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View Poll Results: What do you think of Suzaku?
Oh I think he is the best thing since canned beer!
51 7.70%
Ok so he is a little self-righteous and naïve but he means well…
155 23.41%
Hmm well I don’t really feel strongly either way about him…
64 9.67%
He may mean well but he is going too far for it to be forgiven
126 19.03%
Words cannot begin to describe my seething hatred towards him. So go die!
266 40.18%
Voters: 662

07-12-12, 2:27 PM

Joined: Apr 2012
Posts: 958
Spacebar said:
suntears said:
I hate Suzaku for all eternity... If there is no Itou Makoto (School Days), he's gonna be number 1 for "stupid shit idiot characters that i want to kill personaly"...
I don't need to explain why, some people have written it better up there...

Roloko said:
Enjolras1830 said:
worst than Jesus Yamato sunrise seams to have forgot how to write likeable leads

I loved Kira during SEED then in SEED Destiny they degraded him into the Gary-stu Jesus Yamato. -___- Thats why I preferred Shinn in Destiny.

let's not talk about Jesus Yamato, he's not even worthy to...

Shinn is fuckup and you like him .............. Need me to list out all the pathetic stuffs he did ? Hearing ''shinn' is already able to piss me off .

I personally didn't like Shinn too, but he's deserve better roles in Destiny than Jesus Yamato... I mean Jesus Yamato just come out (of nothing) and takes Shinn's light... poor boy

07-14-12, 2:29 AM

Joined: Jun 2012
Posts: 4353
Why are there so many choices? I chose the 4th because he had good intentions and justice in mind, but it was too extreme. Plus, I liked Lelouch, and he was always in his Lancelot hindering Lelouch.
07-31-12, 5:15 PM

Joined: Jul 2012
Posts: 11748
I don't like him. But he is okay.
08-11-12, 3:30 AM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 816
He was an idealistic child in R1 who got a reality check in R2 and finally became a man.
He's a redeemed character, in my eyes.
"The end of happiness, the beginning of truth."

08-25-12, 3:06 AM

Joined: Mar 2012
Posts: 89
R1: die Suzaku you always get in the way...
R2: Hey you look good with Lelouch...


Yes I like him xD
'No matter how good you are you alone cannot change the world.' -L Death Note
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08-25-12, 9:31 PM

Joined: May 2012
Posts: 526
I hated Suzaku so much when I first watched this series. I would get so pissed every time he would ruin Lelouch's plans! Now I don't think he's as bad but still, too many bad memories.....
"No matter how much of a genius one is, in front of the Uchiha name, they're just ordinary people." - Sasuke Uchiha

08-26-12, 4:02 AM

Joined: Aug 2012
Posts: 513
He can get on my nerves for being stupid and not seing what happens behind the curtains, and all of that makes him quite evil to Lelouch in a kind of way. But only because he believes in his own kind of justice (well until sometime near the end).

Anyway, it was still an interesting character. The most hated for me was shirley at first, then rolo, and finally charles. Well shirley and rolo got some major development contrary to charles =)

If people get offed by just the character design (I agree those skinny characters looks quite bad imo) or by Suzaku/Llyod alone... Then you miss 90% of the storyline :D

10-06-13, 5:18 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 6
I cannot even begin to describe my loathing for Suzaku. He was a hypocrite, an idiot, and he didn't even truly grasp what was going on. He is by far the character I dislike the most in anime.
10-07-13, 1:22 PM

Joined: Mar 2013
Posts: 5007
"Ok so he is a little self-righteous and naïve but he means well…"

This. :)
10-07-13, 2:45 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 53
I despised him with a passion. So you kill your dad because you want to stop the fighting, see what Britannia has done to your country and people, and you join the military and help them? There's fighting the system from within and there's becoming a willing pawn selling out your people. If not for a ton of lucky coincidences, all due to Lelouch, he would have been disposed of by that system. It passed the point of naivety I could accept.
10-08-13, 6:59 AM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 8300
Wow necrobump. As for this thread, I'm indifferent to Suzaku.

I have a sickness called gettingarousedbyhorieyui'svoice syndrome.
10-22-13, 7:20 PM

Joined: Oct 2013
Posts: 5
I liked him at first because he was actually right: up until the tokyo incident, where the writers decided to turn Suzaku's attitude 180 degrees in a single episode with no good explanation given, Suzaku tried his best to change things from within. And it was working!
Suzaku's credentials:

-Helped Euphemia create the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, where Japanese would have equal rights to Britannians.
-Inspired hope in the Japanese by proving that through skill and loyalty, a Japanese can become Britannian Nobility
-Became Knight of Seven without abandoning his moral standards.

