to know if he was joking or not. Why did they had to put that bunch of douchebag that kept laughing? Those fucking assholes, ruined everything.

It's sad that Sawako mistaken Kazehaya love for pity, but if she can regain trust in herself, maybe they can fix the broken pots :)
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05-31-14, 8:59 AM

Joined: Jun 2013
Posts: 86
Jeez, this is depressing.
06-18-14, 8:59 PM

Joined: Apr 2014
Posts: 275
I hope they get together soon because their stupidity is killing me.
07-22-14, 1:59 AM

Joined: Dec 2013
Posts: 25
GRRRRR!! This is so friggin ANNOYING!!!! i just want to shoot them both. maybe in the afterlife she'll figure out they're on the same level, and they will both havve the guts to say what's really on their minds!!!! misunderstanding, after misunderstanding. What in the heck kind of rejection was that??? they both expected to be rejected. they rejected themselves!! ........................................ kyaaaaaaaa!!!>:-<
07-25-14, 12:25 AM

Joined: Jan 2014
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How can she possibly think he meant something else? Argh!
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we'll come to hurt the one we only, truly, care about.
08-20-14, 6:35 AM

Joined: Nov 2012
Posts: 136
ahhhhh, Chizou... :3 arigatoooo for your rare glimpse of wisdom xD
The misunderstandings are real
08-20-14, 2:23 PM

Joined: Dec 2013
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I wonder how high this show would be rated if it would end here?
For me its no Difference cause i cant rate higher then 10
Can't Forget You
09-28-14, 11:36 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
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They literally are the only ones who keep the show moving. When Chizu had her outburst I was screaming with joy.

Sawako and Kazehaya...I have no words for how dense they are. At least with Lovely Complex (which I can't help comparing this too because it's my favorite anime and reminds me of this anime in some respects) they played off Otani's stupidity with comedy. With this you just wanna throw your computer away and feel even more dragged along rather than entertained.

I wonder if Kurumi is actually gonna try and help diffuse the bullshit rather than stir it this time. I think after learning to be honest she will.
01-19-15, 4:19 AM

Joined: Jan 2013
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Oh wow, what a big roller coast.
I think it's time to rely on the gals.
SoL and Light Novels lover.
02-04-15, 2:16 PM

Joined: Mar 2013
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28 episodes...and still misunderstanding. Gods. Was I the only one going from cooing at the moment to screaming and headbanging?!? -breathes- The festival is coming up...there's still a chance.

Is it just me or is Kurumi also starting to root for Sawako?

:< I don't even know! UGH.
03-21-15, 10:06 AM

Joined: Apr 2014
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So many missunderstandings my head hurts. >.<
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