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97 24.19%
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21 5.24%
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02-04-11, 12:44 AM

Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 1585
Wasabi said:
Am I the only one getting irritated by Madoka's typical mahou shoujo attitude? "I JUST WANT EVERYBODY TO BE NICE AND HUG EACH OTHER COOKIES AND CREAM LA LA LA LA~" It's like she sees everything in a constant pink flowery color.
Heh, that's why Homura and Kyoko exists, in order to attack Madoka for that attitude. That's why we don't have to worry, since even characters in the series thinks she needs to change her view.
02-04-11, 1:08 AM

Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 10
i was hoping to see Madoka becoming a magical girl until this episode. Now i'm praying that she stays just as a normal girl like always.
The reason is because since episode 1 i was suspecting of Kyubey and each episode he seems to me more and more evil...

-First of all the way he looks like. He seems to be a version of the demon fox Kyubi, but in a fluffy way (probably is not his true form and he is using it to deceive plp).
-Second because to become a magical girl u have to sell ur soul in exchange of a wish. Even if u dont have one, like Madoka, still u have to ask for something to make the contract valid.
-Third, he doesnt feel any kind of emotion for any of the girls. He doesnt felt anything when Mami died and also he doesnt seem to care about what will happen with the girls or the witches (he hadnt cared when Kyoko let the familiar escape for example and even tried to change her mind before about Sayako).

Also he is too interested in Madoka's soul. That time when he was about to being killed he could have entered in contact with Mami, but instead he asked for Madoka's help, who was just a normal girl and wouldnt have any chance against a magical im sure this was intetional.

It seems to me that he is creating situations to force Madoka to make the contract with him...the way he insists...the contract with Sayako that is VERY week and shouldnt have became a magical girl (ok, i know she has no training but still Kyubey never seemed interested in her)...
And Madoka was a happy girl, with a happy family, friends and a perfect life so to me looks like he doesnt have anything to offer her and is manipulating the events to change her mind...

I guess Sayaka will die later and Homura will be the only friend of Madoka (and im sure this character is on the good side of story- what really make me doubt even more of Kyubey).
I dunno if Madoka will become a magical girl...but doing it or not im guessing she will turn against Kyubey...
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02-04-11, 1:38 AM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 2755
Madoka is still not ready with her attitude at this point she would simply die in her first real fight and Homura comes to the rescue that was predictable.
02-04-11, 1:50 AM

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 175
Yumekichi11 said:
These are the rest of my thoughts a ridiculous frenzy of replying of which I hope more discussions will stem from them.
About Sayaka, I think there was a great focus on her in this episode to flesh her out more. My impression of her ring and her soul gem made it tie to Mami. They were exactly the same. Mami's flashback memory made her look better artistically in regards to her face. The depiction of Sayaka in the sun's rays looked like a good show of her happiness, as happy as the feeling of heat and warmth of the sun. I think it was a nice key to show a little how Kamijo's parents looked like and the congratulations, yes it was reminding me a little of Eva. Apparently Sayaka has a symbol on her fingernail, which looks at first like a devil's nail from his hand, a second look at it makes it look like a crescent moon and the final look of it definitely looks now like a C. That makes me think of “Chevalier” and definitely Sayaka is the female knight that protects her prince charming Kamijo. Something I am sure she wanted all along.

It was interesting to see one room of Sayaka's place. It looks to me like it has lots of mirror and Kyuubei was weird for doing those weird movements with his tail and ears. Probably wanted to relax itself. Looks like Sayaka's building is a nice apartment complex. Something interesting people might have missed, is that for a split second Sayaka does have a sad face and then puts up a smile. Make me think she is hiding her sadness with a fake happy face. From the point of the transformation, I think it looks like silky threads Just wondering where they stem from? It looked more like some kind of mummification on Sayaka. I think it's pretty common in other shows like that so I don't think it means anything but Mami was not like that at all so variations are nice in this field.

Guess each Mahou Shojou has imbedded into her body their own symbol that is also on their fingernail like I pointed out. That is not good, it means it's completely part of their body now. Sayaka's attacks where nice with like people mention Unlimited Blade Works but unfortunately it was less impressive than Mami's and I am sure many might agree with this. About Sayaka's fight with Kyoko, IMO I think it was pure luck to have gotten her sword tip to tip with Kyoko's spear. There is no way it was done with skill.
Rest in spoiler
Can anyone analyze the writing on Homura's ring in the spoiler
and looks like Homura has a symbol on fingertip also. This week's art in the spoiler
Now let's see what you all think about all this.
Well, thinking about the picture, idk it can be like many people say, just random shaft art thrown at the public, but the dam eyes and the representation of all the girls besides madoka, seem to be very fishy lol... Like if she is the only normal girl in that picture
02-04-11, 1:55 AM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 2740
This show is really something else. Yeah, a bit of disappointment that Madoka isn't a Mahou Shoujo yet...but I don't really care after the show shows us that there are still mysteries to be unraveled before that :D One would be about Homura and her abilities...
Anyway, I predict a Mahou Shoujo Madoka at episode 7...can't wait for the next episode though, now that the action is still rising...
02-04-11, 1:59 AM

Joined: Jan 2009
Posts: 5056
And suddenly, unlimited blade works. Not that it worked out that well for her, but still.
Anyway, dat ED is still love.
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02-04-11, 2:04 AM

Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 1685
hmm when will Madoka be a mahou shoujo? I like that Sakura girl. But I don't want anyone dying, especially Sayaka. The fight was really awesome.

