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OngPQ | 02-21-14, 5:55 AM
Where can I find those games? Feel like playing anime related games like Ars nova
Pretty useful to learn, can migrate to Japan one day.

Yeah, the characters and series are just a lot more popular. Hopefully it gets better, I didnt really enjoy Index series just cliche and repeated storylines. The characters are very uninteresting and generic too.
I see, I just started my collection hope to accumulate more too bored currently:X

I dropped most of the series this season cause most of the manga I have alr read. Just to lazy to watch an animated version unless I love the series. Rather read more manga

Haha its alright, good luck hope you can get into your preferred school.

EmiLu-chan | 02-14-14, 2:14 AM
nice... i have winter holiday right now... it's still quite a warm winter, and we've only had a little snow:D

I like season 1 the best^^

I have never been to Japan nor an anime store, but it would be so cool;( still down about me not going skiing this year, but next year i WILL!:D i demand it from my parents like a little spoiled kid^^

About 21 in total, but from this season about 13:D Hmm my favorites so far are Hamatora, Chuunibyo s2, witchcraft works and difinitely also Noragami, it's really good, been reading the manga, and i was just so happy when i found out it was made into an anime together with witchcraft works^^ actually i had planned to watch D-frag, but it didn't really catch me, but maybe i should try giving it a second chance^^

Zelayna | 02-13-14, 9:55 PM
I got Skyrim and The Sims 3 + some expansion packs :) I eased off them a bit though lol, I have so much homework and I literally got behind because I was playing games too much >.>; AH man every patch League servers are always so damn bad afterwards, it's annoying =_=; Vita seems pretty cool :P.
Ooh.. How nerve wracking lol.
Wut.... That would take a lifetime, dahellllll. How the hell could a teacher even grade that in a timely manner? >.>
UUUUUhhhh.. I'm actually pretty behind... I don't know, I find most of them average... I think I like Nisekoi, Noragami and the other goddess one though...

EphemeralDream | 02-10-14, 8:32 AM
No worries, same for me, also been really busy. Kind of really late but happy new years xD
Omg seriously? Thats awesome! I recently got a ps4 and its somewhat disappointing that its not backwards compatible. How would that even work for ps vita though, does it have L2 and R2? Oh yah and i ended up getting the 1000, everythings worked so far but what are some games you'd recommend?
Oh and kinda late I know you mentioned FE awakening and how good it was. Well my friend let me borrow her 3DS and agreed, it was good :) holy shit I love Henry so much~
Sounds stressful :/ what classes do you take?
Hmm yeah I think part 1 helps for part 2, not that i've actually beat it. Part 3 comes out really soon (atleast in america) and I wanna pre-order it because then the japanese audio is available, but as I said I haven't beat the others and I'm poor so...
Ohohh makes sense

carboncopy | 02-04-14, 9:12 PM
Blazblue was a waste of time >.>

Unbreakable Machine-Doll, NouKome, and Outbreak Company all need a second season.

Kyoukai no Kanata was great.

Kyousogiga was okay. Not bad, but not good either.

Refrain was teary, but happy in the end ;_;

White Album 2 was awesomely heartbreaking ;_____;

Just finished reading Sugar Dark after finding out the manga I read a while ago was based off it. Still not sure what LN I'm going to pick up next, but I'm thinking of either Gundam Unicorn or Mahou Koukou no Rettousei. Both can potentially spoil me for their anime, however. @_@

Well, there's Buddy Complex - doesn't really seem special apart from the time travelling aspect.
Chuunibyou Ren but it seems to be more of the same stuff without depth.
Hamatora but it doesn't seem to be any different from most mystery series yet.
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei and Sekai Seifuku are cute fun.
Nisekoi just for the aesthetics, but I'm really hoping they conclude the love triangle here since the manga doesn't seem to be interested in the story anymore.
Nobunaga the Fool but it doesn't seem any different from those old mecha anime.
No-Rin but it feels too much like Baka Test with Silver Spoon's setting.
Space Dandy but I'm about ready to drop it if the next few episodes are still bad (only ep.5 has been good).
Silver Spoon because sequel.
Love Song of a Certain Pilot and it's looking really good.
Wake Up, Girls!, but I'm also about to drop it if it's still boring.
Wizard Barristers because it's different.
Z/X IGNITION though I'm still not sure why I'm watching it.

