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What's going on with Yuzuki-chan?

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01-15-10, 1:13 PM

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She actually has another boyfriend ? (I don't believe it for sure ^^)
She is in big trouble ? Arranged marriage, or something else ?

Why is she doing it to Haruto? She wants Haruto to go out with Kanzaki ? (I don't think so) She doesn't want Haruto to worry about her one more time ? Maybe she really doesn't have any other choice ?

That's the topic to give your opinion on this highly controversial question ! =)
03-17-10, 5:23 AM

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I feel like there's some signs between haruto and asuka
I think maybe they'll get 2gather
04-08-10, 7:07 AM

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They practically take place in the same time as suzuka. Close. Since there were references.
07-03-13, 8:16 AM

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Actually, I believe that it starts almost exactly at the end of Suzuka, since there are scenes where Fu-chan is a very small toddler, similar to the age she is in the extra chapter in Suzuka 2 that occur in the class trip to Tokyo arc, which is about a year and a half into the story and an 18 month old would be about the size that Fu is in those panels. So, in a way, it is a continuation of the Suzuka universe story with a new set of characters.