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otaku-domo | 07-21-13, 8:38 PM
i am still looking for admin of coffee shop(this is the coffeeshop link

if you like to be admin pls me here

otaku-domo | 05-08-13, 10:12 AM
Hello Everyone! I am still looking for new admin for this club.. just talk to me on my page if you are interested :D thanks!

Jori-kun | 05-01-13, 4:04 PM

gINGEr | 03-06-13, 5:47 PM

gINGEr | 03-05-13, 12:38 PM
Well, it starts off good & the story's decent. Animation is okay I guess. It kinda feels like there's some filler in it here and there, but I did like the main story. I gave it 7/10. Worth watching & I might remember some of it, but nothing really special. If you do end up watching it, let me know what you thought about it?

IceDraconian | 08-09-12, 10:22 AM

IceDraconian | 05-07-12, 7:19 PM

IceDraconian | 03-02-12, 10:40 PM

IceDraconian | 02-13-12, 8:59 PM

To everyone in PCM,

I hope you enjoy your Valentines Day!


IceDraconian | 01-28-12, 10:25 PM

vash987 | 12-20-11, 8:35 PM
You know it! Sounded like an awesome anime.

Usagimep | 11-05-11, 5:46 PM
Thanks for the add ^^ See you in anime club onee-chan :)

gINGEr | 11-02-11, 11:57 PM

otaku-domo | 09-17-11, 5:49 AM

Hello Sorry if I been inactive in the club because of my school works. I hopefully you may understand me. This is the few updates about the activities. They contest for layout contest 2011 will be close (Please vote your nominees here). Idea for Coffee Shop Theme Card 2011, you may suggest 2 anime and tell why you like it here.

ryll-the-kid_03 | 09-03-11, 1:15 PM

ryll-the-kid_03 | 08-06-11, 7:17 AM

otaku-domo | 08-06-11, 2:19 AM

Good day, everyone! Here’s our Newsletter on Coffee Shop~


LE Cards of L Lawliet Now Open
What can say about this news?

TOPIC: Crisis? What crisis? Japan to help fund Greece bailout

They have to rebuild the whole country, but are willing to financially help others as well. Japanese authorities announced Friday they support Europe’s deal to help Greece and will...
(Click the link above to see more.)

Thank you very much.

gINGEr | 07-23-11, 1:02 PM
Hi Akia-chan! I was wondering if you got my msg? In PCM, we are getting ready to hire some help, & I wanted to offer the card position to you first since you mentioned it before. If you're not interested anymore I understand. Please reply before Monday if you do want the position.

gINGEr | 07-18-11, 10:54 AM

Beezheen | 07-03-11, 7:01 PM

"Reminder to all members of the Coffee Shop. I'm still waiting for the Contest for Layout, please submit your entry. If you like to be an admin, inform me, there's more vacancy for being an admin. Sorry if I'd been busy lately because we already started our classes here in our country."
From our Creator,

Visit our club, COFFEE SHOP
Thank you very much for cooperating.
Sender- MizuuHime

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