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chaosflame5 | 09-21-12, 3:42 AM
Hmmm...starting to make sense. But the last part of that gif was confusing. I don't know what this means: ''In this timeline, nothing that happened in the movie before the activation of the Escape Programme actually has happened. Everything afterwards, including events with Asakura, did.'' Was it referring to the world where Haruhi, Yuki, and the others are just normal humans? So the Kyon who talks to the Kyon who got stabbed was actually the Kyon from start of the movie?? Darn, I'm still confused. Hope this is not frustrating to you, as I'm suck at understanding plots involving time travel -__-
Thanks for the link BTW :)

chaosflame5 | 09-12-12, 3:31 AM
Just finished the movie of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. It was great. Though I'm still a bit confused on the plot, oh well.

chaosflame5 | 09-10-12, 6:36 PM
Yeah, agreed. The repetition of an episode is actually even more annoying than seeing fillers in an anime. I've just finished the whole series (except the movie). It wasn't too bad overall, despite the disappointment of the Endless Eight Arc. I just hope the movie is much better than the series.

chaosflame5 | 09-09-12, 5:35 PM
Well, I got out of that arc about two days ago, thank goodness! I nearly got a headache, lol. Oh well, whatever is the cause of having 8 episodes instead of just two or three, I don't really care what Kyoto Animation was thinking when they were making this season, because the damage was already done. But at least the movie made up for it (judging by the ratings), which I've yet to see after finishing the 2009 version plus 4 more episodes from season 1 (2006 version).

chaosflame5 | 09-07-12, 1:10 AM
.....I'm not a fan of I highly doubted if she can protect me, lol. I rather encounter any other type of ''dere'' rather than a yandere. Also, have you watched the 2009 version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? The Endless Eight arc is killing me T_T

chaosflame5 | 08-05-12, 9:18 AM
[Your profile picture] Akari became the next Gasai Yuno??? Creepy.....

NeoRAnma | 09-11-11, 6:57 PM
Hi Wander could you give me a Shop List where you buy your figures (Not listed in AFC? Plz =3

mattskell | 05-31-11, 8:57 AM
thank you!

mattskell | 05-19-11, 11:43 AM
who is The Character in your Profile Picture?

srry, its just that every once in awhile someones Profile Pic will catch my eye and I'll have to ask.

Jannian | 05-10-11, 9:55 AM
And something that brings out her ass. :o

Oh wait, the undine uniform.

Jannian | 05-07-11, 3:12 AM
It's those adorable twin buns, right?

shukku | 12-22-10, 3:00 PM

Hello, minna-sama!
Some updates from Alicia Florence FC:

- Request your Member Cards here -
- Remember to vote for your favorite Undine here -

If you have any ideas how to improve our club, fill free to drop comment in my profile or just write in club comments :)

With love, InezMaria <bow>

Chiisi | 11-28-10, 4:55 AM
Yui + Pikachu = <3<3<3<3<3<3

ukonkivi | 11-19-10, 2:56 PM
Btw, dig the abs.
You are a wonderful person. Of taste and the utmost refinement. I like you.

ukonkivi | 11-15-10, 1:51 AM

mangafreakZX | 10-22-10, 5:11 PM
Cute, Yui with Pikachu avatar.

zvuc | 09-28-10, 1:13 AM
aww, that's a cute combination too XD

zvuc | 09-23-10, 10:29 PM
Yui+Pikachu? Oh wow that is one unusual combination XD

loli_tsubasa | 08-24-10, 4:15 PM
Yui with Railgun's uniform and a Pikachu? wtf? ahahha XD

Selphie- | 04-03-10, 5:28 PM
Hey,it's Hiyorin17 form the rune factory club.I just created a rf forum site.If you want could you please join it?
here's the link
and be sure to ask all your other rf loving friends to join too!


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