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100 56.18%
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58 32.58%
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17 9.55%
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07-30-09, 10:38 AM

Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 304
Damn it, her name is indeed 'Holo' but I still refuse to accept it. It was a good episode, I can't wait to see how the 'duel' between Lawrence and Amati turns out.
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07-30-09, 10:58 AM

Joined: Dec 2008
Posts: 2136

Have to wait another week.
07-30-09, 11:16 AM

Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 57
bah she totally shouldnt get it all out on lawrence, whats his foult?
07-30-09, 12:18 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 1275
drnickpl said:
bah she totally shouldnt get it all out on lawrence, whats his foult?
That he didn't tell her earlier about Yoitsu, most likely. But I agree, Horo ís overreacting. Have to agree, I still prefer Horo above the Holo writing...

Loved the evil eyes of Lawrence. Amarty finally realizes that counting on the contract with Horo is pretty risky. Lawrence is still in a pinch, but I guess he can make some deal with the alchemists... At least he perked up a bit.
07-30-09, 12:32 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 15
Amarty goes DOWN!!! After having seen this ep I got my hope in Lawrence back! He will defnetly pull off some big thing and smash Amarty. I cant stand that girlish looking guy anyway.
07-30-09, 12:37 PM

Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 4982
I also think that amarty will go down. this was a good episode, we learned finally what Lawrence plans to do to stop Amarty, although the episode could have had more Horo. Is it just me or do all of these episodes seem to fly by in five minutes?
07-30-09, 12:44 PM

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 5748
Well that was a lot of dialogue. Lawrence seems jealous, coo'.

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07-30-09, 12:55 PM

Joined: Mar 2008
Posts: 1777
It seems pretty obvious which way this is going, though I am still thinking there will be a little twist on the way until they will continue travelling.

That was a nice episode with lots of strategy and gambling. Almost like watching Death Note or Kaiji.

Too bad it's another cliffhanger.
07-30-09, 1:03 PM

Joined: Jan 2008
Posts: 4933
Almost no Horo this episode xd but still good Ep

07-30-09, 1:30 PM

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 936
I guess it is Holo, even though I always thought it was the romanized name.

The people who made this really know their anime. Another cliffhanger strikes its ugly head again. I have to agree with another person, it does seem obvious what will happen next, but they still got me anxious to wait for the next episode.
07-30-09, 1:49 PM

Joined: Sep 2008
Posts: 4773
Well that episode was a whole lot of nothing, I'm pretty disappointed. After the steller episode last week this one seems like crap. And I think Horo sounds more feminine, Holo sounds like some thing a random drunk says.
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07-30-09, 2:00 PM

Joined: Dec 2007
Posts: 620
ofc its obvious that holo is going with lawrence, i mean, the show would be over otherwise.
07-30-09, 2:09 PM

Joined: Sep 2008
Posts: 1340
he actually has hope, maybe its obious that horo is oing back with lawrence but they maked this figth pretty exiting so relaxed knowing that the kiss scene was only the imagination of lawrence..
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07-30-09, 2:26 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 196
Same here...I was so relieved that the kiss scene didn't happen. Besides the flashbacks, I don't remember Horo having any dialogue. I don't mind as long as we get double the Horo next episode.
07-30-09, 2:39 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 73
I think Horo's freakout it perfectly understandable (her accusations weren't true, but even she knows that and said sorry). Lawrence has been shrugging off her flirtations over and over, which must hurt her feelings but she'd never show it, then he said he'd stop early on their journey and have her go on alone, he's known that Yoitsu doesn't exist anymore since S01E01 and never told her, and finally he accepted a contract to cut her loose for 1,000 silver. Beyond the feelings of betrayal for all of that, even in a perfect relationship he'll die in just a few short decades and there'll be no one left from her homeland to turn to. It all came to a head, all at once.

God, Mazui's timing on this episode is shit. The subs during the sell-on-credit scene were unwatchable.

I love this arc! Book 3 really was the best so far.
07-30-09, 2:41 PM

Joined: Apr 2009
Posts: 312
Went by pretty quickly but the lack of Horo scenes was a bit dissapointing. I have a feeling the next one will pick up the pace though.
07-30-09, 2:41 PM

Joined: Jun 2007
Posts: 1016
i don't care how horo wrote her name, she's still horo to me.
all that talk about profits and whatnot... was a little too much though. well, relieving episode was relieving, and of course, lawrance is going to win. besides, just like lawrance said, horo can just break the contract.
07-30-09, 2:52 PM

Joined: Feb 2009
Posts: 131
I loved how Mazui translated the scolling "Do not distribute on the intarwebs, it's illegal."

I'm wonder what guardian Horo would have sign that marriage contract.
07-30-09, 3:29 PM

Joined: Jun 2008
Posts: 385
did he really know her town didn't exist since ep 1 season 1?..lawrence needed a lelouch level plan to get back into the game..and he did it..hopefully it works out
07-30-09, 5:46 PM

Joined: Aug 2008
Posts: 102
How do I know that Lawrence is going to own Amarty's ass into the ground... Also, I think Lawrence might be Horo's guardian 0.0

Thank you Oksi-Chan and Aria Fanclub ;D
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