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Fahlaine | 07-16-10, 9:12 AM
Happy Birthday, dude! 8)

Smaster | 07-16-10, 5:48 AM
Yo!! :D

Shitsuji | 07-15-10, 11:55 PM
Happy birthday!

NinjaSassy | 07-15-10, 8:36 AM
no worries XD its all good i do sometimes late reply's too ^_^

NinjaSassy | 07-04-10, 10:15 AM
Happy 4rth Mizo!!!!!!

Rhyvia | 06-23-10, 3:56 PM
J'avais déjà commencé la série depuis un moment, puis c'est du Bones. x]

Par contre, je crois que les équipes de ces trois animes sont assez différentes. Enfin, pas dans la direction, je crois, c'est qui marque le plus. L'animation est clairement différente aussi =s...

Ancolie | 06-19-10, 1:15 PM
Je suis contente que le début de Nodame te plaise. Tu le verras par toi même, mais la suite est
encore MI-EUX !!

J'espère que tes exams se st bien passés;)

Ancolie | 06-04-10, 1:06 PM
Je te remercie pour les liens et pour ton "friend request".
A la prochaine.^^

Kiba-Sama | 06-04-10, 10:33 AM
You have got a lot of studying needing to get in before your exams! 0_o Be sure to take a break every now and then, and I hope you ace them all! xD I would be tired myself having to worry about taking a test. ^^

May you have a great day in which you are able to relax when needed and have fun! =)

I shall chat with you again soon Mizo!

Kiba-Sama | 06-03-10, 11:12 AM
I am kind of awake/still a bit tired. LoL

Kiba-Sama | 06-03-10, 11:11 AM
Hey there Mizo!!! xD A pleasure to catch you online!

Sadly not a whole lot is going on my end, kind of thinking about taking a walk to the library to get rid of the extra energy I have. LoL

Though I am also thinking about what kind of updates I can do for the site of Otakuniverse. =P Been awhile since I have made an update there...getting kind of far behind. ^^

How about you? =)

Sorano_Yuu | 06-03-10, 1:04 AM
i see, then i wish you good luck!!!
thanx, see ya!

Sorano_Yuu | 06-02-10, 5:31 AM
i'm fine, thanx, and how are you?

Kiba-Sama | 05-27-10, 10:00 AM
Awe ^.^ Thank you Mizo! Just being your friend and being able to talk to you on here makes me happy! =)

Kiba-Sama | 05-26-10, 10:03 AM
Moshi Moshi Mizo!

I am happy to hear that you are doing well! =D So far I have been doing alright, just getting ready to have a busy summer. LoL

Finished off Pumpkin Scissors as of yesterday! =3 I thought that the overall story was kind of hard to follow in the first half, but it all came together in the second. Its well worth to watch it if you love millitary fighting/action! At least the ending was clear and didn't leave you with too many questions. LoL

May you have an uplifting day! Keep on smiling! =D

Kiba-Sama | 05-25-10, 5:25 AM
Hi there Mizo!

How is everything with you? =)

Today I will be finally finishing off Pumpkin Scissors and will be starting Kanon along with The Red Garden that are coming from the library today from placing an order. xD

Have a fantastic day and I will chat with you later on!

Sorano_Yuu | 05-22-10, 3:29 AM
hi ^^

Rhyvia | 05-20-10, 3:30 PM
C'est juste une introduction.
Mais contrairement Ga-rei, cette intro' dure environ 26 épisodes. =o

Elle pas mauvaise cette série, mais on a l'impression que ça ne démarre jamais.

Kiba-Sama | 05-19-10, 4:58 AM
You are welcome Mizo! =3 I was searching around and thought that you might like it, I was looking for K-On pics lol

Kiba-Sama | 05-18-10, 8:15 AM
Thank you for the welcome back and understanding with the virus! =3 Plus for noticing that I was gone! xD

I am happy to hear that you have done well on your exams! Way to go Mizo!!! I didn't have any exams to take this semester, though kind of wish I did have some sort of exam to take LoL I am just getting into watching J Dramas myself! =P I started to watch GTO awhile back and need to finish it off. Looks like I will need to check out Hana Yori Dango sometime! =)

K-On is an anime that is still in my to watch list. LoL Hope that you enjoy watching it, while being able to relax! xD

May you have a super day and that all goes well for you today!

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