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The Most Awesome - I Love/Hate it !

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12-25-09, 11:18 AM

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Write below immediately what should be added/related to our club or should be removed from our awesome club Don't Be Shy ! It's for You ! Write what bother You.

Arigato and Gambatte !
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04-03-10, 1:03 PM

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Mamoru Hijikata - Until Death Do Us Part - manga
Mikoto Shinozaki - Over Drive - anime
Celty "The Headless Rider" - Durarara!! - anime

I know I can add these myself, but I wanted to post something since it's been so long and also put the first post for this thread.

MaQu: I've added them. Good Job, Zarrocc-chan.

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04-14-10, 12:16 PM

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Bean "Roadbuster" Bandit from riding bean. i think this dude awesome )

Though the anime isn't extremely popular, I have added him because the character description on him is awesome and fits the profile of characters we are looking for. Thanks for the recommendation!
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04-25-10, 7:57 PM

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yami no matsuei

MaQu: Interesting - i've never heard about this anime, i'll check this anime and i let you know what next ;]
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05-15-10, 11:10 AM

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D from Vampire Hunter D.

MaQu: Updated.
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06-14-10, 8:27 PM

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I don't think MxO should be there, I mean it's pretty good but it was cut short wasn't it? plus from the volumes I've read it's not really on the same level as Berserk. On the other hand I think the FMA manga should be added to the top manga, it is my favorite of all time!!

MaQu: FMA was added. About MxO i'll rethink, i have to read a few chapters xD
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08-12-10, 10:27 AM

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I think Ed from cowboy bebop should be added to the characters. She's definately awesome.

MaQu: Updated - thx.
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12-02-10, 3:46 PM

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Issac and Miria from Baccano. No two people are more awesome then them.

Sorry it took like what, 3 years? But I got them on there, I'll, well no promises, try to be more active... probably not XD
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07-03-12, 3:43 PM

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Anime - Steins;Gate
Character - C.C. (Code Geass)

Ta Da! done! We already had C.C. on there because it was so obvious that she is awesome, but Steins;Gate is newer and I haven't hardly been active as of.. these last few years. ~_~
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