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Poll: One Piece Movie 6: Omatsuri Danshaku to Himitsu no Shima

Sep 18, 2011 5:18 AM

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Hutchy said:
It was choppy and amateurish


Movie 6 has way more well-defined movement than most of the other OP movies. I understand saying it lacked detail, but choppy? come on.
Dec 5, 2011 5:07 AM

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For me it was the best One Piece movie, better then Strong world. And thats due to the great story.

It wasn't about the straw hats being powerful it was all about the bonds between them. In the beginning the bad guys seemed goofy and annoying. But there were subtle hints that there was way more going on with the lame 'hell's ordeal'.

For all the haters that say Luffy is a whiner about losing his nakama. He is certainly not out of character. His nakama are his everything. Go watch the series again and you know whats up....

The face off between luffy and the baron was awesome. The whole sky blackened by arrows was sick. The dark tention and the flower, gave this movie a horror feel and also another dimension to the 'grand line' which is a place to be afraid of because of the strong guys in there. But also because of weird occurences(horror stuff) that has nothing to do with strong people and such.

Me being absolutely numb at the and of a movie means the story and movie overall was really great!!
Feb 8, 2012 6:47 PM

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this is my favorite one piece movie so far, so i was dumbfounded to read some of these comments full of vitriol. however the poll and rating speaks for itself; this is one of the more highly regarded movies and for good reason.

first of all, i didn't mind the different art style. the amazing and fluid animation more than made up for it. everybody was so expressive. the setting had some amazing 3d and detail that made it feel more authentic than any place in the anime. there were a lot of interesting and dynamic scenes, such as the crew's conversation during a first-person exploration of a 3d forest. regardless of whether you liked the story or think the characters look weird, you should be able to appreciate the amazing animation a movie budget brings.

now for the actual story. the first half of the movie was funny and fun. the comedy was accentuated by quick, sassy shots between characters and pointed silences - i don't know, there's a flair and maturity to the camerawork not present in the anime. luffy is hilarious and adorable as usual, like when he tries to volunteer for everything. my LOL moment was when he get on getting hit by progressively larger rocks. he looked great imo, something about his hair, and zoro looking hot in a suit! A SUIT.

then the second half caught me off guard with how thrilling and serious it became. this is a direction the anime has never gone for before. there's the thriller bark arc with ghosts and stuff, but never the level of creepiness exhibited here. i was really impressed by it, to be frank - they took the opportunity of a movie and didn't deliver the same thing, but rather, gave us a different spin on one piece. this one piece is creepy, with drying plant faces and barely concealed psychological disturbance. the story telling is subtle - you aren't told fucked up zombie is happening, you slowly realize. also introduced to one piece is something to seen before: dread, as the giant root turns into a million arrows, or as the flower mutates into bodies of nakama. the villain is almost sympathetic because the movie shows you how loneliness can wreck someone.

the movie did have its faults, of course. the crew members were slightly out of character in that i don't think they would have genuinely argued with each other like that. there was some sort of tension between them that felt genuinely hateful, something i have NEVER seen in the anime because their bond is so strong that everything is forgiven in half a second, and it made the crew feel wrong. here, nami was being a bitch, and sanji felt like he genuinely hated zoro (in the anime we all know it's rival bromance). but we all know the straw hats never actually fight with each other, except for that one issue over merry. this weird tension wasn't explained away by the end, either - just forgotten.

but the merits garnered by the movie overall override the one major fault. between its fluid and expressive animation, stunning and realistic scenery, and the different atmosphere it brings (creepiness), this movie earns a resounding 5 with me. different and mature!
Jun 6, 2012 10:06 PM

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I rather liked the art style. It certainly lacked detail, but it was more expressive than anything I've ever seen from One Piece. There were a couple of scenes that I'd even describe as amazing, such as that final scene where the flower turned into arrows, and all of a sudden thousands of arrows were flying at him. You can't tell me that scenes like that were "horrible". You just can't. Seriously.

