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why horo and lawrence?

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06-08-08, 7:45 AM

Joined: Mar 2008
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wHY did you like this couple?
06-09-08, 5:18 AM

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...simply because its totally out of the ordinary. A 25 year old merchant and a several hundred years old wolf-deity trying to play "twosome". Just pure fun! ^^
07-13-08, 9:22 PM

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hmm hmm.. they cute together yea >.<

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10-11-08, 4:33 PM

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they're adorable together! i love how awkward he gets around her, and how she teases him. they're made for each other <3
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07-26-09, 7:14 PM

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Because, that's why *nods*
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12-24-09, 2:20 PM

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they macth like salt and pepper
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02-17-10, 2:38 PM

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They're just so lovely together, and simply suit to each other. Aaach I'm even a little jealous about Horo, I want boyfriend like Lawrence :'3 He's just so cute and nice and handsome and pretty smart and... < lost in space >
04-25-10, 5:32 PM

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Because they complement each other and they look so adorable together I don't know if I should eat them as they are or sprinkle them over my breakfast cereal