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Poll: Kimagure Orange Road Episode 48 Discussion

10-23-09, 11:03 AM

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So, it's over. I thought the last 2 episodes were probably the best KOR episodes in awhile, focusing on purely on Madoka and Kyosuke. Hikaru was sort of pushed to the wayside for these last few episodes, which I think is a good thing. Did anyone actually believe she stood a chance? Anyway, I was happy with the ending.

I give this series a 7/10, because of the fillers that made up a large part of the second half.
09-01-10, 3:58 AM

Joined: Nov 2008
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Ends the series onto the Movies ...^.^
I felt the last few episodes of Kimagure Orange Road where the best of the series...xD
09-17-10, 5:20 PM

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It wasn't a bad final episode, but the parallel universe nonsense wasn't required and took up the majority of the 20 or so minutes. The end of the love triangle got left to the first movie, and the kiss didn't get shown; only Madoka standing on her toes and a shot from the distance. Episode 47 satisfied me much more.

Overall, viewed as a lighthearted, feel good rom-com, it was great. Practically all of the episodes could be described as filler since sod all advanced from the start, and even the ending didn't conclude the story. But, ignoring some seriously dodgy episodes in the 40's, the series was so entertaining, heart-warming and, at times, cute that I didn't mind a great deal about the lack of progression. Every once in awhile, it's good to be able to watch a story with romance and NOT get stressed over who ends up with whom.

If you put the series under the microscope and view it more objectively, KOR does have a number of nasty flaws, though. The first is that Hikaru's a plot device, rather than a believable character - there only to keep the story going until the end of time, or cancellation. The second is the way Kyosuke ONLY ever cared about and wanted Madoka, yet, when prompted, expressed how he couldn't decide between a childishly retarded stalker and his love - and, again, this was done to keep the story going.

Ignoring the more obvious issues, I'd say Madoka's background was also bothersome. In the manga, the story went on for four years - from the final year of junior high to the end of high school. However, the anime squashed everything into one year, and I think this had a negative impact on Madoka's characterization. She changed from a smoking, drinking, biker gang chick, with a bad rep, to being friendly, pure, and all the rest. And she also went from blanking Kyosuke in public completely to there being no issue. I can't say for sure if the same unnatural transition occurs in the manga, but I certainly noticed it in the anime.

Would a problematic teenager suddenly change because some goody-goody idiot happened to helpfully inform her smoking is bad for you? Is it even possible for a partying, delinquent girl to actually be sweet and loving girl; yet to be tainted? How the heck did she get so strong? What was with her slutty reputation (guy walking out of a club comment)? Etc, etc.

The mystery behind her character was never dealt with, and that left her seeming completely fake. Lovable and hot in the same kind of jealous/angry-faced way as Kyoko from Maison Ikkoku, but impossible to view as a realistic character.

...Anyway, time for me to watch the final OVA episode before hitting the hay. Then, tomorrow, the movies. Would it be hoping for too much if I said I wanted to see more of Madoka than Hikaru, now that I'm nearly done with the anime?
03-30-11, 1:03 AM

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good last episode :)
07-01-11, 3:47 AM

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It has a lot of problems (some of which were pointed out by AironicallyHuman), but regardless what they were I still found the series entertaining.

My viewing of anime generally falls under one of two categories: those that I watch intently, and those I watch casually. KOR mostly belongs to the latter. It was simple: mostly comedic characters, silly and sometimes random episode premises, and sometimes some drama. That said, I enjoyed comedic episodes and generally disliked the dramatic ones.

If this series had been made in the last decade, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. For some reason however, 80s romantic comedies have a certain charm I can't help but be attracted to.

Overall, I rated this series 7/10.
03-05-12, 4:35 PM

Joined: Dec 2010
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Very nice last two episodes. More similar episodes and this show could have scored 8-9/10 .

I'm glad to see they actully used brain little bit in matter of influencing past that wasn't actually seen as change in present.
(Many time travel movies got character relazing that present changed but that would make no sense as charater made change in past thus he had had to live in changed world before timetravel so he wouldn't have seen that change, glad they did it right in here :-) )

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BTW: Do I miss any worthwhile anime-romance from guy's point of view in MAL? Let me know without hesitation :)

05-18-12, 12:58 PM

Joined: May 2010
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AironicallyHuman said:
It wasn't a bad final episode, but the parallel universe nonsense wasn't required and took up the majority of the 20 or so minutes.

Lol yeah I have no idea why that happened or how that contributed to the story in anyway. Is it just to show us that they'll fall in love regardless or where they are?
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01-10-13, 3:12 PM

Joined: Feb 2010
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Dat end. Loved it.
08-28-13, 5:31 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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Overall this wasn't that great for me but had it's charm and heartwarming moments. The 1st ending and 2nd opening theme were awesome and made me crave 80's j-pop.
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