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5 out of 5: Loved it!
39 63.93%
4 out of 5: Liked it
14 22.95%
3 out of 5: It was OK
6 9.84%
2 out of 5: Disliked it
1 out of 5: Hated it
2 3.28%
Voters: 61

09-23-10, 5:14 AM

Joined: Nov 2008
Posts: 79
So the show ends with a giant question mark at the end (literally). All in all, I thought this final ep was pretty awesome. Very predictable yes, but still awesome.

Modified by Chucky, 09-23-10, 5:28 AM
09-23-10, 5:32 AM

Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 6417
Really loved this episode ...
And this series so far.
Need a second season, yep !
09-23-10, 6:21 AM

Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 292
To be continued?

I do hope there will be a continuation of this series. So much action from beginning to end. This was a very good series to me and I really enjoyed it all the way through. :D
09-23-10, 6:37 AM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 8
Well, im glad this is finally over.
The idea was bad in its root but i had some hopes for it to turn out not half bad (i was wrong).
With Bones shoving their "Friendship is power" shit everywhere made this stupid, for example in this episode Joe had a chance to end everything as in beat Koggor and save everyone at the cost of only his own life (AKA not that big of a price to pay) instead the crying of a slutty girl changed his mind because she is such a slut and spoiled kid that she cant live without what she wants.
God damn it Bones why do you have to be so stupid and ruin everything...
09-23-10, 7:24 AM

Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 1685
Ehh I don't think I want another season. This one season is already enough for me. Also Joey looks badass in red. The ending kinda remind of Soul Eater. Well whatever. This series has been fun for me to watch, even though its a bit childish but its enjoyable, for me.

09-23-10, 7:37 AM

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 295
one word.. AWESOME!! they made a very predictable cliche episode into one full of epicness and awesome.. many shows nowadays mostly fail doing the endings right, but I have no complaints whatsoever with what they did on the ending.. I'll remember Heroman as the show that I started to watch just for the lols, but ended up being amazed instead..

Joey is kick-ass in this episode, and I can say he looked cool for once.. XD
The drama part in the episode is really done well, and didn't had me take the usual annoyed feeling I get when this parts comes up during the final epsiodes..
And about the final ability they used, I really thought it would be some kind of transformation where Joey and Heroman would merge, but a beam is fine too..

haha, the questionable ending got me laughing there.. seems like a new season is not yet confirmed, but having that part added seems to make a new season more plausible.. still a new season is very welcome for me..


09-23-10, 7:44 AM

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 70
Definitely would like a 2nd season. I really enjoyed this show the more I watched it. Cheesy super-hero goodness to make me warm and fuzzy on a thursday morning.
09-23-10, 8:08 AM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 279
A superb fight ever. Excellent ending there. The drama fits well.
I'll gonna miss Joey's lines and Heroman's vim.

The ending part there was still obscure, but if there's gonna be a second season, well I will surely watch it since I enjoyed the series.
09-23-10, 8:10 AM

Joined: Sep 2008
Posts: 22
A Dr.Minami robot version (lol at the hairsyle)

To Be Continued?

Didn't expect a O' Beam atk at the end.
Overall 8/10
• † Trevor Asuka Shinn † •
09-23-10, 8:35 AM

Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 4907
typical comic book ending with the usual "evil still exists" cliff hanger. it was a fairly ok show, so at least it deserves a seven.
09-23-10, 8:52 AM

Joined: Sep 2009
Posts: 1830
man this was such an awesome show. 8/10

Then bg song when he did the O'Spark was kinda cool.

And what's this? To be continued?

Ow, HELL YEAH! I'm all for a second season!
09-23-10, 9:11 AM

Joined: Jan 2009
Posts: 38

On a side note, this girl never showed up (from the opening):

Did she show up? I don't recall her...
IaMP with me.
09-23-10, 9:38 AM

Joined: Feb 2009
Posts: 4742
I would have liked it if Joey was the one who dealt the last blow there. Trans-Am Joey looks awesome. I kinda didn't like the pandering talk with everyone. You're all in the middle of an apocalypse and you're talking about heroes and being together? ._.
Never expected that the new ability involved Heroman's pose emitting the attack. But it was awesome though. The ending was nice and it hints a second season but I don't think so. Second season or not, I'll still watch it. This has been an enjoyable ride. The show is cliched to the last detail but if you ignore it, the show is fun to watch. A good 8/10 for me.

Now for the upcomingr Bones show next season, Star Driver and the next Marvel show, Iron Man.

What happened to Will though? :/
09-23-10, 9:44 AM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 103
why joey did'nt use his new power at the end ? :X
belatkuro said:

What happened to Will though? :/

dead ? his sister doesn't care about him x'D
09-23-10, 10:19 AM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 862
Yeah what happened to Will? XD...
and there may be a 2nd season..
09-23-10, 10:42 AM

Joined: Sep 2009
Posts: 21
WTF How come child lina and Joey stilll wore the same clothes. i mean draw some variety for god sake.

Also the whole yoai screenshot of heroman stopping Joey pissed me off. i hoped for an evolved joey and cockroach dude final boss fight, not lets love each other, power up, win ending.
09-23-10, 11:46 AM

Joined: Sep 2010
Posts: 14
I was quite happy with the entire Heroman series 9/10 and I'm glad that there is going to be a second series! As for the people complaining, Haters gonna' Hate!! =3
09-23-10, 11:54 AM

Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 833
I'll give this show a 7/10

The ending kind of disappointed me, I thought it would show what happened to everyone and what they're doing now...but it looks like it's hinting at a 2nd season instead.

I kind of don't want a 2nd season. D: Maybe if they aired it like a year or more from now...then I'd be ready to watch more Heroman. But I don't see how anything that scientist will do could be more powerful than the last battle.

Also, I was expecting Heroman to disappear at the end, or just turn back into a regular toy.
09-23-10, 12:40 PM

Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 2035
1. Agreed. They have time to include Dr. minami and have pretty screenshots, but they left will dying on the battlefield. Shesh they were most likely all staring down at him from the cliff.
nesfe said:
WTF How come child lina and Joey stilll wore the same clothes. i mean draw some variety for god sake. Also the whole yoai screenshot of heroman stopping Joey pissed me off.
Yeah. i was so friggin pumped to see Joey go badass and we got that. How the hell did he get there anyways?
3. The O ring attack was... stupid. Usually the first time something like that happens i can enjoy it and then think in retrospect how bad it was. With this show i have adjusted to just bypass the enjoy part.
The series was fine. There was a cute couple, good battle animations. However, the arcs about the Skrugg were pretty cliche and really bad story wise. There was a lot of things that didn't make sense, and that added on top of those two.

i give this 6 "HEROMAN"'s! out of 10 "JOEY"'s.
09-23-10, 12:57 PM

Joined: Dec 2008
Posts: 87
I liked it but really would have been happy for a little more info from the ending instead of another season.
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