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04-04-11, 3:14 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
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[22:25] <+RedXVII> oh the disapointment
[22:25] <+RedXVII> my uncle comes home
[22:25] <+RedXVII> he is like
[22:25] <+RedXVII> me : "huh ... okay"
[22:26] <+RedXVII> i'm eating instant ramens atm
04-04-11, 3:46 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
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Some old quotes from history thread;

<Sandgolem> PvT?
<Sandgolem> Player versus Terran?

<Xyik> cheezy is a hard coach to please

<DarkMage530> dang cheezy is harsh haha

<%Sitha> If there are no tanks it's no terran
<%Sitha> And remember, terrans always need more tanks
<%Sitha> But the real solution to ultras is MORE TANKS
<%Sitha> tanks
<%Sitha> Naked hydra mudwrestling <3

<sitha> to me
<sitha> you people are pancakes

<sitha> maybe we could simulate the delay by playing with "slower" speed setting
04-06-11, 3:35 PM

Joined: Nov 2010
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<+tsurara> cantonese ' eat shit and die(in cantonese)
<+tsurara> me'that sounds so beautiful ;_;
09-27-11, 9:44 AM

Joined: Feb 2009
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[02:41] <@Cheezu> why does a girl need to be single for you to hang out with her
[02:41] <+InaneDugong> That's not true
[02:41] <+InaneDugong> Cheezu, just pretend you're gay. She'll take you everywhere
[02:41] <+Dreadchain> > cheezu > pretend
[02:41] <+Dreadchain> ho ho
[02:42] <+InaneDugong> ho ho ho
mayweather p4p king

10-13-11, 3:18 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
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mal-sc,home of pro hackers

[00:15] &lt;+Latedi&gt; uuh
[00:15] &lt;+Latedi&gt; isnt bw in 2.5d?
[00:15] &lt;+Latedi&gt; y u make 3d for bw
[00:15] &lt;+Aqo&gt; 2D
[00:15] &lt;+Aqo&gt; but it's 3D renders
[00:15] &lt;+Cheezo&gt; &gt;2.5D
[00:15] &lt;+Cheezo&gt; mind fucked
[00:15] &lt;+Latedi&gt; aah ok
[00:15] &lt;+Aqo&gt; 2.5D lol
[00:16] &lt;+Latedi&gt; 2.5d exists
[00:16] &lt;+Dreadchain&gt; how do you make half a dimension
[00:16] &lt;+Dreadchain&gt; that doesn't make any goddamn sense
[00:16] &lt;+Aqo&gt; Latedi there's no such thing as 2.5d
[00:16] &lt;+Latedi&gt; haha
[00:16] &lt;+Cheezo&gt; lmao
[00:16] &lt;+Latedi&gt; yes there is
[00:16] &lt;+Latedi&gt; so the graphics is 2d
[00:16] &lt;+Latedi&gt; but you program for 3d
[00:16] &lt;+Aqo&gt; the graphics are stored in 2D memory
[00:16] &lt;+Aqo&gt; but they were created in 3D memory
[00:17] &lt;+Dreadchain&gt; so it's 2d
[00:17] &lt;+Aqo&gt; the 2D storage means the game runs faster and on lower system requirements
[00:17] &lt;+Aqo&gt; the 3D creation makes it easier to animate and adjust lighting effects
[00:17] &lt;+Latedi&gt; i have no idea what youre talking about aqo
[00:17] &lt;+Aqo&gt; it's basically renders
[00:17] &lt;+Dreadchain&gt; not like if you have 3d concept art and you make a game sprite out of it it's somehow 3d
[00:17] &lt;+Dreadchain&gt; or "2.5d"
[00:17] &lt;+Latedi&gt; yes... but i doubt the bw units are 3d renders
[00:17] &lt;+Aqo&gt; it's the same as how blizzard did graphics for SC originally, and was used for plenty other games
[00:18] &lt;+Aqo&gt; the BW units are 3D renders... blizzard even posted some close ups of their 3D models
[00:18] &lt;+Latedi&gt; ehh did they r eally do that
10-14-11, 1:35 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 436
[22:31] &lt;+Realmruler1&gt; well it doesnt show genitals
[22:32] &lt;+Aqo&gt; which totally makes it sfw.
[22:33] &lt;+Realmruler1&gt; shows boobs though ovs
[22:34] &lt;+Aqo&gt; so it's only partially_visible_vulva + areola_slip tags level, not hentai. hurp
12-02-11, 2:36 PM

