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06-18-10, 2:30 PM

Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 212
I love her as Nagisa Furukawa and Rena Ryuuguu^^
10-02-10, 6:03 AM

Joined: May 2010
Posts: 2624
Rena and Felli loss

04-12-11, 3:09 AM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 787
Rena Ryuuguu.
I'm serious, she is the reason I like Mai (even though she is not on my top 7, sorry ^ ^)
I like her "USO DA!" and "Omochikaeri~"
Also Rena's demonic laugh XD

Nagisa is second, but is WAY too far to be a second XD.

dango, dango, dango, dango daikazoku ~ <3
07-06-11, 1:37 AM

Joined: Jul 2010
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I love her as Nagisa and Juvia
07-31-11, 5:09 AM

Joined: Apr 2011
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I've heard her as Furukawa Nagisa for the first time and still think she was impossibly great. And right after Clannad I began watching Higurashi and was shocked with the difference between cute, warm-heart Nagisa and yandere Rena. However, I love both.
08-13-11, 10:28 PM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 454
Nagisa Furukawa and Rena Ryuguu.
09-22-11, 4:56 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 381
She has so much range, it's really hard to tell. She does great as Rena, creating an unbelievable difference between her moe- and scary-moments. And of course both of her Nagisas (Clannad and Strawberry Panic) are gret, but the roles I like her most in Zakuro from Otome Youkai Zakuro and Selnia from Ladies vs. Butlers. Like I posted on her profile: her tsun-mode outbeats Rie Kugimiya's by far, at least for me.
Hope she returns from hiatus, soon.
Modified by Sury, 09-26-11, 12:58 AM
09-23-11, 10:53 AM
DB Administrator
Joined: Jan 2007
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I guess you mean hiatus but yes, you're absolutely right. Thanks for posting!
09-26-11, 12:59 AM

Joined: Sep 2011
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You're right, of course. I corrected that error. Thanks for the hint.
07-02-12, 6:51 PM

Joined: May 2011
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04-02-13, 2:42 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 381
Watashi was another amazing role of hers.
05-06-13, 12:33 PM

Joined: Apr 2012
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Furukawa Nagisa from Clannad and Teana Lanster from Nanoha StrikerS
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