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09-05-10, 3:41 AM

Joined: Jan 2010
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I'm just wondering why Kyou is insanely popular. She had no story to her except her love towards Tomoya and an OVA.
I don't know why most people vote her the best Clannad girl while she clearly, to me, had little point in the story plot line and was more like a supporting character.

Any thoughts?
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09-05-10, 3:43 AM

Joined: Mar 2009
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Probably because she acts like a tsundere.
04-11-11, 8:41 AM

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She is a funny character, who can kill someone with a book, and she has cute little botan to cuddle. Just some of my artwork (Total Noob Btw)
04-11-11, 8:43 AM

Joined: Mar 2011
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Because people's favorite character are based on their looks
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04-15-11, 12:54 AM

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Don't really understand it myself. Must be the tsundere-ism I guess. She does have her own route in the game but I doubt most of the fanboys have actually played it. Anyways, its still nothing compare to Nagasia's route. I suppose route don't matter if you absolutely can't stand Nagisa.
04-15-11, 7:13 PM

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I thinks its because she's the class representative of 3-D in the first season.

i dont even know
04-25-12, 5:14 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
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Exactly,People say that Nagisa is she's boring and they prefer Kyou and Tomoyo over her.Sure,they are nice and I like them but they are kind of plain.They had little story in the anime especially Kyou .She was a normal character and I don't understand why she has sooo many fans (I'm not saying she's a bad character ) but you can't say she's more developed than Nagisa or fuko or even kotomi
05-03-12, 4:23 AM

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I agree, Fuko was by far the most awesome character.
05-07-12, 7:31 AM

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I Like Her Maybe Because She's A Tsundere Or I'm A Masochist But That's Not The Reason (Maybe Masochist Is). For Me, She's The One Who Can Make This Series So Lively. Maybe You Should Try Imagine A Clannad Without Kyou. Also, I Find Active Girls Are More Attractive Than Passive Girls.

But Like Someone Said, Girls Can Be Popular By Their Looks. That's Why Kyou(And Also Tomoyo) Dominants The Popularity.

Here's Some Possibilities.
->She's A Tsundere. (Given)
->She's Cute. (Given)
->Maybe Try Her Route In The Visual Novel.
->She's Somewhat Can Relate The Most To Tomoya. (Dunno If I'm Right)
->She's The 2nd Main Heroine. (You Know, There's A Saying That 2nd Main Heroine Characters Are The Best In Some Or Most Animes)

Don't Get Mad At Me. I'm Just Sharing My Thoughts. D:
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