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Monster Episode 40 Discussion

Poll: Monster Episode 40 Discussion

04-09-08, 8:17 PM

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Well... there's a new character to introduce in Monster and it's Grimmer, I wonder if his a friend or foe? Overall this episode was good.
04-10-08, 12:41 PM

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I wonder what kind of character Grimmer will turn into. From what we saw he seems to be a good guy, since he was investigating about the orphanage where Johan was. But what I found strange, was that he was able to track Tenma so quickly.

12-03-08, 10:38 PM

Joined: Nov 2008
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I'm pretty sure the scene with the shoeless kid was just so we know Grimmer is a good guy. He doesn't turn off his friendly face when important people stop looking.

Tenma is beating himself up too much about shooting Roberto. It was total self-defense. Nobody blames him.
12-27-08, 6:03 PM

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Grimmer is totally a good guy :|

He gives of a kind of Mushishi vibe...
03-08-09, 8:37 PM

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Tenma's emotional situation is so unstable now...Of course it was self-defense when he shoot Roberto was the first time he shot someone,and killed him.He used to save lives and now he took one.It's only natural to be all messed up...however,he doesn't have the luxury to worry about it,he has a target to focus on as he has decided...
Wow,Prague really is a city like a fairy-tale country...
03-14-09, 5:55 AM

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I like Grimmer, a very resourceful man.
08-12-09, 1:47 PM

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Damn they've slowed the pace right back down again and gone back to the side-stories and characters :(
10-14-09, 1:59 PM

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wasn't this just an useless episode?
02-03-10, 12:12 PM

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Very interesting episode indeed. We are introduced to another character. And it seems that we will stick with him for quite a few episodes. Maybe even until the end. He is highly related to the story.

Grimmer's character is really interesting. He seems to be such a good guy. Helping everyone. Maybe even naive. But he has a really strange aura around him. As if he is evil inside. Although, evil sensation could only be a reflection of his genius. He seemed really smart. I am quite sure that Tenma's and Grimmer's paths will cross again in near future.

Tenma's emotional state so screwed after the incident with Roberto. His inside is all messed up and we can see that it affects his rationalism. His actions seem to be a little less illogical than what we are used to see in Tenma.
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03-01-10, 11:52 PM

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Watching it on Scifi.
Grimmer is such a bro.

Sounds like Patrick Seitz is voicing him.
09-02-10, 2:50 PM

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I guess for all the bad people that Temna attracts, good people also manage to find him.
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11-13-10, 5:49 PM

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grimmer is such an interesting character for the most part he is a reall
good tracker

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05-17-11, 11:57 PM

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02-14-12, 1:42 PM

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arnxx said:
wasn't this just an useless episode?

every second episode in monster is useless

unclesnapple said:
I'm pretty sure the scene with the shoeless kid was just so we know Grimmer is a good guy. He doesn't turn off his friendly face when important people stop looking.

i agere, they purposely introduced him as a great guy
03-04-12, 9:22 PM

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Lol the bag trick worked to help Tenma.
03-15-12, 1:22 PM

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good guy grimmer
09-24-12, 8:16 AM

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man I really though Kinderheim would come up when Tenma and Grimmer were talking, he would have gotten everything he needed to know... Although not sure citing a serial killer as your source for information about child abuse in orphanages is a good idea. Also while I don't think Grimmer is a bad guy, I don't think he is going to be a completely good guy either.
12-18-12, 9:03 AM

Joined: Feb 2012
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Episode was good.

About Episode:

So we have again new character this time young guy named Grimmer. He seems to have same kind of hobby like Gin form Bleach. keeping his eyes closed.

Also funny part was that looks like he is also investigating kinderhaim 511 and also is interested about Tenma that's why he helped him in that train. It was also pretty weird that those guards notices right away that passport is fake with was in Tenma.

So Grimmer is also against Evil and don't like bad people. At least I got that kind of image of him in this episode. He will also I believe to be connected to current plot line. I am pretty sure he learns about Johan while staying in Praha.

I kind of hate Tenma's character now because he don't talk much and is really angry for most of the time. But I guess this can be considered as shock.

Haha that guy in station told lie to Grimmer and he fell for it. There goes his money haha.

