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08-07-10, 7:02 AM

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08-08-10, 3:49 AM

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No Webeiss. D':
08-08-10, 6:08 AM

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Its a good story for your first attempt. I started to laugh when you introduced me into this stage. A gambler who black talks, never expected that.

My dick fell off, lol.
08-14-10, 1:07 AM

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I'm ashamed I just found it now fffffffffu

You're good with details,man.I like how you write :3
The last part....I don't even.
That's so not Monia.ButIlikeit.
Keep it coming :3
12-26-10, 9:01 AM

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I Never Saw This Up Until Now... Keep It Coming.
Sig by HB/$híkäßánè Thanks, Mang.
09-18-12, 5:13 PM

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Lol, nice XD Ur much better than me at writing stories...My chapters are so short ;P
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