Let's be honest guys, he actually was on track to changing Britannia from within. The Knights of the Round were amongst the most powerful people in Britannia. The Knight of One can even choose to govern any territory of his choosing.
What is more, if Lelouch didn't mind-rape Euphemia, Suzaku would have had the favour of Euphemia, one of the most popular royals, Cornelia, the best commander, and although he might not win the favour of Schneizel we know that Schneizel doesn't like war and killing to begin with so it doesn't really matter.

These are the reasons that I hate Suzaku. In second season, the writers, in one episode, made Suzaku decide that despite having PROVEN that his way is the better way, suddenly decides that Lelouch is right and spontaneously forgives him, thus making him an extremely frustrating and hypocritical character that should die.
04-06-14, 6:00 AM

Joined: Aug 2013
Posts: 445
I thought he was allright first but now i fucking hate him.suzaku is a cunt.
04-18-14, 11:41 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
Posts: 1
Almost everything I see on the topic of Suzaku completely misses the point. Yes, he sold out his friend to the Emperor. Yes, it wasn't a nice thing to do. But that pales in comparison to the big picture. All the little things, like selling out Lelouch, foiling Lelouch's plans, planning to drug Kallen, it's all secondary to the fundamental reason why Suzaku is a horribly stupid and deplorable person. Suzaku Kururugi doesn't like his country being occupied by Britannia, so his response is to become an Honourary Britannian, join the Britannian army, then actively fight for his oppressors against his own people who are being treated almost like slaves. He's a goddamn Uncle Tom to his oppressors and fights against his own interests.

Some might say his goal of reforming Britannia is a noble one. It's also pants-on-head retarded. Despots don't normally change because one of their conquered subjects wants them to. Rising in military rank really doesn't do much to help native oppressed peoples, after all, no matter how high you rise there's always someone higher than you. Never mind that being a Number, he wouldn't have gotten anywhere anyways if not for Zero giving him perfect opportunities to climb the ladder. He should have died in Shinjuku. True, it wouldn't have created much of a story, as Lelouch would god-mode everyone without Suzaku in the way, but unsurprisingly the death toll would have been much lower, there would have been less collateral damage, the conflict would have been shorter and more contained, fewer if any likeable characters would have died, including Euphemia, Shirley, and Rolo, along with the MILLIONS of people who died in the, at least, 2 uses of FLEIJA. The show may have ended around episode 16, or something, if Suzaku hadn't been there, but Code Geass may have still been enjoyable all the same if that were the case. There is a certain level of satisfaction that we get by seeing the bad guys get curbstomped, after all.

So yeah, that's the most important reason Suzaku is a despicable, reprehensible person. Worse, it's all brought on because he's so stupid he doesn't even realize how evil he's being and keeps acting like what he's doing is right.
06-18-14, 10:04 AM

Joined: Jun 2014
Posts: 21
i like to hate him

there is times where he is annoying and full of ideals and self righteousness and times where you hate him such as when he sold out lelouch and the refrain incident with kallen.

but i had to sympathize with him at the last few episodes of code geass as he gave up everything he had and actually helped lelouch to achieve his ultimate goal.

i think people hate on him too much
07-29-14, 3:58 AM

Joined: Oct 2013
Posts: 2482

09-10-14, 7:05 PM

Joined: Jan 2014
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I wish the worst possible eternal torture upon that piece of human filth. Death is too good for him.
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09-10-14, 7:06 PM

Joined: Jun 2014
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Suzaku is the biggest fuckboy uncle tom in all anime.
RedRoseFring said:
I wish the worst possible eternal torture upon that piece of human filth. Death is too good for him.

Once again this dude sums it up
09-10-14, 7:09 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 1764
He was alright. I never felt any strong emotion toward him, and I still don't really see why he's hated that much. Then again, I don't really understand why people hate Rossiu from TTGL either, so maybe I'm just not prone to hating that many characters.
And I mean that in the most sexually painful way possible.
09-10-14, 7:34 PM

Joined: Jun 2014
Posts: 2673
JabonHR said:
He was alright. I never felt any strong emotion toward him, and I still don't really see why he's hated that much. Then again, I don't really understand why people hate Rossiu from TTGL either, so maybe I'm just not prone to hating that many characters.

There are so many reasons to hate them I don't even know what to say to y ou
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