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Street Fighter II: The Movie

08-21-10, 10:29 AM

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This was terrible.
09-24-10, 2:23 AM

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It could be worse:> what do U exept from anime based on fighting game?
I was nice.I saw chars I like and the plot was easy to watch though
12-28-10, 10:10 AM

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Yeah,i think it wasn't that bad too.Personally i liked it,it was refreshing for me to watch something like that.

"Only the dead have seen the end of war".
01-20-11, 11:54 PM

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What did you expect?

Seriously. You can't fault a god damn fighting movie for not being a high class show.
It's called street fighter.
It delivered on that name.

The video game characters were represented very very faithfully. The plot was simple and gave reason for the kickass fighting scenes.
And the animation was very very smooth and pleasant to watch.

Easily a 7.
04-20-12, 4:52 PM

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Wait what? That's the best video game-to-anime movie I have watched. And I'm not even a Street Fighter fan. It gets a 7/10 from me which is very high considering I use the entire scoring system.
04-26-12, 11:40 AM

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Valaskjalf said:
Wait what? That's the best video game-to-anime movie I have watched. And I'm not even a Street Fighter fan. It gets a 7/10 from me which is very high considering I use the entire scoring system.

I have to agree with you. This movie is the best game adaptation of all times.

For me this film was amazing and I gave the maximum score for him. 10/10.
06-02-12, 5:43 AM

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If you're going to watch a film called "Street Fighter II: The Movie" based on a fighting game, I don't see how you can expect anything better than this.

It's hardly a great film. But that's only because its basic premise could never produce a great film. I really don't see much they could have done much better, without changing the concept totally.
07-25-12, 1:52 PM

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If it were to be a new brand without any background, I would call it bad. But since it's based on a fighting game, it could be much worse. I give it a 7 - the animation is not bad and the fights are between the popular fighters from the game. So... the grade is ultimate for me, I think.
07-25-12, 2:04 PM

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This movie should make every Beat'em up-Fan jizz in their pants.
Great early 90-adaptation that's only beaten by the Victory-Series that followed the next year.
07-31-12, 4:33 AM

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@messedup - Is there a better anime using the SF franchise? I've only watched this one so far and I'd like to know that ;)
07-31-12, 4:58 AM

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This is probably my favorite SF movie ever. The english dub was solid, and the english version of the soundtrack was absolutely brilliant!

9/10 - No doubt.
11-20-13, 4:46 PM

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This movie is pretty much the best video game commercial ever. It was a fun ride from start to finish even though the fan service with Chun-Li was a bit unnecessary , but hey I'm not complaining either....
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06-04-14, 5:14 PM

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The designs sucked (badly proportioned and drawn even for its age) but the fight scenes were surprisingly really good. Hats off to the choreographer.

The plot's not dissimilar to something like Enter the Dragon but maybe more complex (well, there are more characters). If you're watching a martial arts film (video game adaptation!) you shouldn't really be expecting too much. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would anyway.

Also, Chun Li's breasts.

Also, Alice in fucken Chains m/

(Ah, different soundtrack with the dub. Thought the US dub was actually decent and the music was great).
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01-14-15, 7:11 PM

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I loved this movie when I first bought it and watched it over 20 years ago( i was 6 at the time). This and Macross were what got me into anime to begin with.