I did feel like the characters were stretched to fit the drama a little bit though. I mean, Nami wouldn't have acted quite like that, and I doubt Sanji would have blamed Luffy either.
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Jul 17, 2012 9:36 AM

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And there I was, thinking that Shonen Jump movies cannot possibly be good. Fucking amazing. Easily the best One Piece movie. 10/10
Aug 19, 2012 2:50 PM

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I've always thought that Movie 6 of the One Piece film canon was clearly one of the best, up alongside Movie 4 (Dead End Race or...whatever it was called) and the much less well-received Movie 9 (the retelling of Chopper's first encounter with the Straw Hats), although the latter film is probably more of a hit-and-miss in regard to pacing and purpose and is probably just one of my favorites because of my self-absorbed opinion, lol.

Whatever the case, though, it's sorta reassuring to see that other people have been able to acknowledge the painstakingly captivating atmosphere a movie of this caliber was able to formulate, 'ey, despite being based on a shonen series that I'm sure many others may have some qualms about. But in the long run, whether you're an avid One Piece fan or simply a lover of subtle, effective storytelling (with beautiful animation to boot), it would be typical for this movie to definitely impress.

[NOTE: Speakin' of the One Piece fandom, however, as numerous others have pro'lly already pointed out by now, it is true that this movie in and of itself almost completely dissolves major OP motifs, instead favoring more dark, restrained tones that, while constructing an engrossing storyline, also puts most of the characters we know and love considerably out-of-character, lol. In the same time, though, it's majorly due to this alteration in style that sets this movie apart from the others and is capable of unveiling a genuinely dark and tragic side to the One Piece cast that we would never see in the likes of Oda's flagship canon -- in a sense, this movie sort of brings them down to size and treats them not as unstoppable comrades of unbreakable friendship, but as flawed heroes that really can lose control of the situation, at times. Which is, of course, not very One Piece-like, lol; and yet, that's also why it's as good as it is. If that even makes sense.

So yeah, man. This movie is fairly highly recommended, if you were to ask me (even though no one did). Besides, this is Mamoru Hosada we're talkin' about here. And if that alone hasn't convinced you, then let's just say that you're missing out on one hell of a storyteller, and end it on that. :P]
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Sep 8, 2012 3:00 PM

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This was one of my favorite movies, not #1 but definetly top 3 material.

First off, whoever said anything about the animation not being good:

fuck you.

the animation was nice, more specificly the 2D strawhats. Yes as still images its not the most desirable thing to look at, but animation is MOVEMENT and these characters moved GREAT. I did like the darker story and applaud it for that since I think One Piece has a particular grit to it anyway (though this wasn't grit, this was plain Nightmare fuel XD) However I am a tad iffy on the ending. Really its been a good while so I can't say for sure but thats the one thing I remember not feeling so highly on.

I also laughed when I saw the promo pics listed here, they really went out of their way to make this movie misleading didn't they? XD
Nov 5, 2012 4:53 PM

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Several things I could say:
1) What the poop did I just watch? I thought this was a OP movie... o_O
2) Was freaky serious tone and strange visual style popular the year they made this, or perhaps the year before?
3) I have no clue how to rate it, since it's completely different from normal OP but I like it in a strange kind of way.
4) Can Zoro look that ravishing at all times please? ^.^ popped collar ftw
Nov 16, 2012 11:30 AM
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Xyik said:
Personally, I hated this movie ...

What happened to Luffy? The determined happy guy that would never give up on his crew? I can't imagine Luffy ever acting like that, I pictured him stubbornly refusing to believe his crew to be that weak. The real Luffy would have said 'I'm going to save my nakama! I believe in them! They're strong!'. Instead, he totally got his ass handed to him and pulled a silent emo act on us. Even if his crew seemed hopelessly lost (wait, how would they happen in the first place? the way they lost was completely unrealistic and it made his crew look like idiot weaklings), he wouldn't have given up so easily.

I don't know, I kind of liked the serious factor but IMO it wasn't done well at all ... the characters did not seem like themselves... I understand the direction this movie was trying to take, but it wasn't One Piece for me. One Piece is about the strong bonds between his crew... what happened to that?

