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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Episode 24 Discussion

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Poll: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Episode 24 Discussion

01-15-11, 12:19 AM

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Such a kawaii episode. ~
04-09-11, 8:12 AM

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The Super Mega Cheese Hamburger stance of Suzuna and Shintani is really cute. :D

Kyaa~! Usui whispering in Misaki's ear!

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04-20-11, 6:36 PM

Joined: Jun 2009
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Two more episodes of this non-sense and it’ll be all over. Yush. Must keep up.
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10-21-11, 9:57 PM

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The closing scene at the alley way was nice.
11-06-11, 11:19 PM

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DAAAWW, that was adorable.
02-13-12, 8:11 PM

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03-19-12, 10:40 PM
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Misaki needs to shut up with her damn mood swings it gets so annoying!
04-21-12, 8:41 PM

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TAT I'm so happy! I'm almost done with the series. It's pretty sad that I'm excited for a show to end...
06-03-12, 5:02 PM

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The ending of each episode is always the best. ^^
09-02-12, 3:43 PM

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Tremendous amount of progress.
09-12-12, 8:04 PM

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haha, he found the tree, yay!

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11-22-12, 10:38 PM

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God damn it Misaki, just say it! There's like two more episodes left...
12-15-12, 9:14 PM

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I really liked how Misa turned red at the end. She blushes everytime she is near Usui now. I have good hopes for this.
05-03-13, 8:13 AM

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That persimmon coincidence...
Hamburger-kun&Chesse-chan XD

Kurotatsu he's so unlucky, well maybe he's a masochist so maybe a bit happy?

Misaki, she's already fell in love with Usui now, that blush >_<
And such a shame can't see Aoi in action too...

Well, I guess I'll a bit pitying Hinata :(
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05-09-13, 7:27 AM

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Only two more episodes. Usui and Hinata are in an eternal battle. Misaki is starting to be honest with herself.

Magical Maid Latte:

Usui Hugging Misaki:
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07-20-13, 10:30 AM

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Aaahhh, You-kun, my poor bby boy TT^TT
If it's fate that you found Misa-chan and the cherry tree, then it's also fate that Usui-kun is always where Misa-chan is... :'(

And because we don't get to see the Handsome Trio that often. Ufufufufu C:

They're usually shown as the Sanbaka Chibi, which is cute, but still ;3
07-24-13, 10:57 PM

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hehe misaki watching anime XD
she is watching all 4 seaosn in one night? -_- even I cant do that :p

the ending is really romantic XD

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07-28-13, 2:28 PM

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Shintani can keep his stupid tree and stay the heck away from Usui's Misaki. Ever since he showed up a few episodes back this anime started getting on my nerves pretty badly. They better deliver something awesome in episode 26.
08-22-13, 11:09 PM

Joined: Aug 2011
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Best thing about this is that it's almost over.

IchigoHollowfi said:
I cant belevie how many rude and mean things people say about this wonderful anime. Also can not beleive how much you dont understand ANYTHING about this anime or usui and misaki.

Oh god I hope you've learned more about real relationships from the time you wrote this post up to now.
09-08-13, 8:29 PM

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Hinata is all wrong for Misaki. He doesn't understand her at all. Usui, OTOH, understands her very well.
12-07-13, 5:15 AM

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This episode was okay not great but it was funny at many parts Aoi-chan was my favorite in this episode I wonder how long it will take for them to tell each other or if they even tell each other how they feel if they dont I swear I am giving this a 1 n will never ever watch it again.
05-07-14, 11:28 PM

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So Usui hugs Misaki, and Hinata gets close to a tree, fair enough I guess.
07-07-14, 8:31 PM

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This show went decently for almost 20 episodes where Usui and Misaki's chemistry were enough to keep me interested. These past few episodes have went full-retard

Shintani: stop being such a naive little dipshit that "innocently" gets in the way of everything
Misaki: stop being so oblivious to everything that's happening

Even the characters in the show can tell that Misaki is messing up. Dropping the score down to 6/10
10-17-14, 12:55 PM

Joined: Aug 2013
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Usui, show us your magical girl powers. She can't lie now! But she still can avoid questions....

What did she put in that juice? I don't think I wanna know...

So Hinata promise came from a misunderstanding. Kinda sad for him, but he just came back too late. And Misaki is a girl hard to get.

The ''Super Mega Cheese Hamburger'' was awfully cute and hilairous xD

From the next episode title, things should get clear in the love triangle. They better be with that damn climax!
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11-25-14, 10:56 AM

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Hamburger-kun!!! Wow he was so heavy, the branch broke. Just to let you know, Usoi is the leader of all magical girls.

12-20-14, 7:49 PM

Joined: Nov 2014
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Usui seems like a dick to Hinata,I feel sorry for Hinata actually,ending up with a tree.
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