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View Poll Results: Hachimitsu to Clover Episode 2 Discussion
5 out of 5: Loved it!
27 44.26%
4 out of 5: Liked it
21 34.43%
3 out of 5: It was OK
11 18.03%
2 out of 5: Disliked it
2 3.28%
1 out of 5: Hated it
Voters: 61

03-24-11, 8:09 AM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 161
This series starting to grow on me. It has some subtle charm and eccentricity that's fine with me.
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03-30-11, 3:28 PM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 2848
Hagu's reaction to getting those sandals was funny as fuck
07-14-11, 3:01 AM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 380
Oh Morita.
09-25-11, 5:44 AM

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 184
I'm probably being too harsh, but I hate Hagu as a character. Not only does she look like a 6 year old, she acts like one. I'm supposed to believe she's in college and a love interest to these guys? FFS.
09-25-11, 6:11 AM

Joined: Jan 2011
Posts: 139

When people look like a 6 yo, they get treated like one so much - they fit the mould. Happens in real life too.
11-05-11, 1:10 AM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 328
2Deeh said:
I'm probably being too harsh, but I hate Hagu as a character. Not only does she look like a 6 year old, she acts like one. I'm supposed to believe she's in college and a love interest to these guys? FFS.

One of my close friends looks like she's still in elementary school, and she's 22 and nearly has her degree. So it does happen. And she acts like a 10 year old when she's hyper, although that's usually at about 2:00 in the morning and we've all had to much chocolate... Anyway, it's not as unlikely as you may think.

Really starting to like this anime. Looking forward to more episodes!

12-30-11, 12:04 AM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 11983
I enjoyed this episode much more than the first one. I just have one problem with this Anime overall. I just can't get the fact that she is 18 out of my head... it is too weird... (this is coming from a huge loli fan) -o-
12-30-11, 10:12 AM

Joined: May 2010
Posts: 2370
Now, that's a lot better than the first episode. I find Hagu to be likeable at all. :)

And the characters don't seem shallow as it looks like.

LOL @ the fairy website. XD
04-13-12, 12:47 PM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 44
ukonkivi said:
Oh my God, it's like Rebecca Miyamoto all over again!

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who thought that!
05-16-12, 3:25 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 49915
Cute interactions between Ayumi Yamada and Hagu this episode ^_^
06-10-12, 10:06 PM

Joined: Oct 2008
Posts: 4970
Hagu is so cute! XD But she doesn't seem like an 18-year old at all. Takemoto obviously likes her. I wonder if Morita does too. And I'm amazed at how talented she is.
07-12-12, 11:33 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 543
hagu is so fucking annoying it's criminal. she prefers making stupid noises over forming words. and if i saw somebody hiding behind a curtain i'd think they were mentally deficient. i was waiting for her to thank morita but it never came.

morita, on the other hand, is quirky and awesome as well as mysterious. mayata is cool too. takemoto is too chirpy for me.
09-19-12, 4:16 PM

Joined: Oct 2011
Posts: 976
This an a awesome slice of life :D
09-23-12, 3:09 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 2079
Hagu is like a house animal! She never talks ever and just goes ughuuu, yada! I really want the drama to come already. Nothings really happening! T_T

"I like to expose what people hide. I'm an intellectual rapist." - Furudo Erika
11-17-12, 5:33 AM

Joined: May 2012
Posts: 13188
Another great episode, really nice follow up on the second episode and with just some nice and funny moments!

Really like it so far!
03-12-13, 11:08 PM

Joined: Jan 2013
Posts: 6138
Ehh, something about this annoys me.
Perhaps it's that I don't find it funny.
Or like the characters much yet.
04-03-13, 6:35 PM

Joined: Jul 2007
Posts: 291
czerah said:
Hagu doesn't seem like an 18-year old at all.

That's the way I felt until we saw her chatting it up with Yamada around 15min through. My guess is that she doesn't speak up or mellow out around people unless they're talking or doing stuff with art or at least pottery. She must've been real content being with just family and doing her art for most of her life up until now.

Her voice is actually really loud and obnoxious though. >_<
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ぼく は ラムボ!
ぼく は だれ だい?
きみ は ラムボ!
ラムボ なんでし!
05-18-13, 9:33 AM

Joined: Jan 2013
Posts: 649
The banter with the homepage I kinda just found weird. Also when that old teacher saw Hagu's statue that she made. I know it was supposed to be funny but it just made me cringe.

So there's some mystery behind the suit guy (forgot his name lol) introducing Hagu and him asking someone in his head if he did the right thing. Also Morita's job is suspicious so I'm sure there will be more on that.

Enjoying the development so far. I guess it's gonna take me a little longer to get used to the art.
-What do you mean life doesn't work like my Chinese cartoons!?
08-09-13, 9:55 PM

Joined: Mar 2013
Posts: 70
I liked this episode, hagu is a little annoying tho and doesnt really say much
09-17-13, 3:00 PM

Joined: Jun 2013
Posts: 744
Im loving this anime so far!
Also, Haru is SO ADORABLE! :D :)
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