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View Poll Results: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 42 Discussion
5 out of 5: Loved it!
141 73.06%
4 out of 5: Liked it
47 24.35%
3 out of 5: It was OK
4 2.07%
2 out of 5: Disliked it
1 out of 5: Hated it
1 0.52%
Voters: 193

02-01-10, 6:36 PM

Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 345
i was wondering if i should watch, i loved full metal alchemist
02-01-10, 7:02 PM
Anime Moderator
Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 5440
This was such a great episode, Hohenheim is so cool~

PauloDDD said:
I HATE Kimblee! >O
Same here. I seriously can't stand the guy >_>
02-01-10, 7:16 PM
Forum Moderator
Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 9342
powerscody said:
i was wondering if i should watch, i loved full metal alchemist

This is much better then that, I would say give it a try. It truly is wonderful.
But don't drop it before you get to new material.
02-01-10, 8:12 PM

Joined: Apr 2009
Posts: 251
I'm loving it! Fight at Briggs!!!!!!!!!!!!
02-01-10, 8:17 PM

Joined: May 2008
Posts: 4291
ArcticMech said:
Hohenheim talking trash to Pride was fun to watch.

The stage is set and the anticipation is high.
The Fight in the next couple of
episodes are going to be good. I am Really looking forward to this fight.
02-01-10, 8:42 PM
Manga Moderator
Joined: Jul 2008
Posts: 5061
HawthorneKitty said:
It's finally hit me how powerful the government is if it can wage war on multiple fronts...
Yeah, I think either the southern or western border (or possibly both?) have been at war for years and years.
02-01-10, 9:10 PM

Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 2090
Looking forward to the fight at Briggs! I can't decide if I like or hate Kimblee.

Oh, and Hohenheim. <333
02-01-10, 10:01 PM
Anime Moderator
Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 3230
adamantine said:
Nice seeing an emotionally stable Rose.
I definitely agree. It's going to be interesting to see how she's going to play a part in this version of fma.

EternalDreamer said:
Sloth must have one hell of an inner compass though, that country wide tunnel didn't flaw with a single centimetre xD
lol I thought the same thing.

Ugh I can't belive Zampano did that. Well, actually I can, but I just hate the fact that he did >:(
02-02-10, 4:23 AM

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 196
Decent ep. Would like to see Ed return in the next episode. Not that excited about battle of Briggs, but looking forward to seeing the results of Zampano's phone call and the subsequent encounter with Marco's group
02-02-10, 12:36 PM

Joined: Nov 2008
Posts: 370
ragnaroks said:
Fuck you Zampano. Knew it would happen sooner or later, sigh.

I lol'd.

The OP is really starting to grow on me even though I was disappointed in it at first.

Oh and awesome ep as always:D
02-02-10, 1:01 PM

Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 148
good episode seems that it's going to be amazing.. xD
02-02-10, 2:04 PM

Joined: Aug 2008
Posts: 3883
Nice to finally see that Pride has a weakness. It doesn't get much creepier than Pride. And it looks like my fav Homonculus will be back in action next week. Yay Envy! I see some murder coming up.

02-02-10, 2:24 PM

Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 417
Every episode of this season is so full of win! =D
02-02-10, 4:03 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 538
So Pride does has limit to where his shadow power can reach,very interesting inded. I also amused when Hohenheim talking nasty to Pride & Pride clenching his teeth.Nice to see Envy after absence for a couple of episode,so does Fuery & other Mustang old members ^_^
Looking forward to Envy encounter with Marcoh groups.
02-02-10, 4:29 PM

Joined: Feb 2009
Posts: 1339
So the battle for Helm's Deep begins... F*CK YEAH!

Also Hohenheim seems much more likable and badass when he gets out of his emo state.
02-02-10, 5:56 PM

Joined: May 2007
Posts: 3053
That last shot of Kimblee was epic yet creepy as hell.
It was interesting to hear Van talk about the seven deadly sins.

02-02-10, 10:30 PM

Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 36
Ah man, Kimblee is such an ass... But he's brilliant, so I can't completely hate him.

I loved Hohenheim in this episode--he's definitely growing on me. I'm glad he has a bigger part in this series.

Also, Envy's voice actress is one of my favorite seiyuu... I just wanna shout "MOERU MOERU" when I hear him talk. I'm getting Dilandau flashbacks, lulz.
02-03-10, 12:02 AM

Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 1298
Hohenheim when he's hungry. xD Next episode is gonna be great.

02-03-10, 1:42 AM

Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 3647
Lol they discovered something new and everyone forget about piecing Al back together. Hohenheim was awesome. This episode was awesome. Awesome enough for me not to notice Ed wasn't in it. Pride's one creepy hikikomori. Nice to see him getting pissed by Hohenheim. Dunno but seeing Scar gone oh so soft makes me feel down. At least Envy's back.
02-03-10, 5:02 AM

Joined: May 2008
Posts: 1714
Too few comments thus far? Very great episode indeed.
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