The art was very strange too, I'd even say poorly drawn most of the time. A lot of the silent scenes (no bgm music) didn't work for me either. And I guess it didn't help to watch it with shitty subs at 3 in the morning.


Everyone in the crew, especially Luffy acted so out of character. The animation was weird too, I think it didn't fit One Piece's style. Though this movie itself doesn't fit One Piece's style, so the animation doesn't seem that weird.

If they're gonna change One piece's atmosphere, visual style AND characters' personalities, they should have just made a movie with new characters, and shouldn't have called it One Piece. That way I would give it a high score. But this.. 4/10

Edit: I loved how Zoro called Sanji though. "You Question!" "Are you trying to ask me something, Question?" :))
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Jan 10, 2013 2:33 PM

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For those who say that Luffy and the rest are out of character. Do you know which arc was airing at the moment this movie was made? Right, Water 7. That arc about Usopp and Luffy fighting, Robin disappearing and a huge empty space in the same place where the friendship of the crew formed an apparently unbreakable bond.

Do you think this movie is that different? Come on. Come. On.

The characters are not out of character. If they were, the quarrel between Zoro and Sanji would not have started as their usual silly argument about who's the best. Nami wouldn't have become so angry at Usopp when he called her "traitor". Yes, they are specially sensitive, but this is part of the mood of the movie, isn't it? I assumed that the villain was doing something to make this happen, forcing them to collaborate in a ridiculously competitive game and separating them, both physically and mentally.

I can see perfectly the characters acting this way at some point, and this is the truly terrible point about this movie. I think the series makes us assume so clearly that they have an unbreakable bond that we forget how fragile some of the ties of this bond really are. This movie takes a less idealized view of their friendship, it assumes that there is accumulated tension among them, but this is completely legit and has been done in the series too. Water 7 did this, suddenly the characters took seriously things that the whole series had shown as points of comedy; Luffy being a bad captain or lacking true authority, Usopp being useless in the crew. Is it really any different?

On the other hand, the animation is gorgeous, the drawing style is kind of weird (but I love it), and I honestly don't care if it does or doesn't fit One Piece's style. I still recognize the characters and the concepts as part of the series, so that's enough for me. The darker style and the tragic depiction of the villain are part of a personal reinterpretation, I'll admit this, but as this reinterpretation is deeply grounded in the nature of the series (it has to, as it is purposely different in tone) I can't help but accept it as one of the most impressive acts of love I have ever seen to One Piece.

I still have a few to watch but I can almost safely say that there won't be any other movie like this in One Piece. 10/10
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Jan 10, 2013 2:38 PM

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I didn't score this, i remember that there were some cool parts, but it didn't satisfy me, specially towards the end.
Jul 11, 2013 10:59 AM

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Pretty good movie! But thee's no epic fight in this. But its really dark and disturbing. I feel like vomitting now..shit.
Aug 27, 2013 12:48 AM

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Holy crap What. The. Hell.

I've just spent a day marathoning these older OP movies and the one with the most childish looking box art turns out to the this.
How incredibly misleading. It should be a crime how misleading this is.

Those scenes here where Luffy's in desperation over being without his nakama was déjà vu to the part of the series after the war (episode ~505)

The slightly ironic thing about this is that there's about a 6 year span between these two. Needless to say that I felt the same pain.

Yeah the art is different but actually that makes it more fitting and omg did you guys not see some of those backgrounds especially in the beginning were gorgeous.

Some scenes were highly memorable, like the scenes with the billion arrows, the lumps of flesh on the flower that started morphing into the crew, Luffy stumbling around with his eyes glazed over...just to name a few.

Basically this movie was: creepy/disturbing/a mind-fuck/ highly unsettling/painful/sad (not just sad on Luffy's account but the Baron's as well) that I cried. It freaking made me cry.

For once in my life I am able to say this is NOT One Piece and YES it is One Piece.
While I enjoy all the pretty, modern, canon-ness and hot-blood from Film Z and Strong World, there is also something to be had here.

