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05-18-08, 8:20 PM

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Since this is up, we're pretty much going to do it. >=D

Still working out rules and submission limits. Please wait for a bit, 'kay? =D

We're pretty much using the characters on the list, and then some (which are the ones YOU need to request!), so we would LOVE pictures.

Pretty please?

We have pictures of:
Babbit - Would like a better one
Allelujah Haptism - Would like a better one
Apachai Hopachai - Would like a better one
Chikaru Minamoto - Would like a better one
Hallelujah Haptism
L Lawliet
Kagome Byakudan - Would like a better one
Keita Kawahira
Kogoro Mouri
Konata Izumi
Mihael 'Mello' Keehl
Misa Amane
Nagi Sanzenin
Najimi Osana
Nate 'Near' River
Nozomu Itoshiki
Okuyama Masumi
Sana Kurata - Would like a better one
Takeshi (Brock)
Tsuyoshi Ohki
Yuna Konnyaku

Needed: (Remember: weirdness!)
Alex Louis Armstrong
Kensei Ma

Everyone else on the list
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