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09-12-10, 5:07 PM

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According to Dengeki Online, an OVA project of otome game "Vitamin X" series was announced at a live event "Vitamin X to Z Ikuze! Kyukyoku★Explosion" held on September 12th. A fandisc game on PSP "Vitamin X to Z" will also be released next Spring.

Vitamin X game official website

The original Vitamin X game was produced by HuneX in 2007. Four derived versions have been released on Nintendo DS, PlayStation2, and PSP.

Minami Yuuri is a high school teacher. She takes charge of class III-E. The class, so called "Class X", collects students who are doing poorly in study. Yuuri has to teach the meaning of study to the six leaders of the class "B6" (Baka 6) and let them pass the entrance exams for universities.

Source: Dengeki

VitaminX Addiction on MAL
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09-12-10, 5:13 PM
News Team
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Only Vitamin X? I hope Vitamin Z characters are animated as well. I would like to see Kei Houjou animated!
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09-12-10, 5:13 PM

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Sounds interesting enough.
09-12-10, 5:20 PM

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Sounds pretty cool ^^
09-12-10, 5:25 PM

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Good--we need more otome game adaptations.
09-12-10, 6:25 PM

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Oh, so it isn't hentai. =[
Yes, I don't know what an otome game is, well I figured out just because it seems obvious, but I just wanted to throw it out there.
09-12-10, 7:06 PM

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its seems like it'll be good!!!
i wish there were more otome game adaptions =D
09-12-10, 7:09 PM

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Sounds swizzle.
Will watch.
09-12-10, 8:50 PM

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...Not really my cup of tea, I'm afraid.
09-12-10, 9:24 PM

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Not sure it's my thing, but sounds interesting enough to give it a try.

09-12-10, 9:51 PM

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From the website:
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09-12-10, 10:59 PM

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Sounds interesting !
09-12-10, 11:20 PM

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Hmm.. the story sounds unique! I'll get into it more..
09-13-10, 12:06 AM

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shinkeikaku said:
Good--we need more otome game adaptations.
09-13-10, 2:41 AM

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Honestly the story doesn't sound too good for me but since it's an OVA from a game it might be interesting. So I'll probably watch it :]
09-13-10, 2:48 AM

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sounds rather interesting

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09-13-10, 3:14 AM

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Bring it on.
09-13-10, 4:46 AM

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shinkeikaku said:
Good--we need more otome game adaptations.



EDIT: I just saw the characters designs... They are all ugly wtf Q_Q I only liked the Shun Nanase guy and he looks gay. Sendo is not bad either. The teacher Sho is sexy but we can't "get" him, can we?
And that Goro-something, is it a girl or a boy? D: And wtf is wrong with Mizuki? xD
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09-13-10, 5:19 AM

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oh man, their faces are so pretty but their bodies look so weird XD I just hope the anime doesn't take the same approach, although it'd be interesting if it did...I'll be watching it either way :D
EDIT: oh, in the CGs from the game they don't look that bad. I like the trap.
EDIT2: after listening to their voices, I love Mizuki, his voice is hnnnnngh! The first three guys sound exactly the same, the other two sound annoying...
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09-13-10, 5:34 AM

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I'd only heard of Vitamin Z (as THE Mishima Kazuhiko has done a manga adaptation)

But it looks coo', no reason for me not to watch it.

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