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Hetalia World Series Episode 39 Discussion

Poll: Hetalia World Series Episode 39 Discussion

12-20-10, 2:01 AM
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Very nice of Prussia to offer something to cover Hungary's chest.

lol @ Germany thought Italy missing.

I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!

12-20-10, 7:39 AM

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veeeee~ Italy flew into the sky!

RIP Italy!
12-20-10, 8:15 AM

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My god Hetalia makes me happy. XD
12-20-10, 9:53 AM

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The first two seasons were the best. I'm not finding this season to be all that funny.
12-20-10, 9:58 AM

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VillettaIchihara said:

same... I'm not enjoying this season that much ._.
12-20-10, 10:29 AM

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I'm not enjoying this season as much...why can't the valentine sketch be animated?
Through I loving the more Prussia~!
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12-20-10, 2:11 PM

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:D D'awwwwwwwwww. This episode warmed my heart. .3. Doitsu, you are so cute when you're angsting over your boyfriend's 'death'.

And Prussia, you're the man. xD
12-20-10, 5:52 PM

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Aww....a little bit of Prussia X Hungary this time around :D

It would've been perfect if Italy yelled "I'm blasting off again!!!!" XD
^^^Team Rocket Reference^^^
12-20-10, 6:27 PM

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When Germany was moaning over Italy,tbh I was laughing.. Sorry! DX I just saw this in the Manga volume I bought so I knew what was coming.. It was kind of touching though.. And Prussia,you nice guy. xP
12-20-10, 9:06 PM

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Heh, Italy beat America into space.
12-21-10, 7:34 AM

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Yattah for Italia :D He's such a baka for not thinking what would happen xD Poor Doitsu, I guess he'll be surprised to see Italia next episode :P

+1 for Prussia ^^

12-21-10, 8:01 AM

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Darkgreen12 said:
I'm not enjoying this season as much...why can't the valentine sketch be animated?
Through I loving the more Prussia~!

Same here, I also want to see the Valentine sketch be done. I've been waiting over a year for Studio Deen to animate that part already :<

Well, the animation and quality has really improved in this season. However it's getting rarer that I laugh at the episodes now. :/

It feels like the episodes seriously needs to be longer so that they can throw in more stuff and make the scenes complete instead of making us wait two weeks just so a part can get finished (and it's not entirely sure that lots of people liked that part). At least 8 minutes would do ;__; Or perhaps 10 min.

Though in this one I couldn't stop smiling and laughing at Germany when he thought Italy disappeared into heaven x'D Gosh, that was adorable.

And am I the only one who is getting a bit suspicious of Prussia, I mean normal boys would have been overjoyed to see that part of a woman but he got so depressed. And he was desperate to take the under region xD Pfft, even Hungary understood something and I want to know what that was. (Though I do have some ideas regarding that.)
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12-21-10, 12:23 PM

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i don't think that the problems lies in the length, it's more about the pace. they've started to use less strips in the eps and just make them annoyingly long, like those stupid close up scenes with dramatic music that last like forever. sure the animation has gotten much better but it seems don't have enough stuff to animate. best example would be how they showed the song-scene trwice last week. that sucked:/

still, deredere prussia is moe~
12-22-10, 1:00 AM

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Prussia isnt bad after all
Love hungary =D

haha Germany is acting like he lost Italy forever =D
12-22-10, 5:52 AM

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seeing Italy on a tree in that pose was such a fanserivese to meXD
and damn..
now i ship PrussiaxHungaryXD they are so cute!
12-22-10, 11:15 AM

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Aww, Germany. ♥ He's so damn adorable sometimes. XD

12-27-10, 9:41 PM

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Kanade-chan said:
VillettaIchihara said:

same... I'm not enjoying this season that much ._.

I'm not either. Most of the episodes seem kind of random though this episode was not that bad. Favorite part was Germanygetting upset over Italy's disappearane. He's probably relieved now.
01-14-11, 3:49 AM

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oh wow. was not expecting that modification.

04-22-11, 8:16 PM

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Poor Ludwig, maybe he can act on his feelings now.

04-05-12, 7:22 PM

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Wait, so Prussia was being all scary pervert, having forgotten Hungary was a female. *raises eyebrows*

You'd think a major clue to Hungary would be that she has a menstrual cycle. Or do nations not have them? And what about penis jokes? I'm sure they were around then. Did she just think they were jokes and not real to explain why they didn't apply to her?

Hungary was kinda right though, she does become gentle. Why didn't Prussia take a moment to tell her that just because she's a woman doesn't mean she can't be strong? I know he talks to her later about it, but by then she's already changed. Maybe he just wasn't very good around women (flashing their boobies), having been raised by men.

Lol @ Germany's reaction to Italy's car modification. XDD Always reminds me of Team Rocket when that happens...


Pfft, wonder who he was rescued by?