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5 out of 5: Loved it!
428 73.54%
4 out of 5: Liked it
93 15.98%
3 out of 5: It was OK
33 5.67%
2 out of 5: Disliked it
16 2.75%
1 out of 5: Hated it
12 2.06%
Voters: 582

08-06-11, 10:04 PM

Joined: Mar 2011
Posts: 143
Veronin said:
Eh, it was decent. Kind of disappointing though from all the people recommending it. I was expecting more, but it's not like it was bad or anything.


Yeah I remember being all hyped about watching this due to all the acclaim. I ended up being thoroughly disappointed. >:(

It was too... corny for me, for lack of a better word.
08-11-11, 6:45 PM

Joined: Jan 2011
Posts: 715
It was cool, i think i gave it an 8/10?
Just makes me think "if" facebook will be like Oz.
08-28-11, 1:23 AM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 16
Loved it. Didn't betray my expectation. Watching Summer Wars in Summer was very good decision, I guess. ^^ Very memorable. So many things to discuss, but I'll let them be in my blog post.
08-29-11, 10:46 AM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 31
One of my favorite ))

Kenji's squirrel avatar is funny :D
09-05-11, 3:11 AM

Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 2601
AHHHH!!! 10/10 I LOVED IT!!!!

This was such a cool movie!

If you think about it, the whole Oz thing looks kinda fun! xD


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09-08-11, 8:18 AM

Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 183
It wasn't a bad movie, but a tad overhyped in my opinion. My expectations were way too high because of all the acclaim.
Natsuki's voice was a bit weird and it took me some time before I got used to it. Also, why didn't they just shut down OZ's servers? If an AI is going on a rampage in OZ, they should've just shut everything down and that satellite would never have been a danger to anyone. Where were all the game's admins? And wasn't that AI programmed to just gather knowledge in the first place?

I can't choose between 8 or 9 for this anime, but since this could be because of the disappointment, I think I'll put 8 for this first watch and see how it holds up next time.
09-26-11, 7:06 PM

Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 500
I gave this movie an easy 9/10 - Pretty fun to watch and all the characters are great!
09-27-11, 3:56 AM

Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 162
It's was a good movie, not mind-blowing or anything but the execution was nice and it's something nice to watch on downtime. They did a nice job of with making the family seem all lively and believable. 8/10 stuff.

I didn't even see the Digimon movie everyone reference it too and still got Digimon vibes from it, haha.

I really preferred whole "awkward family tension" theme that the movie had going for it when Grandma was alive. When it started to get more into cyber wars, while impressive to watch (one of the most epic card game match ever), most of the soul of the movie was gone for me. You could say the movie died a little when Grandma kicked the bucket...

Anyways I really got irritated by the Kenji in the end, cmon guy you save the frickin world stop nosebleeding and blushing so much. Meh despite that I thought Kenji was too good for Natsuki anyways, she used him for most of the movie and even ignored him when Uncle came around who she preferred anyways at the beginning.

She didn't really like him until he played that big part in saving the world and then saving Natsuki's household, of course you gonna think highly of someone who saved the world. Kenji deserves better but Natsuki was his old crush so hooray for him I guess, he got what he wanted. That whole confession scene in the end was lame.
10-10-11, 2:19 PM

Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 671
Really amazing movie!! It has a brilliant story plot. The Grandma was really funny, i mean; SHE IS CRAZY! Like really... Though she died. lol
Koi-koi game looks boring, guess I'll never try that in my life, if someone try to teach me how then why not? Kenji, is awesome. Figuring something out in head is crazy >.>
>dat family

Really coolish movie 10/10

10-18-11, 4:38 AM

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 128
This doesn't play on traditional values in a way you might think. Instead, it mixes them with modern day lifestyle and serves them together with creatively animated koi-koi action. Made me a koi-koi fan, it did.
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10-25-11, 11:15 AM

Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 314
I had trouble taking this film seriously. As a person a few posts above noted, if this happened in real life, the servers would be simply shut down and voila, problem fixed.

It wasn't a bad film but it wasn't ANYWHERE near as good as Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo.
10-26-11, 3:10 PM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 380
It was cute, the characters were rather bland though.
12-14-11, 12:27 PM

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 1406
Wow. I loved the film. I saw it on TV, and I was very impressed. The animation for OZ is gorgeous and very well-done, and I liked the human character designs.

I liked the family parts more than I thought I would, and the fight scenes, when they happened, were very good. The ending kept me at the end of my seat, and the part where the Grandma dies was very sad. Truly an amazing film.
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12-20-11, 11:17 PM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 663
really really enjoyable movie,brilliant,epic and amazing!
10/10 for me probably the best movie after Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (for me)
btw,i love King Kazma/Kazuma he is the best character!

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01-10-12, 9:42 PM

Joined: May 2011
Posts: 850
8/10 For me. Hahaha I laugh at some parts like. who uses a Dell to do something that important. And that Sony All in One XD. Overall a very good movie.
02-03-12, 8:14 PM

Joined: Dec 2009
Posts: 117
Although very well done in it's own right, Summer Wars is basically War Games, a live action movie from the early 80s (starring Matthew Broderick & Ally Sheedy):

Kenji & Natsuki = David & Jennifer
Wabisaki = Falken
Love Machine/OZ = Joshua/WOPR
Threat of WWIII via distruction of nuclear reactors = Threat of WWIII via "Global Thermonuclear War"
Hanafuda = Tic Tac Toe

I'm not being critical. As I said, Summer Wars was well done; it's just not all that original. I also have the feeling that a large percentage of Summer Wars' viewers weren't even glints in their daddies' eyes back in '83, the year War Games was released.
02-03-12, 8:25 PM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 143
I really enjoyed this movie! I thought it was well done! OZ kind of reminded me of Facebook, the way so many people are connected, not the entire world or governments, but still.
02-19-12, 10:52 AM

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 730
AMAZING MOVIE!!!! I just watched it and I was blew away by how well it was done, and how entertaining it was. Definitely a 10/10 for me. I loved it so much, this is the kind of movie I could watch over and over again and never get tired of.
03-04-12, 5:47 PM

Joined: Jun 2011
Posts: 33
I fell in love with main characters. I loved this film.
04-20-12, 12:31 AM

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 104
Reminds me of that Digimon movie I watched when I was a kid with that cheesy final battle.

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