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07-08-11, 2:04 PM

Joined: Jun 2009
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Name: Shin Etagowa

Student or Teacher: Wouldn't mind being a teacher

Age: 30

Demon or Elementalist: Earth Elemental

About Me: Nothing is really known about me...

Special Powers: I can control earth to the utmost degree.

Normal Image:

Fighter form: Same as above ^^

Rival: None yet

Crush: None

Roommate(s): None

Modified by sheridan, 07-08-11, 4:59 PM
No matter what blade you possess, it is impossible to cut a single flower that blooms in the wilderness that has become my home. ~Unknown
07-08-11, 7:06 PM

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Doesnt kagura from inuyasha have a move like thAt
07-11-11, 5:46 PM

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I'll let the illusions slide as it somewhat makes sense if you take into account that wind users are sometimes able to use fogs and the like for cover and it could possibly be used for illusions but a combination of darkness and wind in no way adds up to reanimation of corpses to me and its rather overpowered even if it did especially for a 16 year old student.
07-15-11, 3:00 PM

Joined: Nov 2009
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Ok I'll change that
07-17-11, 11:55 AM

Joined: Jan 2008
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okay accepted
07-17-11, 1:48 PM

Joined: Jul 2011
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Name: eremos

Student or Teacher: Student (4th year)

Age: 18

Demon or Elementalist: hybrid, leaning toward elementalist (metal)

About Me:His mother was an elementalist and his father was a demon. His hometown was in a place surrounded by mountains and trees. He lived in a place were parents were either demons or elementalists, but never both. Because of this the community hated his family and during his years in school he was brutally picked on and teased for having "Hybrid" parents. As a result his parents decided to leave when he was around 10, and moved to a small village on the other side of the mountains. When he started to show his abilities to control metal his parents decided to send him to this academy hoping his time he would be better then his time at his school in the mountains.Before he left, for the academy, his mother gave him her scythe, now his prized possession, and his father gave him a beautiful rainbow gem, about the size of his palm, which you can find him staring into from time to time.

Personality: Due to the torment he went through as a kid in school he became closed off and is very slow to trust people. He believes it is easy to stay away from people, and to hurt others before they can hurt him. But this does not mean he his a mean person,no, he never wants to hurt anyone and that is why he keeps his distance from people, because he believes that when someone gets to close to him he will just end up hurting them and relive his childhood.

Special Powers:
Elementalist side: he can control metal, but only to the extent that he must be touching the metal, basically his scythe (so far).
Demon side: he has just recently gotten a handle on his demon powers, but it seems most of his power is on his elemental side, from his mother, and all he can do with his demon powers is make a thick black,purple fog envelope himself, making him no longer visible, and disperse it. This doesn't mean he is invisible though, you can still see black and purple fog but you can not see what he is doing inside of the fog.

Normal Image:

Fighter form: Same as normal.

Rival: N/A

Crush: None




Student or Teacher: Student (4th Year)


Demon or Elementalist: Elementalist (wind)

About Me:He is a sharpshooter who carries a large sniper rifle and two pistols. Not much is known about his past, and he likes to keep it that way.

Special Powers: He can use wind to jump to high places and is close to perfecting his "Wind shot", he can shoot a bullet and with his wind ability control the bullet. He can also project high bursts of wind from any point of his body, this can act as a shield at times and can be used to make melee attacks stronger.

Normal Image:

the boy

Fighter form:

His Sniper Rifle

His pistols




Both Approved
Modified by sheridan, 07-17-11, 6:41 PM
07-21-11, 1:45 PM

Joined: Jul 2011
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Name : Saen Darkreign

Student or Teacher: Student


Demon or Elementalist:Demon -dark

About Me:
As the future heir of the Darkreign Clan of the Demons Saen's was thoroughly checked after he was born,however he was found too weak to be the leader of the clan therefore he was kept in shadow . After 4 years Saen found out that his new brother will be born soon.The elders of the clan decided that his little brother had everything he needed to be the next heir.Therefor they need to get rid oftheir only obstacle : Saen.His mother cryed and begged for his life and she was sacrficed instead of him and Saen was thrown away.As the years passed he lost his hopes,ambition and the ability to rely on anyone.His only reason that kept him living was his venegence against the ones who betrayed him and killed his mother.
Saen has grown and unexpected power potential and decided to enroll into the acadamy in order to become stronger....

Special Powers:

Devoured by Darkness- In exchange for his own life source his body gets surrounded by a dark aura increasing his speed and power.

