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Macross Episode 21 Discussion

Poll: Macross Episode 21 Discussion

10-05-09, 2:44 PM

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Character development episode, and a pretty good one, I'm glad we get to see more on Hikaru and Hayase, Hayase is definetely more interesting than Minmay.
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10-06-09, 9:26 AM

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Lol, wtf Minmay. You're kissing your cousin! Nasty.
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12-05-09, 11:32 AM

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Beatnik said:
Lol, wtf Minmay. You're kissing your cousin! Nasty.
Its a movie, they aren't cousins there...
07-31-10, 8:09 AM

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Beatnik said:
Lol, wtf Minmay. You're kissing your cousin! Nasty.

I agree xD
10-17-10, 9:11 AM

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Hayase and Hikaru!
It was such a contrast to that time Hikaru got trapped with Minmei, even the situation being less dramatic-Hikaru trying to be the man to support and comfort Minmei, Minmei whining and being useless. Between Hayase and Hikaru, they try to blame each other then settle for waiting it out like calm, reasonable people, poke at each others' weaknesses, and comfort each other in mutual understanding. Being around Hayase even makes Hikaru more mature, reflecting on himself as she's prone to doing.

These two have reached 'NEEDS TO HAPPEN' status.
02-14-11, 9:54 AM

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Yes Hayase is waaaaay more interesting than Minmay. It needs to happen, although I'm sure they will find some way to get him back to Minmay.
04-12-11, 6:11 PM

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Beatnik said:
Lol, wtf Minmay. You're kissing your cousin! Nasty.

Elfen Lied
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05-05-11, 8:40 PM

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Great episode, I've always found Hayase more interesting than Minmay as well. I mean, in many ways she is one of the most mature acting characters in the series and senerikfred pretty much described it best. Not that I dislike Minmay, it's just she's very immature when compared to Hayase. Also, the bond seems to be stronger between Hikaru and the latter. He doesn't feel as pressure imo and I think that's a definite good thing.
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05-17-11, 9:17 PM

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The former alien spies were lying to their teeth. XD I wonder if things would have turned out to be different if he was sitting on the reserved VIP seat Minmay got for him?
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06-08-11, 1:57 AM

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Hayase and Hikaru look so good together. Damn, I wish the attack would have last longer~
06-22-11, 2:16 PM

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The "death beam" was priceless. Those spies always manage to crack me up, loved this episode.
11-24-11, 2:11 PM

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burntlettuce said:
The "death beam" was priceless. Those spies always manage to crack me up, loved this episode.

lol agreed the spies make this series so much better
08-03-12, 8:44 PM

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Hah hah, watching the aliens freak out over kung fu special effects, best laugh I've had in a while! And though I actually like Lynn, Hayase is definitely more mature and nuanced.
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11-01-12, 2:22 PM

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The Zentraedi sometimes really are like gullible children. Their reaction to the film was priceless.
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05-25-13, 11:57 PM

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A night at the movies! ^^ Not realy.
Kaifun =_=
Hah, Hikaru is so enthusiastic he misses Minmay.
Aliens watching the movie too! And that pilot woman, I'd like to see her confront Kaifun :) Max noticed the Zentradi woman :] Looks like another (awesome) love triangle in the making *chuckles*
I love when they insert sneesing of person discussed :D

Poor Shami. But she picked it up fast.

So many Misa moments :3 I have nothing against Minmay but obviously I like Misa in essense much more. I still think Hikaru and Minmay are better pair, and Misa's interest in Kaifun is doomed (he is not that Raiber after all) Generaly she is as much down as Minmay is cheerful. She needs a serious romance, not an affair but as of now, they have a thing with Hikaru, I doubt it won't be short lived, more likely untill the Kaifun situation is resolved.
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08-11-13, 4:50 PM

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The plot is getting pretty interesting now. Macross forced to leave Earth and Zentraedi forces becoming miclones (humans) just so they can get on Macross.

And Milia is alive! She was gone for a few episodes I thought she might really be dead. Looking forward to more of her saucy piloting skills ;D
10-12-13, 11:53 PM

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Confucius said:
Beatnik said:
Lol, wtf Minmay. You're kissing your cousin! Nasty.

Elfen Lied

For God's sake people, I thought it was common knowledge that cousin marriage is not taboo in Japan at all. Hell, the goddamned Prime Minister Kan married his first cousin for Heaven's sake! How can you watch anime and not bother to research even a little about the culture you are witnessing?

Also, I don't know why you are all so surprised at this. Even in the US is completely legal to marry your first cousin in some states (California for example) so it's not like it's some kind of unheard thing at all.
03-31-14, 7:01 PM
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Completely legal in most states, all provinces, and just about every jurisdiction in the world. This is the typical reaction in forums whenever a potential romance is shown between cousins, non-blood-related siblings, couples where one is older than the other (particularly when it is the female), and other non-standard relationships.

No surprise that Minmay and Hikaru seem to be moving in opposite directions. Their careers are really taking divergent paths, and without a lot of interaction there isn't much that will keep them together in the long run. That hand grabbing by Misa pretty well seals the deal on a possible relationship with Hikaru. That makes it two long heartfelt talks, and two kisses (plus the almost kiss of this episode), looks to me like Misa has an insurmountable lead.
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11-08-14, 11:22 AM

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Well she sure bounced back quickly didn't she?
Gotta love these inconsistencies and bad writing this series presents each episodes.

01-26-15, 4:27 AM

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amateur said:
Well she sure bounced back quickly didn't she?
Gotta love these inconsistencies and bad writing this series presents each episodes.
I don't think it's really an inconsistency, it's probably just her way of dealing with loss.
02-17-15, 2:50 PM

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Oh Britai! You're so silly!