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12-12-10, 5:55 AM

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Anime and Manga Regulation Bill passed the assembly on December 15th.

Source: Niconico News
According to the official blog of Ito Masaki, one of the members of Tokyo Metropolitan assembly, the ruling party DPJ has decided to approve the anime and manga regulation bill. Other two major parites have already approved the bill, so it will pass the assembly on December 15th. DPJ agreed with the bill on condition that the resolution will be made with a collateral claim for a careful operation of the regulation. However, the collateral claim is not legally binding. The regulation will be enforced on July 1st 2011.

Mangaka Takaku Shoko tweeted that one of the major publishers turned her manga down because one of the characters in a high school uniform could contravene the local ordinance of Tokyo. She was frightened to know that the bill has already made the industry flinch.

Mangaka Meiji Kanako tweeted that the re-release of one of her manga has been under deliberation because of the descriptions of minors' sex in the manga. She said she won't be surprised if it's canceled.

Sources: Ito Masaki's blog, Takaku's tweet, Meiji's tweet, Sankei, Mainichi, Yomiuri
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Note: Self-regulation of books including manga has been done by Publishing Ethics Council since 1963. Designation of adult manga is done by this council, which was established by publishers and distributors. The supporters of the regulation bill insist that the self-regulation is insufficient.
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12-12-10, 6:03 AM

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As Japan giveth, so Japan taketh away.
12-12-10, 6:11 AM

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I have a feeling that after what happens to those 2 above, happens to more Mangaka. Public will start raging.
12-12-10, 6:13 AM

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Tyranid5 said:
I have a feeling that after what happens to those 2 above, happens to more Mangaka. Public will start raging.

yep, my thoughts exactly....everybody will hop on the ragetrain
12-12-10, 6:14 AM

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Thus the effect of the bill is already apparent:

Works portraying anything considered against the healthy development of youth (sexually and socially) will be adult only. In other words, most work will probably not be published due to a lack of audience. So it basically hurts even the manga that covers the topic but does not necessarily promote it. I am afraid that the artist will be afraid to touch the "sensible" topics. While this is not as bad as the Chinese Internet Censorship (Harmonious Society), the idea sounds frighteningly similar.

As a side note, homosexuality can no longer be portrayed sexually since apparently Japan does not support homosexual union.

While rape and extreme topics should be adult-only, the bill is STILL very VAGUE and subjective to interpretation. It basically says Tokyo can do whatever they want....

And what is this? Next Shounen Jump will be adult-only because it positively portrays violence and incite violent crimes? What a load of BS.

And also, for those who think it only affect minors buying manga, you're wrong. It affects the artists/authors themselves so it means less "controversial" topics in manga will be covered since the target audience just shrunk by a good margin. IRONIC because TV series, live-action, porn and hentai are NOT AFFECTED AND NOT COVERED by the bill. This just demonstrates how ambiguous this bill is. Not that I am 100% against it, but I think it could possibly fatal to the creative process of the industry.
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bla bla bla
The endless debate between fans and haters. At one point, after spending a lot of time on MAL, you just realize it's totally pointless.
Niko-kun said:
On MAL, everyone who has used the lame rating system becomes a critic and an intellectual by default, haven't you heard?
12-12-10, 6:14 AM

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So let me get this straight, according to this part of a article:
This bill does not target simple nudity and panties showing up on the screen, but will make it more difficult to conduct social commentary on difficult issues of sex and relationships since fictional material must adhere to real life criminal codes AND not celebrate relationships between people who can’t marry in real life, or their material may be considered harmful to minors.


Ecchi as a whole is not affected but we can't have themes like incest as a plot anymore?
Aww well, if ecchi can remain then i guess this shouldn't be very bad......

Tho the bill is gonna cause A LOT of rage in the public......
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12-12-10, 6:25 AM

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this ain't good...
12-12-10, 6:34 AM

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thats just stupid .

What is the problem ?
12-12-10, 6:35 AM

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Not happy AT ALL, only good thing is this will probably stop the stupid ecchi shows that keep popping up these days I STILL do love ecchi though :(...

Wonder whats gonna happen to the already airing anime/manga now...

Tyranid5 said:
I have a feeling that after what happens to those 2 above, happens to more Mangaka. Public will start raging.

True, the Otaku ain't gonna keep quite for long, that's for sure...

AND the industry is gonna suffer pretty bad from this...
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12-12-10, 6:37 AM

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I'm quite divided on this matter. On one hand, I'm quite happy that the Bill is going to restrict the really perverse stuff and make it harder for young kids to get hold of. On the other hand, some manga tackle relationship issues really well and if those are cancelled, then the industry is going to suffer
12-12-10, 6:37 AM

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What the **** !!!!????
12-12-10, 6:45 AM

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There will be blood...
12-12-10, 6:55 AM

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Hop on the nice boat. Wait, that's a bad reference.

Anyway, The Ragetrain is going to arrive now that the bill has passed legislation.

(Wait, does this really mean few ecchi shows that is based on a high-school setting?)

12-12-10, 6:58 AM

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well they won't lose the great culture

but they will lose a great part of it
12-12-10, 6:59 AM

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There goes most of the actually "interesting" series :S

12-12-10, 7:17 AM

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I am vehemently angry right now. I think the side effects of people breaking shit out of rage from the bill might cause more harm than whatever is being censored.

God frigging damn it thermonuclear fire
12-12-10, 7:29 AM

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so no more School Days in the future? :(

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12-12-10, 7:42 AM

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They should really worry about important stuff like the low birthrate or the economy rather than being self-righteous bastards.
12-12-10, 7:54 AM

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Meh, boycotting gone fuck itself.
レッツゴー ED イケイケゴーゴー
12-12-10, 8:26 AM

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Well, I'm not so sad about this. X2
We'll see what happens.
Sorry for grammar mistakes(if any), english is not my native language. Feel free to correct me if you see some.
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