Night Slash- Unleashes the power of his katana at an incredibly high speed almost unstoppable ,the attack is very powerfull however it can`t be used during the day only if the area is surrounded in shadows.

Fear- Saen`s most powerfull technique ,a devastating power which completely kills his targets senses and the ability to move however the move needs eye contact and due the incredible amount of power it needs it can be cast only for a few seconds .

Normal Image:

- The same as Fighter Form However his left Wing and the Mark on his left eye are hidden.

Fighter form:

Rival: none yet

Crush:none yet

Roommate(s):not yet
Modified by Darkfall201, 08-02-11, 8:42 AM
07-27-11, 4:24 PM

Joined: Jan 2008
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Accepted Darkfall if you'll remove Darkness Consumption stealing life force just seems OP.
08-02-11, 8:41 AM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 7
ok I`ll remove that
09-11-11, 9:15 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 23
Name: mizu okuma

Student or Teacher: student

Age: 18

Demon or Elementalist: demon - oddly light

About Me: rude and mean at first but is truly hyper and clingy. She grew up with elementiast so she was taught to never trust anyone and to hide herself from the world. Also that being what she is is wrong so she feels great deal of guilt

Special Powers: with light she can blind people form any weapon of her likeing and also create illusions

Normal Image:

Fighter form:




(The reanimation of corpses seems to be overpowered, and I don't understand how wind can bring back and make a body move, just checking it with other admins, although a bio for your character would be much appreciated, even if it is only a little about your character's family. Also in whether you are elementalist or demon could you insert hybrid?)~ Sheri
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12-22-11, 5:47 PM

Joined: Jan 2011
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Name: Araonna Darkeyes

Student or Teacher: Student

Age: 18

Demon or Elementalist: DEMON

Personality: She cares deeply about her pets and nothing but herself. She would look around and watch people have fun and be alone all the time. The sufferings she endured as a child caused her to look at the entire world in a different prospective but she doesn't seek revenge or anything like this.

About Me: Araonna cares about nothing but herself, and she considers herself superior to everyone in every way. Araonna considers that she is the only one right in the world; she is convinced that those who disagree with her simply don't understand the truth. When things don’t go the way she wants, she fabricates absurd explanations that follow her way, instead of questioning herself. This delusion is so strong that she doesn't understand why people hold a grudge against her. Nothing infuriates her more than a persistent opposition. However, deep down in her heart, she knows when she cannot bend a will to her own, and this only infuriates her more. Araonna is obsessed with talent. She regards regular people as mere trash, and she despises even more people who have done nothing to deserve a political influence that they take for granted. Araonna wants a world where only gifted people who obey her can live, and plans to select them one by one. To put it simply, she wants the entire world to revolve around her and to fit her demented ideals of perfection. But she only regards her followers as pawns, and if she values their strength and listens to their advices, she rarely considers their objections. Despite all this, Araonna is a very charismatic and refined person. She enjoys luxury and she lives in opulent manors and castles. When she interacts with people she deems worthy, even if they are enemies, she acts with smiling and courteous manners. Araonna is also clever and knowledgeable; she knows what she needs, she knows how to use it and she rarely underestimates her opponents, only making her move only when she has all cards in hand, or where she has at least one backup plan. Yet, in spite of her caution, she is certain of her superiority and when confronted to an opponent she admires, she may reveal her weaknesses to make things more interesting.

Special Powers:
Ability 1: Gravitational manipulation (also referred to as vortex creation and gravitational field manipulation) is the ability to create gravitational vacuums. The origin and endpoint of the vortices created by this ability remains unknown.) Araonna Shieldheart can create vortices in mid-air that vary in size from a few centimeters to nearly a meter in diameter. These vortices draw surrounding matter into themselves. Anything that enters one of these vortices immediately vanishes; where — if anywhere — such material goes is unknown. Araonna can voluntarily create vortices by concentrating, but she can also spontaneously generate a vortex when she loses her temper. Once she creates a vortex, she can close it at will. She has not been seen to create a vortex more than a few meters away from her body, and in all instances they have formed within her line of sight. In one instance, Araonna created a vortex and then left the vicinity. That vortex dissipated after approximately one minute; but it is not clear whether it spontaneously dissipated after a period of time, Araonna caused it to dissipate somehow, or it dissipated because he moved beyond a certain distance from it. When he created a vortex and disappeared into it, the vortex immediately dissipated. Araonna can use this ability with relative accuracy. The maximum amount of force that a vortex exerts on nearby objects is unclear. The strongest vortex that Araonna created was capable of pulling in the equivalent weight of an average teenage girl despite her resistance, and it could rip wooden boards out of a floor. Besides herself, Araonna does not seem to be affected by the vortices he creates, but he can allow himself to be sucked into one if he so chooses. She has been seen to create more than one vortex at a time.

