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View Poll Results: How long?
6 4.58%
28 21.37%
34 25.95%
54 41.22%
Extremely long
9 6.87%
Voters: 131

01-12-10, 5:11 AM

Joined: Jan 2008
Posts: 2183
I used to have very long hair, but I cut them a few months ago!
01-18-10, 6:55 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 444
Extremely long \m/
01-19-10, 7:15 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 579
halfway down my back so i picked long

02-11-10, 11:12 PM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 37
Long soon ex.
03-19-10, 10:44 AM

Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 38
I want to have an extremely long hair, so I could put it inside of my pants :D
04-01-10, 7:37 AM

Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 10
medium/long. i get frustrated with it on windy days cuz it's not long so it goes everywhere and looks like crap

04-02-10, 7:55 PM

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 78
I always keep my hair short enough so that I don't have to comb it ^_^
04-20-10, 3:45 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 2818
Long )
01-13-11, 12:35 PM

Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 44
About shoulder length. My hair's a little (mediumXP) curly, so it looks... not so good(XD) if I let it grow longer.
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01-22-11, 9:31 AM

Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 1055
I have extremely long hair. ^_^
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02-09-11, 2:21 PM

Joined: Oct 2010
Posts: 44
Chest-long and wavy. Trying to make it reach waist-length for the past six years -.-
02-26-11, 6:37 AM

Joined: Jul 2008
Posts: 316
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02-28-11, 9:58 PM

Joined: May 2009
Posts: 1212
03-02-12, 3:49 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 294
I chose long, but I'm currently re-growing mine. Had it shaved to nearly baldness at one point, but it is nearly shoulder length again now.
03-27-12, 8:10 AM

Joined: Aug 2006
Posts: 959
Long by normal standards, medium by metal standards. About an inch or two bellow the arm pits. I don't really want to, but I'll probably relent and cut it when it gets really hot this summer.
04-02-12, 4:20 PM

Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 2
Used to be to my waist, but I had to cut it to just below shoulder length for work haha... so I'd say medium/long.
05-13-12, 3:50 PM

Joined: Jan 2011
Posts: 5824
My hair just hits the begging of medium
06-24-12, 7:17 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 215
Almost to my tits
06-24-12, 7:28 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
Posts: 4991
About a year ago my hair sat just below my shoulders (14''), so I'd call that medium.
Then one day, while I was under a car, it got caught in one of the creeper's wheels.
Now I shave my head. Just makes life easier.

krazyboy said:

07-05-12, 2:51 AM

Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 2173
Well let's see I have curly hair so it ALWAYS LOOKS SHORT. Even still it would be short straight too.

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