Amazing experience this is definitely something that I will remember for a long time.
Thank you OP, idk how I will sleep tonight.
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Oct 15, 2013 12:37 PM

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The art sucked and strawhats were out of character,

However... The dark and depressing story was great. Probably some of the darkest stuff in One Piece, if the art and characters were done correctly this movie would have been amazing.
Dec 4, 2013 5:18 PM

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Great movie, Omatsuri was definitely a great villain, i hated him a lot.
Dec 29, 2013 9:35 PM

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I openly admit that when i watched this when i was Younger, This was left in my memory as scariest One Piece Movie ever. When I saw just what Omatsuri's Crew members really were and just what that Flower was doing to Mugiwaras.....I was Hell Scared...

This was Pretty good Movie tough or more likely OK. I think that i change my personal vote 7 or 8, more realistic.
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Mar 15, 2014 10:58 AM

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Xyik said:
Personally, I hated this movie ...

What happened to Luffy? The determined happy guy that would never give up on his crew? I can't imagine Luffy ever acting like that, I pictured him stubbornly refusing to believe his crew to be that weak. The real Luffy would have said 'I'm going to save my nakama! I believe in them! They're strong!'. Instead, he totally got his ass handed to him and pulled a silent emo act on us. Even if his crew seemed hopelessly lost (wait, how would they happen in the first place? the way they lost was completely unrealistic and it made his crew look like idiot weaklings), he wouldn't have given up so easily.

I don't know, I kind of liked the serious factor but IMO it wasn't done well at all ... the characters did not seem like themselves... I understand the direction this movie was trying to take, but it wasn't One Piece for me. One Piece is about the strong bonds between his crew... what happened to that?

The art was very strange too, I'd even say poorly drawn most of the time. A lot of the silent scenes (no bgm music) didn't work for me either. And I guess it didn't help to watch it with shitty subs at 3 in the morning.
Besides the last paragraph this pretty much sums up my thoughts.

And the Baron said chopper will be the first devil fruit user lily has ever eaten but when chopper is about to get eaten it's revealed that lily already ate robin so the baron was wrong.
Mar 21, 2014 9:44 AM

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Beginning was good, the middle and end, not so much.
Mar 21, 2014 11:02 PM

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Now I haven't seen all of the OP movies(This one makes 4) but this one was probably the worst. The art isn't necessarily bad, it was just wildly different from how I'm used to seeing OP so I wasn't fond of it.

The problem for me really comes down to the characters though. While I like that they took this film in a darker direction than normal, it seemed like they had to compromise the crew to do so. They usually bicker with each other but the only time they genuinely get pissed at each other is over big things. What led to Nami and Sanji being so angry at Usopp and Zorro was too petty imo. Then what really annoyed me was the crew getting taken down like a bunch of jobbers. Usopp and Nami are understandable since this is somewhat early in the series but the others not so much.

This movie was pretty meh to me but it had its good points such as not being predictable(like that random pirate dad saving the day) 6/10
Jul 2, 2014 11:01 PM

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Wow, this one kicks ass. Out of the first six, this one definitely trumps the rest, even though I'm fond of the 4th. I loved so much of it. The artstyle, animation, and scenery looked great. Some of those music tracks were pure ear candy. I also liked how colorful things were, and the Straw Hats had some great outfits. The plot was actually interesting and this is the first OP movie villain I've given a damn about. Each Straw Hat was up to something, and nobody felt especially shafted. Things got rather dark, disturbing, and downright freaky at the end, and I loved it.

I assumed the Straw Hats acted out of character because of the Baron's influence. Nami's excessive bitchiness (Even for her) was noted by Usopp, and when Muchigoro asked Nami why she wasn't hanging with her pals, she didn't quite know and said they were acting unusual. Nami and Usopps little fight was actually kind of cute... Anyways, the only big OOC moment I recall was Sanji's hostility to a fellow cook out of nothing but pure jealously.