Ability 2:
Animal control (is the ability to communicate with and control animals.) (she can’t control other loyal animals from their owns)
- Summoning (Ability to summon beings or objects for assistance. This may range from invoking simple implements to mighty familiar spirits.)
- Animal morphing (Ability to take on animal forms. May be able to take on the abilities of the altered form)
Araonna can communicate with animals, using her power to gain information from different types of animals. She is also able to control animals, enraging them with a click of her fingers. This click seems to enable her to control what the animals do, as the dogs and other animals that she summoned attacked three women in the fashion that Araonna wanted them to. Also she can summon the pets and morphing into those pets that she controls. Include the following (pets):


Weapon: (Two Swords)

Fighter form: (purple hair)
& (battle amour)

Rival: sakurako fujisaki

Crush: not yet

Roommate(s): Mitsuo or/& Leo or/&, Aisu or/& Saen (?)

Name: Vincent Darkfoot

Student or Teacher: Teacher (Graphic Arts, Art, Computers, Chess and Pottery)

Age: 25

Demon or Elementalist: Demon

Personality: Vincent care deeply for the students to succeeded. He is also very easy going, confident, and laid-back. He uses his mind to think up new ways.

About Me: Vincent grew up in a minor town of about 800 people. He was the third of three children, all boys. His father and mother owned a small tavern where they and his eldest brother Edward worked. Lute grew up surrounded by laughter, liquor and music (Explaining his formative background in music and revelry).

Vincent was an amazingly intelligent and beautiful child with an excellent aptitude for mimicry both in Artist ability and Computers (Accounting for the high points I allot to charisma and intelligence). As the third child he stood little chance of inheriting the bar so his parents apprenticed him to a touring a Graphic company where he received basic training (Enough to be a low level bard with some art abilities). While touring, the graphic company disbanded for a lack of funds, leaving the young man in a new city with almost no money. He survived for a while by using is art work to tell a story in the streets and by using the clients’ computer by doing Graphic Arts and teaching them how to play chess Spent more than one night hungry and huddled in the cold. While he believed himself to be a good person, he stole food on more than one occasion and conned his way into a few ladies beds by virtue of his looks (Food and shelter trump law and honor for him).

Tired of living hand-to-mouth he joined the teacher academy. He spent most of his time as a Graphic Arts, Computer and Art Teacher very little progress with his students. (Remember he is still young and untested), but over the years he learned how to make them progress in his classes such as one on one time with them, explain to the students in their terms and having a chess club and being more active with the students. Much of his time was spent at teaching but never really understand why the students got D & F on each homework assignment. He was already a highly skilled warrior with a level matching that of any person in the world.

Special Powers: Ability 1: Electronic communication (Electronic communication, or digital communication (also known as "cyberpathy" and "technokinesis"), is the ability to intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with one's mind)

Ability 2: Intuitive aptitude (is the ability to understand the structure and operation of complex systems without special education or training. However, it also compels the holder to understand as much as they can, resulting in a "hunger" which can manifest a need to understand, which often causes Sylar to kill other evolved humans to understand their abilities.)

Weapon: (whip sword)

Normal Image:

Fighter form:

Rival: Adalwolfa

Crush: Kanna (demon) Akira (demon) or/& Butterfly

Roommate(s): Suzume Yozora (Teacher (Training) &/or Tenshi (?)

Name: Trent Lain

Student or Teacher: Teacher (Winter Sports and the weather)

Age: 23

Demon or Elementalist: Elementalist

Personality: Trent is still shy to talk to another people about anything except his subjects of winter sports and the weather.

About Me: Trent Lain lives in a city between a Court House & in a tower looking down at the market place and the ocean. Trent travels the entire Court House through top and the bottom. He also went to the market place and explored around. His dad took Trent on his ship around the Islands and the Court House. As a teenager he traveled to an Island towards the Icicle Mountains there. On top of the Icicle Mountain he found a fruit. He ate the fruit and fainted in the snow. Eris, Kiri and Zero saw him and brought him in a log cabin. He looked around and saw 5 wolf girls. He asks what your names are. The girls said “Eris, Kiri and Zero, Winter and Crystal Sapphire.” They also said “We all your servants and pets. Also, we can transforms into wolfs.” They show him that it was not a joke and He expected there services and as pets. The fruit did not do anything in tell he was 18 years old. At the age of 18 years old he finally realized his powers of Ice Element. He also still has both girls by his side and at the court house. Trent is known at the court house judging the criminals & pirates.