Then there's till Log Horizon, Golden Time, Strike the Blood and Tokyo Ravens. Trying to catch up to Nagi no Asukara too because I was told it got good in the middle.

Zelayna | 01-26-14, 1:18 PM
Thank you as well :)
Awwe, well good luck! And it's okay, my replies are pretty late too.
I'm sure they will bring it back, haha but I bought some new computer games, those have been keeping me busy =) sucks though I have to balance that and homework at the same time, as well as anime, getting behind.
Yeah I see :( that's unfortunate... what are you taking?
It really was and I hope so.
Damn I'm watching a lot >.>; some of the short ones, Nourin, Sakura Trick, Nisekoi, Nobunaga the Fool, Noragami, Chuunib2, Inari whatever, Gin no Saji 2, D-Frag!, Supersonico, Mahou Sensou, Sekai Seifuku and Witch Craft Works... Lol, what about you?

darkmystel | 01-26-14, 12:24 AM
lol yea :P watchin 1 one piece :P finished samurai champloo , watchin magi :P

Zaxos | 01-15-14, 9:42 AM
Life4Boobz, do you remember meh ;3?

OngPQ | 01-08-14, 8:00 AM
I completed danganronpa, was disappointed with the ending some stuff not cleared up.. Dropped Devil survivor, just terrible the songs and animation was good but the plot was a train wreck everything just felt stupid.
That happens a lot with manga, nobody to translate heard there are many good stuff that have no one to translate. We English readers only get the scraps:(

Agree, but somehow most people seem to prefer railgun instead Index stories/characters are just not as good.
Oh, I usually have to buy online or from anime conventions which is like 3-5 times a year lols. Its ok

This season most stuff seems to be fan service not much to watch, a good time to watch old ones or do other stuff

Btw, have a happy new year:D

EmiLu-chan | 12-30-13, 1:35 PM
Happy NEW YEAR!!!:D
I'm great, i have had such a um(don't have a word for it in english, or maybe cosy) cosy christmas^^ Have eaten a LOT of food these last couple of days:D
I did too;) so i was quite skeptical about the 1st movie:D You could also download illegally:P
OMG The Hobbit was amazing, and personally i think the 2nd movie's much better than the 1st! And that dragon!! SMAUG WAS AWESOME, the voice and the speciel effects - top class!!^^

Kinda sad ending, but this also builts up for a 3rd season:D
You've been to JAPAN, and was SKIING??? Not fair, i might not go on skiing vacation this year, and it sucks:(
The weather here's okay, it's been the hottest winter ever, like about +1-5 degrees no freezing temps yet:) But they'll come:D

New anime winter season, any animes you have to see:D

carboncopy | 12-29-13, 4:23 AM
I'm still left wanting with Valvrave. That last sneak into the future wasn't satisfying enough. >.>

It's good so you'll enjoy that :D

Only one volume translated for Tokyo Ravens though; still a long way to go. Though I'm not particularly interested in picking it up yet since the only thing keeping my attention for the series are the girls rather than the story. o.o

The third and fourth has already been translated and the fifth is almost done. Haven't read the fourth yet though since I can't seem to read stuff if it's not in pdf format. >.<

darkmystel | 12-27-13, 5:55 AM
lol i went on a long break yet again :P

no tym for nythin bro :|

Zelayna | 12-25-13, 10:04 AM
MerryChristmas!^^ (if you celebrate)

