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11-11-09, 12:42 PM

Joined: Sep 2009
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Nominate the Black Cat characters that u wanna take part in the league.
Each character nominated even once will take part in the league.
Each member can nominate from 1 up to 7 characters.
Nominations r on till November 22
You can nominate as long as this thread ain't closed
Modified by nathan85fc, 11-23-09, 7:53 AM
Kojinteki na arashi wa dare ka no
biorhythm nokkate!
11-12-09, 9:51 AM

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Train Heartnet
Creed Diskenth
Sven Vollfied
Charden Flamberg
Jenos Hazard
River Zastory
Belze Rochefort

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11-27-09, 2:51 PM

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Leon Elliott
11-29-09, 11:27 PM

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Sven Vollfied
Train Heartnet
Keving McDougal

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