But yeah, 9/10. Plot could've been better, but that was a time thing.
Sep 19, 2014 3:52 PM

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jpem said:
A lot of unjust hate. It is not a master piece by any means, but it is not the abomination you all make it out to be.I'd rather have something a little different like this than the incredibly averageness that is some of the other movies.

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Nov 12, 2014 10:39 AM

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Oh man, that was a very interesting movie, it was very good aside from a few points.

1. The "Dark" of the art was a good thing and it was very refreshing, BUT the art was also terribly done in a lot of places. The characters more than often had weird shaped heads and the faces looked unnatural a lot of the time. Also the 3D was garbage, i guess it was 2005 though.. anyways i think they should never do 3D unless it really has been polished over a million times and looks great.

2.My biggest complaint here is the characters personalities, and when i say this everyone who's actually watched one piece definitely understands what i mean here. Not ever unless under the influence of some evil force or whatever would the straw hat pirate crew actually get truly be angry at each other for the reasons they were in this movie, it was completely absurd for the writer to even think of them like that, has he ever watched this show before??

Aside from those two points this movie actually had a unique and very interesting plot imo, they should have just taken a different route with it since this one obviously didn't work.
Jan 13, 8:39 PM

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I see what they were going for here, but it didn't quite come off for me. I think it would be better had they run with this concept for at least a 13 episode arc (possibly longer given OP's notoriously slow pacing).

It was a pretty solid concept, and I certainly don't oppose to OP trying something darker. It's just execution that's an issue here. It felt rushed and occasionally unnatural.
Feb 12, 12:57 AM

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If this movie were standalone (i.e. not One Piece), it may have been good. The atmosphere, tension, and drama were carried out well out of context, but in a One Piece context this goes against everything the story stands for: Ambition, conviction, honor, love, adventure, and the meaning of life and death. It's almost opposite to the primary stories themes, actually, which is what frustrates me about this so much. All of One Piece's strengths lie in its overarching story, both plot-wise and theme-wise, and I felt this movie did a very sloppy job of tying certain ideas into a One Piece context. The challenging philosophy has always been external- It has never been a change in the crew's (as a whole) philosophy that leads to problems. This shatters the consistency and carrying narrative of the primary story. It just doesn't fit.

You can't treat the characterization of the crew as something small in One Piece (well, you "can", but I believe it would be remiss to do so): All of the themes behind the story are heavily tied to the crew and their experiences; changing the crew changes the story behind the story. A world where the Strawhat crew fights and falls apart due to petty squabbles and name-calling is not the same world as One Piece. Where One Piece is optimistic and challenges the viewer to be bigger than the world's problems, in this the problems are portrayed as inevitable and overpowering. It strips the crew of their convictions and reduces their ambition to mere selfishness.

Such grand themes are reduced to nothing for what? For psychological drama? For over-the-top metaphors and borderline horror-story theatrics? And what's worse, the movie is given no point in the end. There is no thematic conclusion to the story here. The Strawhats are completely ideologically defeated with no explanation (not even loldrugs) or point made as a consequence.

It was bad; I daresay worse than the majority of the other movies. I would take clichédom over a thematically diametrically opposed story.

tl;dr: Stop screwing around with One Piece, writers.

May 13, 2:21 AM

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This movie was pretty boring throughout. I still have a bad taste in my mouth, regarding Nami. She still haven't apology to Usopp.
Jun 23, 3:39 AM

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I remember watching this movie when I was younger and damm did it creep me out back then

Overall pretty bad, not at all like One Piece
I'm all for seriousness (like during Water7/Enies Lobby) but like many have said the Straw Hats were acting out of character here and it was too dark
Sep 18, 11:38 AM

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Ussop wearing a rasta style/jamaican hat? He never wear his usual head gear at the start of movies. Chopper looked so cute when he was eating that green ball thing.

Artwork is strange. CGI on the fish/jungle etc was poor and didnt fit in well.
Oct 17, 10:49 PM

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This is the only item in my entire list that got a 1 rating, it was excruciating to watch the first time.Gave it a 3 that time. Rewatched it now, changed my rating to a 1
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