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funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 3:52 PM
Yessir. Totally what I meant. :D

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 3:52 PM
I see, if it isn't silly, it isn't good.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 3:49 PM
There are some things I enjoy that I'm not going to argue about. So no.

And it is a silly show, that's why it's awesome!

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 3:48 PM
Oh great, now anime are all crap and not worth arguing about. Ok, have it your way, Akira is not worth defending despite clearly helping to make anime mainstream. Now I leave you and your favorite Ouran Host Club alone. Although it can't be much of a favorite, since it is silly.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 3:40 PM
I have nothing to prove to you man, you're the one who came to my page just to argue with me over something as silly as anime.

Fine, think I'm trolling, laugh at me with your friends, I really don't care. <3

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 3:39 PM
You are the one who is trolling and if you give up, you admit your guilt and I am proven right. And I have posted our com-to-com to all my buddies here so they can too laugh with your fail.

Little Mermaid and Wall-E, better than Akira. ROFL! You made my day man.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 3:31 PM
Alright well now you're not even trying to hide the trolling.

*Shakes hand*

Was nice working with you, have a good day.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 3:29 PM
Wall-E is for little kids and thus it is naive, superficial, and passable. Now cut this vague relation crap or I will just say 5cm per Second is better than Wall-E and you will have nothing to reply. And don't give me that "you have no eyes" because I have damn good critical thought.

Now tell me a movie with the description I gave you or admit you are just trolling all this time. If it is so mediocre and badly done, there should be hundreds of others that did it similarly but better. Come on, I only ask for 1 movie.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 3:21 PM
Wall-E and Akira are in the same medium, that is to say animation. Wall-E is the better film in every conceivable way outside of "12 year old boy" qualities like "violence" or "mass destruction".

If those are how you judge films then you do not deserve eyes with which to watch them.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 3:18 PM
That was a family movie, Akira is late teens. And I said mass destruction so I expect a mass destruction film. You can't find one, can you? Ok, I will go easy on you. Name a movie similar to Akira that came after it, which is better.

... you won't find one.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 3:08 PM

Disregarding "mass destruction" of course, as that isn't a real trait of a good film.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 2:58 PM
And I ask you to name me a stand alone animated film in the past 5 years that had better action, character emersion, and mass destruction than Akira.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 1:24 PM
It also proved to millions that cartoons are not just for kids and set new standards for good animation.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 1:14 PM
I.E. Nostalgia.

Point is, it doesn't hold up today, at all, and even back then the story was terrible when compared to real films.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 1:13 PM
Well back then it was one of the best stories ever made for animated film.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 1:11 PM
Never read a comic in my life, but going by the film's own merits, the story is pretty bad.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 12:05 PM
Did you read the manga and still think that?

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 10:37 AM
It's more "mature", I suppose, in that it deals with violence and destruction, but interesting? I don't find either film to have that interesting of a plot.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 10:32 AM
Yet as a story you must agree that Akira is far more interesting and mature.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 10:09 AM
That's irrelevant, going by animation/art standards. So in those regards, yes, I do.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 10:09 AM
And you consider that movie to be better than Akira?

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 9:36 AM
Considering I find most animated shows/movies from the late 80's to be subpar, that will be difficult.

Ah, The Little Mermaid. Very fluid animation, with a style all its own.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 9:34 AM
Name something from the late 80's since that was Akira's era.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 9:16 AM
Well recently, Panty and Stocking.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 8:55 AM
They look fairly original to me. Tell me a work that it is not drawn by the book.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 8:51 AM
I agree, they are fine. But they lack any real unique style of the artist, and are just drawn by the book.

They are fine, but bland.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 8:47 AM
The models are just fine. The motorcycles kick ass and the machinery is very well drawn.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 8:24 AM
"For its time it was the best animated film of all times.
You assume people don't love Looney Tunes or the Titanic is a good film.
It stirred millions of people so you are wrong.
It is one of the most influential movies of all times. You are a troll."

There is nothing substantiating any of these claims. Saying it's "obvious" isn't evidence. Sorry.

"And the awesome ilusions and transformation scenes are not art; ok you are trolling."

As for this, I was referring to the actual art, the drawings/models. You, on the other hand, are referring to the animation, which i had no problem with.

ThatAnimeSnob | 07-08-11, 8:18 AM
What is there to back up? It is obvious to everybody but yourself.

funk_a_lunk | 07-08-11, 7:04 AM
I just want you to realize virtually all of your points are "No, you're wrong." with little backing them up.

Also, the first thing you said was yelling at me for making an assumption, then you go and make quite a few.

Better luck next time in trolling my profile.

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