Joined: Feb 2009
Posts: 203
[09:32] <@setsura> well cheezy i wouldnt mind let you sleep over at my place
[09:32] <+Latedi> dude dont do it
[09:33] <+Latedi> he linked a picture where a guy raped a maid
[09:33] <+Latedi> and said that was you guys
mayweather p4p king

12-03-11, 2:12 AM

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 3
<Latedi> the japanese people really hates clothes on girls
<Cyrale> I think it's just good marketing
<Latedi> why not make females with more clothes and males with less? would be
a lot more fun at least but sales might drop a bit

<Latedi> i thought select had better ghost micro than that -.-
<Dreadchain> what was wrong with that
<Dreadchain> lol
<Latedi> they died
<Latedi> and then he lost

<Latedo> im srs
<Latedo> goons are like
<InaneDugong> I bet
<Latedo> they kinda moe where they should
<InaneDugong> I love Goon
<Latedo> except 1-2 retards
<cheezo> i don't think you understand broodwar pathfinding
<Latedo> no... i dont
<Latedo> and i never will

<Latedo> at my school you can earn extra money by teaching old ladies facebook
<Red_China> that sounds like
<Red_China> hidden male prostitution

<Red_China> i came back from a restaurant
<Red_China> i ate pizza
<Cyrale> you... you pizza eater
<Red_China> i discriminate pizzas

<Latedi> i can look at your unit count and know what build yuo are doing
<Latedi> and so its free
<Realmruler1> hohoho
<setsura> I'm Alexander. My style is impetuous and my defense is impregnable.
I'm the best ever. I'm the most brutal and vicious, the most ruthless
starcraft player there's ever been.
<Realmruler1> i know that
<Realmruler1> lol setsura
<Latedi> who is alexander? lol

<jinxo> if you could be pro
<jinxo> why arent you pro
<setsura> why would i be a pro of a game im embarassed of
<jinxo> to get money
<setsura> i could give blow jobs and get fucked up the ass for money
<jinxo> that sounds fun
12-03-11, 11:58 AM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 436
[20:53] <+Red_China> Aqo, i xdcc
[20:53] <+Aqo> oh?
[20:53] <+Red_China> go to #arigatou
[20:53] <+Red_China> and send xdcc list to [Arigatou]MrRoboto
[20:53] <+Aqo> I just got banned
[20:53] <+Aqo> from #arigatou
[20:53] <+Aqo> for saying hi
[20:53] <+Aqo> wtf
[20:54] <+Red_China> * Aqo (~Aqo@ a rejoint #arigatou
[20:54] <+Red_China> <Aqo> hi #sankyu
[20:54] <+Red_China> * VoiceBot met un ban sur *!*~Aqo@
[20:54] <+Red_China> * VoiceBot a expulsé Aqo de #arigatou (Some links and words are not allowed - (Kick #96))
[20:54] <+Red_China> HOW DID YOU DO THIS
[20:54] <+Red_China> HOW DID YOU MANAGE
[20:54] <+Red_China> TO GET BANNED SO FAST

aqo - the only man in the world who can get banned from a channel in 12 seconds
04-01-13, 5:15 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 436
Kryx about China

<BakaKry> the country just left the impression on me as an all-in-one clusterfuck of corrupt politicians and barbarians with acid rain thrown into a mixer
04-17-13, 3:57 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 436
[00:52] <~kiimsz> fkn
[00:52] <~kiimsz> mom was ringing me up 2hours ago
[00:52] <~kiimsz> i was like yelling at her from my room
[00:53] <~kiimsz> 'WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME?'
[00:53] <~kiimsz> walk around the house no1s home
[00:53] <~kiimsz> oh...
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