02-04-11, 2:33 AM

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 344
Great episode!!!something reallllly bad must have happened to Sakura and Homura because they came out pretty twisted. Homura in a good/mysterious way and Sakura in badddd/creepy way!!!

Can't wait for the next episode!!!! When in ended in that cliffhanger I was like NOOO NOW I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK FOR MORE "CRIES"~
02-04-11, 3:02 AM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 239
Hmm another awesome episode, but somehow I feel like the animation during the fight between kyoko and sayaka could've been better (I think Mami's fighting scene was way cooler), but it still had alot of impact and goodiness :)

Did anyone started going crazy(in a bad way) when Kyubey suggested to Madoka that it's only possible for another Mahou Shoujo to stop kyoko and sayaka from fighting >_>?
02-04-11, 3:12 AM

Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 1754
Yumekichi11 said:
Can anyone analyze the writing on Homura's ring in the spoiler
Looks like half of an "m" plus "ura", so it's probably just her name on her soul gem ring. Signature on the contract, as it were.
02-04-11, 3:12 AM

Joined: Sep 2010
Posts: 315
Again, a very good episode, even though nothing terrible surprising happened. But that alone was surprising enough. The roof scene felt strangely sad as I expect the happiness of all those people won't last very long. The fight scene at the end was beautiful done despite reusing of some animations. Homura saving the day was a bit too standard but during the fight everyone could have died...nothing was for granted. I wish more action shows would learn from that...
02-04-11, 4:10 AM

Joined: May 2009
Posts: 1558
I'm really enjoying the show. I'm also enjoying all of the thoughtful analysis and speculation everyone's put forth so far. So thanks!
02-04-11, 4:29 AM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 57
stevethapirate said:

kyubey is watching you (◕‿‿◕ )

(◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ )

02-04-11, 4:42 AM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 2875
Ugh, I'm getting kind of sick of Madoka's depressive and indecisive nature. "Let's all just be happy and be friends and fight witches and eat ice cream..." -_-

Good thing Homura came to the rescue, but I have a feeling Sayaka will die sooner or later anyway.

And yes, Kyubei is watching you. (‿‿)
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02-04-11, 4:45 AM

Joined: Apr 2009
Posts: 45
What I expected which was to say it was a good episode. The little skirmish against Kyoko seemed a bit dull with a few reused scenes but it's hard to blame SHAFT after all the visuals they've given us over the past few episodes.

More about the episode here. Long post and some speculation from me at the end.
02-04-11, 4:47 AM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 48
Loved this week's episode !

And I love Kyouko and Sayaka :D
02-04-11, 6:00 AM

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 344
A thought just popped into my head, what if when you die your wish ends or like "expires" because your no longer alive? Wouldn't that mean Kamijous ( I think that was his name) hand would be... ummm broken again?

I just thought it cause when you die your no longer fighting so your part of the contract (fighting witches) is done so the other part of the contract (the wish) might stop too?

Oh well its probably me thinking too much...
02-04-11, 6:38 AM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 473
Well, I'm glad that my predictions of Sayaka getting dumped and killed didn't come true this ep. Yet I fear that they gave her a moment to shine, and her downfall will start next ep. Homura hinted at that as well.

I think it becomes ever more clear Homura made a wish to protect Madoka in the future.
. In earlier eps it's been hinted they have a history together, but Madoka has forgotten. In this ep Madoka asks if she (Homura) has even given up on people in the past, and Homura answered that she did.
. wishes are connected to MG abilities, and Homura can manipulate time.
. QB is unsure about Homura's contract.

Madoka was again being coerced into making a contract with QB and would have done so if Homura hadn't intervened. I think this echoes the scene in ep 1, where Homura is about to get crushed. I think Madoka made a contract with QB at that time to protect Homura.
Homura later on made a contract, wishing to go back in time in order to protect Madoka/preventing her from becoming a MG.

Still lacking:
. limitations of wishes.
QB avoids to answer Sayaka's question: "So you can really fulfill any wish?"
He just tells her not to worry, cause her wish is fine.
Implying some wishes aren't fine?
. What the mechanism to make every MG fight solely for themselves?
I mean: their lives are at stake, so working together seems like a good plan. Mami was willing to share with Homura. So what do they gain from fighting other MG's?
Is there a special something for the one girl who beats everyone?
02-04-11, 6:40 AM

Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 217
Akemi is too badass to ever allow Madoka to sign her death warrant... er... become a mahou shoujo.

02-04-11, 7:57 AM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 10142
SteelMaverick said:
More about the episode here. Long post and some speculation from me at the end.
Quite a interesting reading. I have to admit that apart from Sayaka's speed her recovery speed is also a nice find. So I guess where speed/recovery is upped power is down. So Kyoko's pounding is stronger but Sayaka's speed/recovery may overcome.

Also Homura's theory of time travel. I am not sure Kyuubei would allow that. If so then perhaps the reason of why at the end the last enemy is the strongest of all. That is to get rid of Homura. I think Kyuubei wants something from Madoka and it may be that it's her soul. Just like Faust.

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