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Bamboo Blade Episode 19 Discussion

Poll: Bamboo Blade Episode 19 Discussion

02-26-08, 10:36 AM

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This episode was awesome, Engrish ftw.

I couldn't help but make a rip for it.

02-26-08, 3:38 PM
DB Administrator
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"Miya-miya for-eva!" xD

Very nice episode, though they always make Americans look pretty weird. Next episode will have plenty of Tama and I can't wait til my torrent finishes.
02-27-08, 4:23 AM

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it was a ok episode, i was happy to see some miya miya show time at least. The horrible attempt at english characters speaking english annoys me a little, its ok to have a accent but get your translators to make correct sentances at least
02-27-08, 6:11 AM

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Damn! I'm loving Dankun much more and more now xD his english skillz is <3 hahahaha
02-28-08, 12:20 PM

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Dan-kun is a pimp! xD

02-29-08, 5:31 PM

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Two swords o_0
02-29-08, 11:29 PM

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mickal555 said:

Two swords o_0

Yea check out youtube/google for 'nito kendo', there is an American male 4dan nito kendo practitioner and he's fun to watch. Can't remember his name off the top of my head though.
03-04-08, 10:28 AM

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I luved the instructor's and Yuuji's exprussions after wut Dan-kun said, lol xD
03-05-08, 11:13 PM

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Dan the player strikes again. Miya needs to stop losing =(
04-05-08, 5:42 PM

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It was a pretty weak excuse for a fight but it turned out very funny nonetheless. Dan is quite the ladies man. It sucks that Miya Miya lost yet again but things look up now that she's finally asking honestly for help in improving her kendo. I hope to see her win at least one fight before this series wraps up.

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05-03-08, 3:27 AM

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lowell said:
"Sorry, guys... but my charm has flowed overseas."


That part made me laugh so much xD
maxcherry715 said:
Her dad's reaction to her and Yuji talking on the phone was priceless.

Yeah. I wish her father had more screen time, since I love all the kinds of reactions he makes =P

06-13-08, 8:07 PM

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mickal555 said:

Two swords o_0
Yeah, it's common than you think and it isn't as difficult to counter as they make it seem. But then again, they make even simple, basic moves look difficult. Also, I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of "Japanese audience!".
06-26-08, 11:33 PM

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*rolling on floor laughing* ahahahaha...haaa.... Their English... *laughs* is so bad xDDDD

and lol Dan-kun is so popular >.<

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09-22-08, 1:13 AM

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Lol, Dan's charm transcends across the entire planet. Hopefully Miya-Miya will be able to come away with a win soon.
07-25-09, 9:02 PM

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ENGRISH forever! I can never get enough!

Poor Dan, we finally learn his secret >_>

08-02-09, 11:20 PM

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Ahhh so that's the meaning of the title haha

Miya-miya is really great with her evil aura

Live well - Laugh often - and Love much

08-10-09, 3:10 AM

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Its funny how they view gaijins... just look at that blonde sensei and the main lead sensei, in what way do they look japanese?

the gaijin looked like a dwarf female from WoW.
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12-02-09, 9:26 PM

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Friendlysoul said:

Next time Zoro from one piece shows up with his santoryo style!!! (3 sword)
I was also thinking that Zoro should appear.

lowell said:

"Sorry, guys... but my charm has flowed overseas."
02-10-11, 5:09 AM

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I LOL'd so hard, this episode was ridiculously funny!
12-02-12, 1:49 AM

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Damn that engrish. Didn't like this episode very much.
02-26-14, 4:26 AM

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"Sorry guys but my charm has flowed overseas."

"My lover is only one...Miyamiya forever!"

Dan-kun...Dan-kun...what a man.
"May those who accept their fate be granted happiness."

"May those who defy their fate be granted glory."
08-26-14, 11:46 AM

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Lol this episode, those two girls sure have some unique tastes :p