Mizuki-Sora's Comments

BlackBunny721 | 10-07-12, 9:15 PM
You plan to read a lot of manga, but haven't read any so far.

Kaixi | 08-09-10, 6:44 AM
Mass Message from Hurt & Heal

The 2010 Tournament has started! Round 1: Gintama and Darker than BLACK is now being played, so head on over and cast your votes!

This will be my only mass message until the mass message feature is re-enabled, so please check back regularly for announcements on the club profile page!

yaru | 01-04-09, 10:35 AM

Cyabvear | 12-02-08, 8:51 AM
Your swordsman banner.

aero | 11-28-08, 7:48 PM
Here's your member card:

ZetaiSabishi | 11-03-08, 3:05 AM
well i think that noone shuld ask anyone eles if to make up or do not a club. isn't that for fun? then why shuld i ask them if can i have fun or not? and i hate the idea that they aren't talking to the club creators if they want to black list his club, and also not the fact that they can choos if they like or don't like an idea.... i agree that its unfair...
but still, duplicates can hurt others, so i understand if they will black list clubs that are the same, but they shuld be asking the creator before.
anyway im sure that noone means to hurt anybody eles, and noone eles seems to care so what can i do?...
(but if i was the creator im sure that there are few things that i was doing in other ways...or not doing at all...)
and they are working some kind of hard so...

ZetaiSabishi | 11-02-08, 8:08 AM
Hey! cool pic! i saw a few mesages in the ufcc, can i ask what was that about?(cuz i have a few problems with this club too and i just wonder._.)

cutiefee | 11-02-08, 7:31 AM
Hello, you can get your guardian banner here

~Tell me if you want it changed~

-Yuki- | 10-07-08, 9:29 PM
Hi xD how's it going ^^


P.S PM me ~

crystal_yuy | 10-05-08, 1:17 PM
your Ultimate manga claim is done
you can get it here ^^

PS: I like your profile pic :p

cutiefee | 10-04-08, 1:03 AM
hello, you can get your sister banners here

FreedomWingz | 10-03-08, 2:43 PM
The UCC, I'm accepting your request, but just to let you know, you need 200 posts to claim~ >_<

Lovealchemist | 08-18-08, 10:13 AM
lol ur chinese? me too XD

Lovealchemist | 08-18-08, 10:12 AM
Your banner for date your anime favorite is done X3 please go get it in the banners thread


Islaya | 08-12-08, 9:35 PM
Welcome to MAL ^_^

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