Now we finally are going to heard what really happened in Kinderhaim 511 and saw Reinhard Biermann director which is been missing and looks like his been living in Prague quite long time now.

01-29-13, 4:41 AM

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Grimmer is a very interesting character. Also he is researching 511 Kinderhaim so I guess we should learn something new soon.

03-04-13, 6:58 AM

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Pocketasces said:
arnxx said:
wasn't this just an useless episode?

every second episode in monster is useless

Unfortunately I find this to be extremely true. Alot of people seem to like throwing the word "filler" around
03-19-13, 9:01 AM

Joined: Aug 2012
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I wonder on what purposes they created Grimm character?...He's acting good now..but sometime I feel he's creepy deep inside. More important finally russians appeared in this tv series...
04-27-13, 3:05 PM

Joined: Apr 2013
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I wonder if Grimmer is going to be a friend of a foe. But the way he helped the kid shows that he is has a good personality.
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08-20-13, 11:02 AM

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I wonder if Grimmer is really a good guy he acts like he doesn't know but he really knows.
10-19-13, 1:17 AM

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Grimmer seems like a nice guy.

despite being tricked by that scammer, he doesn't mind it for some reason :P

man i'm glad Tenma is being easily identified in the episode. there's not really a lot of Japanese people during this period other than business and foreign interests.

so Grimmer knows the director of 511 Kinderheim ^^

slow episode since we just finished the library incident.

i hope they move forward the plot more!
12-09-13, 12:59 PM

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Hm, I wonder if something grim will happen later on...
12-23-13, 10:23 PM

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Always running into the right people at the right time.
04-29-14, 2:17 PM

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The introduction of yet another fascinating character. I really hope Grimmer gets plenty of attention, it seems like he's going to be an intriguing one.

billng said:
Pocketasces said:
arnxx said:
wasn't this just an useless episode?

every second episode in monster is useless

Unfortunately I find this to be extremely true. Alot of people seem to like throwing the word "filler" around

Given the way this story has been carrying itself, I think both "useless" and "filler" are inaccurate. Slow and careful build ups, character introductions, and plot development is exactly what's making this so addicting and why I've enjoyed nearly every episode so far.
06-04-14, 6:46 PM

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arnxx said:
wasn't this just an useless episode?

what?? am i watching the same show? lol

tenma won't refer to himself as a doctor anymore because he shot someone that would have otherwise killed him? that's self defense. my prediction is by the end tenma's character will develop to where his actions can be twisted and worded to make him the "monster", but unless it somehow turns out that johan is tenma in some form, i won't be satisfied with that conclusion.

i wonder if grimmer's fairy tale comment about prague an the end is foreshadowing a piece of johan's history that took place (in prague) referenced in the picture book. excited to hear about the 511 director
11-19-14, 10:53 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
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I really should watch Monster more often.

Grimmer seems like another potentially fascinating character. He seems to be a good judge of character. Given his comment to Tenma that he can tell the difference between who's really innocent or guilty, I don't think he was scammed in the train station. Beyond that, he seems somewhat pleasant, though there must be some sort of drive for him to be investigating Kinderheim.

Tenma's reaction is pretty realistic, although it was only self-defense. Shooting someone is a traumatic experience; though his guilt may be ill-founded, it's understandable. I just hope, as vibskov above, that the narrative doesn't end up framing Tenma as a monster for his actions. He's done nothing wrong up until now.

It was a very interesting episode.
01-06-15, 8:36 AM

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Very nice episode. Grimmer seems like a cool guy.
02-03-15, 1:26 AM

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Looks like we have a new character! Grimmer seems like an intriguing character. Quite an upbeat guy from what I can tell. I like him so far.

The way Grimmer smiled when he said that his child was dead was slightly creepy. I'm really wondering if Grimmer is able to feel any other emotion besides happiness?

I wonder what kind of role Grimmer will play in the story?

This episode was a nice change of pace. I liked it.

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02-17-15, 2:27 AM

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Grimmer seems to be an interesting character, definitely has sharp eyes.
03-31-15, 7:03 AM

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Nice episode, had dat SoL feeling into it.

Grimmer looks nice.

That director's face at the end lel.