Special Powers:
Ability 1: Ice - Cold and ice manipulation (Ability to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus reduce temperature, can be used to control, generate, or absorb ice)

Ability 2: (Unknown)

Transforming: (Half Ice dragon Form) (Full Ice Dragon Form)

Pet:,-anime-wolf-girl-tutorial-drawing.jpg (Eris Sapphire)
& (Kiri Sapphire)
& Sapphire)
& Sapphire)
& (Crystal Sapphire)

Wolf #1 (Eris)
Wolf #2 (Kiri)
Wolf #3" target="_blank"> (Zero)
Wolf #4 (Winter)
Wolf #5

Dragon Pets:
Ice Chakram in hand
Ice Weapon: (Two Shyndree Swords hidden in robes)
(6 swords on both sides of his robe) (Six Swords)
Like (Six swords)
& (Icicle spear around Him floating)

Home: (outside)
& (inside)

(15 years old)
& (adult 23 years old)
& (Armour underneath clothing)

Normal Image:

Fighter form:

Rival: Not Yet

Crush: SERAPHINA Knight


Name: SERAPHINA Knight

Student or Teacher: Student

Age: 17

Demon or Elementalist: Elementalist

Personality: She is she to other people

About Me: SERAPHINA Knight was raised up in a little town by a mystical cave. She was amazed of how fire is used. At night time she always hears a screeching sound and dreaming that there was a dragon/ phoenix nearby. So one night she opens the outside door and saw a phoenix ( standing right in front of her. She got grab by the phoenix beak and she got taken inside the cave. Then the phoenix drops her in a giant crystal globe ( Inside the Crystal globe was a Harp ( While she was playing she learned how to use fire with the harp. (Learn how to play instruments). She got rescued by Neko Fire ( by different the phoenix. The phoenix talked to SERAPHINA said “can I be your pet.” SERAPHINA Said “yes”
Personality: Shy doesn’t like to talk with people. Neko Fire, SERAPHINA Knight and the phoenix moved to a lovely city that has great gardens and trees.

Special Powers:
Ability 1: Fire
Ability 2: Musical Fire (playing instruments that are have some fire around them and have fire music notes coming towards the opponent.)

Weapon: (Ruby Fire Bow & Arrows) (on the back) (Fire Twin Daggers) (on her lower back by the belt both sides) (Red Fan) (Left Side pocket) (Type Fire Red playing Cards) (Red Swords) (top back by the shoulder blades both sides) (Fire Scythe) (Carries in hand)
Pets: (Fire Horse)
& (firewolf)
& (Human Form) (Neko Fire)
& (Half Dragon/Human) (Neko Fire)
& (phoenix)

Normal Image: (Human Form)
Type A Form: (More Fully Transformation)
& (Full Transformation)
Type B Form: (Half Transformation)
(Fully Transformation)
Fighter form: As above

Rival: Millie

Crush: Trent Lain

Roommate(s): Mitsuo or/& Leo or/&, Aisu or/& Saen (?)
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12-24-11, 5:05 PM

Joined: Apr 2010
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Name: Askua Phoenix

Student or Teacher: Student (4th year prefect)

Age: 47

Demon or Elementalist: Elementalist (fire)

About Me: little is known of her existence, but she's a former soldier of a mysterious organization. When they found out that she had been interfering with human matters, they had her banished and condemned her to death by starvation. However, after being spared by a prefect at a mysterious academy, and after taking her as his own, she decided that she'll remain loyal to him by being a 4th year prefect in his place.

Special Powers: Fire control, sword, shield, and gun usage.

Normal Image:

Fighter Form:

Rival: Giotto

Crush: Homura

Roommate(s): Namine

Name: Azusa Phoenix

Student or Teacher: Student (1st year)

Age: 18

Demon or Elementalist: Elementalist(fire)

About Me: Born in a poor middle class family, Azusa was just an ordinary girl. However, she lost her family, friends, and everything that are important to her. With nowhere else to go, she took refuge in a mansion filled with rich and noble people, only to find out that someone adopted her as his own. Without knowing that he is the mansion's owner, she decided to remain loyal towards him by respecting as what he is.

