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CheshireSin | 10-06-10, 11:29 PM

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Suzune-chan | 08-05-10, 3:07 PM

junjun | 03-09-10, 11:07 AM
Hello :D!! ahah, en fait on n'était pas amis ici ;-;...

tsuyokunaru | 12-25-09, 4:13 PM
I have never read Oofuri manga, but I think I should, what do you suggest? It's one of my favorites even though it's not on my favorite list. I really love baseball and the way it's protrayed in that series is great! Also the characters are awesome.

(lol you can probably tell I'm really bored right now, but there's nothing to do!)

I want to get a DS to play Professor Layton and The World Ends With You, but gosh, I had to play for my PS2 myself and after that I haven't had enough money to spend on such thing.

tsuyokunaru | 12-25-09, 3:58 PM
I'm so sorry to hear that! Do you know about Persona 3 too? I have a PS2, but I don't have DS or PSP and there are a lot of games for those consoles that I want to play, so I feel your pain.
Also, Oofuri second season, yay!

tsuyokunaru | 12-25-09, 3:34 PM
What! He looks so cute! The hair totally made me think it was someone else. He's also the one in my picture. Persona 4 is a great game, right?

tsuyokunaru | 12-25-09, 10:51 AM
nice profile picture! may I ask who it is?

Shounen93 | 08-26-09, 8:21 PM
Join to The Suenobu Keiko FanClub!

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aoikishu | 01-10-09, 11:36 AM
Another digimon fan, cool!

Miss-suoh | 12-07-08, 12:30 PM
Hi ~~ ♥
how r u =) ?
just wanted to pass by and wish u luck ~
^^ J A N A ~ ] ..

Kaoru23 | 11-11-08, 8:28 AM
Hey =)
Comment ça va ?
Hehe, je vois que t'aimes bien Lavi, Spanner, Takagi, Ciel .. du tout bon xD Et ton profil est mignon aussi :3
Je peux t'ajouter sur LJ aussi ?
Bye ~~

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