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Jun 11, 2013 6:38 AM

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Kagura and Okita.
Nov 2, 2013 6:55 AM

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supernova20 said:

Same here. Although I like Otae x Gintoki/Kyubei too. Judging by the posts here, Tsukuyo x Gintoki is very popular though. Why do people like her so much? I think she's the worst females in Gintama together with Ketsuno Ana.

lol, to me she's the best female char in gintama, i mean she's been through hell and from the cast developed the most and had the most romantic interaction with gintoki..
i like kyubei/gintoki, but not gintae, to me, she's part of his family, like kagura and shinpachi.
about sacchan: athough i like her ,her interactions with gintoki are solely comedic, she isn't that much of a candidate
Jan 24, 10:22 PM

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I have some couples I like but unfortunately some of those women aren't badass but well... XD

Gintoki x Tsukuyo - her first fighting against Gin in Yoshiwara arc was too funny with that I-didn't-get-stabbed-ya-know!-issue XD
Gintoki x Tae - she took care of him during Benizakura arc and she fell love in him during memory loss arc
Sougo x Kagura - love them arguing each other and they are cute
Katsura x Ikumatsu - too bad we can't see them together a lot :(
Toushiro x Mitsuba - they do love each other but Toushiro reject her because he thinks he can't make her happy and unfortunately she dies :(
Isao x Tae - it's hilarious to watch
Sep 30, 10:18 AM

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Tsukuyo or Tae x Gintoki

Kagura x Sougo also works for me.