Special Powers: fire, sword, shield, armor and gun control

Normal Image:

Fighter Form:

Rival: Haruka

Crush: Tsuna

Roommate(s): Kairi
12-24-11, 5:28 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
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Name: Kenshin Kinjirou

Student or Teacher: Student

Age: 16.5

Demon or Elementalist: Demon/Elementalist

Element: Frost.

About Me: Kinjirou is a Demon. And in fact, Son of Lucifer. e.e. His mother, who was a Elementalist. died at child birth, and had a intimate relationship with his father, which makes him half human, but, he can switch in and out from human and demon. He is also a good Hand to Hand fighter as human, and a master of Kenjutsu. And has a soft spot for ecchi, (Sad, I know.), Likes: Food, Nice people, the sky, night sky, Fighting (rarely), and meeting new people, but can be very shy, (Son of Satin, shy, haha. Good one.) Dislikes: Rude people, and bad tasting Takoyaki. Oh yeah, he also usually carries a Katana wrapped up in black wrap.

Special Powers: Demon form, A Form that doesn't really change him physically, only his eyes and hair color change, and he grows black wings. Now much. But he instantly gains a massive amount of speed, when not using his wings, and strength. Also makes his movements basically silent.
Katana's Moon Dance: A Attack Where He Sends a Barrage of Strikes with a single Swing.
Swift Draw and Encounter: He draws his Katana Quickly, and ends up pointing it at his Opponents Throat in a heartbeat.

Normal Image:
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12-26-11, 3:23 PM

Joined: Jul 2008
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@12345trent8: Can you tone back the abilities of your characters or add some restrictions? While I can accept versatility, there are so many abilities that have incredible weight among your characters.

@mangafreakZX: Can you change your character’s ages so that they are more in line with the expected ages of a standard high school? I guess in Azusa’s case, having am 18 year old being a first year isn TOO TOO much of a stretch, it’s a bit awkward. Did you plan for the mismatch to be part of the character’s troubled experiences at school?

@Tsukune-dono: The demon form sounds a bit on the powerful side, but knowing how you RP, I’m going to Approve it. Just remember not to go too overboard with it.
12-26-11, 5:05 PM

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 519
Sorry Yummy.
03-16-12, 4:21 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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Name: Kazumi Takahiro

Student or Teacher: Student

Age: 16

Demon or Elementalist: Elementalist

About Me: Not much to say, I'm an open book and quite easy to read. My answer is never 100% yes neither 100% no. there are more possibilities then you think. Anyway... Im an optimistic person and I don't lie NEVER! which can be pretty hard sometimes. Oh yeah.. I don't stress at all ^^ my motto is :"keep you're head up and mind clear."Since I alway shave that I can think clearly and I guess Im pretty smart and skilled. There is still much to learn tho. Well besides that I got parents and a brother, but he ain't very keen on Demons so.. nevermind him. I don't really know whatelse to tell... Just aks if there is anything you want to know.

Special Powers: Air is my sepcialty

Normal Image:

Fighter form:

Rival: As I said my mind is clear, people that don't like me : do as you please I it won't be a bother for me.

Crush: no one for now, perhaps later ^^

Roommate(s): gotta find them still..

Is it ok if I edit "Crush" and " Roommate" later?
05-24-12, 5:15 PM

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Name: Kazeyomi Yu (Yu Kazeyomi)

Student or Teacher: Student

Age: 16 (Second year)

Demon or Elementalist: Human Wind Elementalist

About Me: A lone wolf. Don't have many friends in the academy. Average grades for a 16 year old. I love the outdoors, it's quiet, unlike inside. On my daily basis I sharpen my sword skills and prepare for battle. I don't talk much, in fact this is a lot.

Speed is my speciality even in human form.

Special Powers: Wind Dome- Creates a invisible 200 degree sphere that lightens the air around. Tripling my speed. No effect on opponent.

Special Attack: Twin Needle Strike- Wind Dome must be in effect for this attack to work. Using the tip of my blade, I slightly cut my opponent without them noticing. When Wind Dome vanishes (usually close to the end of battle) the cuts will penetrate the vital points of the body, leaving my opponent on the ground unable to move or in shock.

Normal Image:

Fighter Image:

Rival: None (Think I found one....)
Crush: None (Not interested)
Roommate: None (Waiting)
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