Zelayna | 12-12-13, 12:16 PM
Not too much, played with some friends and sometimes they chose some stupid champs xD Amumu was pretty fun loll, ult after ult. It's hilarious. Teemo and Karthus were banned though D; we did play with Teemos in a custom, also pretty funny lol.
Ohh >.<; well nah I need to spend this time watching some anime xPP.
Yeah I know how that is, shouldn't you have a break for the holidays?
I guess some episodes I enjoy, while some I don't lol. I actually liked the last episode.
Not all xD I have nothing good to say about it..
Also I did watch some more of White Album 2, I'm really liking it.. It may end up being one of my favorites if it keeps it up :P

EphemeralDream | 12-10-13, 8:17 AM
Ooh nice, hope they eventually make a ps3 port for P4, they did for P3 so i don't see why not. Hmm theres so many games for psp that sound good, is psp 1000 or 3000 better? I heard you can hack the 1000 to get free ISOs, but 3000 is HD which would be nice I guess
Same for me :D getting so sick of school, I need a break. But it sucks cause a few weeks after xmas break I have midterms damnnit
Is that one good? Just got 13, the graphics are great like usual but some of the characters Hope can be such a little bitch
Dude how do you have time for a sport and a club though? Probably a stupid question but I don't do anything so I wouldn't know xD

carboncopy | 12-09-13, 6:03 AM
On the bright side, they will have enough time to make Kizumonogatari. :D

I just hope they also cover what happens in the future since they have been giving us sneak-peeks into it in the first season. It'll be plain annoying if they just completely forget about it. (And I'm curious as to what happens with Rukino and Haruto in the future) o.o

Kyoukai no Kanata doesn't lack punch and flash though so hopefully the climax will be dramatic.

I can understand that. Kyousogiga hasn't been much than just added info - nothing important that we already know from the ONAs so it's not really something to wait for every week.

I just hope NouKome's LNs get translated. I'd hate to not know how he gets rid of the absolute choice - if he ever does - as I'm assuming the anime will end inconclusively >.>

EmiLu-chan | 12-08-13, 3:29 AM
havent' watched it yet... i hope to get the book as a Christmas present^^
Well i also do think it's more of a girl series in some aspects, but i think it's because Hollywood have done so, cause i think the book and it's plot actually hits both genders... the second one also has a much more dark apeal^^
Yeah it's so good!!!^^ though a bit confusing the last couple of eps i think, but it's probably just me who's too slow:D

12-19 that's actually cold, but that is spring-fall temperatures here.. our winter is normally around +1-3 degrees, but when winter really hits and it snows then we talk about (-1)-(-10) degrees C depending on how wuch the wind blows, it can feel like (-20):I

OngPQ | 11-26-13, 2:18 AM
yeah heard the anime adaptions such as Danganronpa, devil survivor etc all did a poor job. Rushed and somehow was lacking in substance. I watched the first season halfway, not my type of anime felt it was extremely boring and draggy.
Lazy to read light novels these days except for S&W, prefer anime and manga..

Sounds cool, seems like we have to wait 1 year for a new season. It be 2-3years on average to get a new season of Railgun..
Btw, do you collect figurines? Just went AFA weeks ago and somehow started on a spree on figurine collecting such as Madoka, One piece, fate Zero, angel beats.
Wanna be friends on fb too?

carboncopy | 11-24-13, 3:45 AM
I'm still waiting for Horriblesubs to release though so I haven't seen the last two episodes yet >3> And I don't think the third season will be animated anytime soon since (last time I checked) the last three volumes of the series haven't been released yet.

Well, Golden Time has been fun and can also tug your heartstrings.

Valvrave has been much more exciting than the first season.

Unbreakable Machine-doll has pretty fun characters (Yaya especially). Though its setting is interesting, it's story isn't much as of yet sadly.

Kyoukai no Kanata has been cute and dark, but I feel it's not fulfilling its potential story-wise.

Kyousogiga just finished expanding on the ONAs but it at least added more info.

Log Horizon has been pretty great. Fun and lovable characters and intriguing plot devices xD

NouKome is moe harem fluff but it's fun.

Outbreak Company is pretty nice, fun and moe xD

Samurai Flamenco I thought would just be an animated J-Drama until this last episode if that latest twist wasn't a troll o.o

Tokyo Ravens has been average like Strike the Blood.

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