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Who is/are your least favorite character(s) in One Piece?

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03-17-10, 5:17 AM

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Hi everybody,

I know their is already a similair topic about who your favorite character is in One Piece, but what i am also curious about is wich character(s) you like the least.

I myself would have to say that i don't like Admiral Akainu and i hate arrogant and corrupt characters like that Captain Nezumi from the Arlong Arc., Bellamy and his crew and the Tenryuubito.

06-06-10, 5:49 PM

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Enel... took a lot to get thru that arc lol
06-06-10, 11:05 PM

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Mikim said:
Enel... took a lot to get thru that arc lol

haha, yeah Enel was a real snob as well :), it was fun to see Luffy beat him.
08-01-10, 10:30 AM

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I hate hate hate the Celestial Dragons. D:<
They think they're all high and mighty. And what I hate most is they're into slaves. >:O
09-15-10, 3:25 PM

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SPANDAM! So glad when robin broke his back...
09-19-10, 7:16 PM

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Me too.. I hated spanam so much, he is so annoying. I had to skip through all the parts he stands there laughing like a mad man.
10-30-11, 6:15 AM

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I hate Admiral Akainu. Why? Because he kills my favourite character and I'll never him forget this.
Additionaly, Spandam and Moria are very stupid heroes. I think that their brains are similiar to little rock :D
11-11-11, 10:42 AM

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i hate franky the most as well as usopp
12-24-12, 8:08 AM

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my least fav. would be shepherd from that filler g8 and my hatest is akainu
what i really hate about him is that not only did he kill ace :< but i guess it was for the best bec. it triggered the part of the storyline for the strawhats to get stronger in preparation for their voyage in ther new world but still i miss ace!!!
01-18-13, 6:05 AM

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10-24-14, 9:39 AM

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from luffys crew -- franky
totally I guess trebol --disgusting fella