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Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 8 Discussion

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Poll: Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 8 Discussion

03-28-12, 3:09 AM

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Hysterica looked good at the end.
01-26-13, 6:00 PM

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Great episode, we're a month in the future where the last episode stopped and we're having new enemies and new adventures, this anime keeps amazing me how they can develop a story this amazing in such a short time! Great start of another arc lets see what it can bring us in the end!

The new ED rules as well!
10-18-13, 2:19 PM

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How ironic, the one who loathe vampires became a vampire herself, and couldn't even control her own lust..

I love Akira's loyalty to Mina ^^ Mina's 8(?) guards are quite badass, love them already XD

DNF said:
D4rk1ch1g0 said:
Edit : I think i have recognized Rie Kugimiya as Hysterica's voice but i don't think her voice fit the character well because she is so much "evil" whereas Rie Kugimiya is the tsundere queen <3

Actually from the acting alone this was the best performance I heard of Kugyu for a while. Her character is horribly ugly though ><

Holy, I totally didn't notice, despite being a fan of KugiRie, that's one nice voice acting aside from her usual tsundere role ^^ Agree that the character she voiced was incredibly ugly. I could careless about her..
Ayase Yue said:
You idiot! When someone with an incompatible ideology or belief resorts to the usage of power against us, there is already no longer any room left for things such as discussion. It is basic to respond to power with either the same usage of power, or negotiation with power as a support. That certainly is the truth of this world. But I don't think worrying is a bad thing either, because the moment you believe yourself to be correct, all your circuits become shut. At the very least, I do not think you are wrong, Negi-sensei.
01-23-15, 3:48 PM

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And here comes Nanami the bitch shotacon.
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