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Ichigo321 | 08-01-14, 5:38 AM
Hello there :D it's fineeeeeeeeee XD don't worry I'm lazy too, maybe even more than you?:O I used to reply fast to people but now I just hardcore on games or anime one of those then I don't do anything else ^^; sometimes headche and stomachache like today and sometimes just lazy because there so many and I know I won't finish it xD

I'm doing good too thank you :D I have vacation but we got war here so it's kinda sucks to go outside, you know I afried there some alarm while I'm outside then don't know where the shelter or somewhere to hide T_T most of places are closed early anyway because that so better to stay at home already with air condition and watch anime trust me xD
I watched many good animes until now, the best of them were Ishuukan Friends, Nagi no Asukara and Aria, so beautiful animes them all are my fav animes and 2 of them are my top, Aria and Nagi no Asukara were really awesome and Aria reached to my number 1 fav anime Kaleido star, it never heppend to me before since age 10 O.O oh well still I love Kaleido Star more because it connected my childhood and I still have some ost there that remind me my past and well I can't change it, it's like betray the anime that changed me and affected me so hard >_<

Haha thank you! ^^ I think yours is nice already no need to change it until you want to edit info or planning to make something better like longer about me or add more banners :)

If you liked the first season you will probably like the second one too, I noticed people that hated it from the first season and said it was horrible hated this season too and said this game was horrible but people that thought it's awesome anime liked this season too and enjoyed from it ^^ people usually hate it for the storyplot and the harem in it, even in this season, the girls fall for Kirito and he keep love Asuna probably, only enemy won't fall for him XD
The art of it is good, but I'm not sure I'm addict, I don't think it was that good, the fact that I barely remember something from it prove it's not that good anime, but the ending was nice and the ost pretty good too and I liked the way the chars look xD
I'm not sure if it's a good idea for me to watch the movie since I barely remember something from the anime already and it's kinda waste of time to re-watch it for it since I didn't like it that much anyway ^^;
The ensing of it is really easy to sing and it's very calm too so I enjoy listen to it :D
Hmm I won't look into the manga since it will spoil me the anime but I will give try to the anime :D I wanted to be sure it's good from someone who watched it since I thought it's good and planned start it long time ago ^^ I watched Rozen Maiden and I can tell you it got dark side too, maybe the story is about dolls and look innocent from the side, it looks like taken from a tale but it's not innocent and it got some sad and dramatic parts, it's got his dark side and I wouldn't recommend it to kids and everyone, it's for olders and adults and still it looks so innocent and pure from the side haha you should try it, I don't know if you watched Code Geass but the singers of the first ending are the singers of the ops there ^_^

Mikadoh | 07-30-14, 3:00 PM
Hello thanks for the add!
Hope we can get along well :3 ~~

Hortifion | 07-23-14, 3:34 PM
Thanks for the friend request and All Hail Nyanko-sensei !
( ^o^)/

chaosmyth | 07-21-14, 3:46 PM
That's fine!
But ooooo nice! Sadly I've never been to a con though I'd love to, that'd be cool. :) Do you go cosplaying or nah?
HMMM I'm a lazy bum LOL all I do is anime and games o/

Nina-senpai | 07-16-14, 2:17 PM
So, what do you like watch or read?

Heretic94 | 07-16-14, 1:44 AM
Don't worry about it :D, I see , I started watching Dragon Ball recently and I'm also trying to finish Game of Thrones. I'm trying to go out more during the day :P

Didn't liked the first season of SAO one bit, for many many reasons, but idk what to expect out of this new arc.

Damn you're watching so many xD you're watching everything I wanted to recommend :P, so what do you think about Tokyo Ghoul, Akame ga Kill, Zankyou no Terror and Ao Haru Ride? I have to admit this season looks better than the previous seasons, I'm following like 5 anime from this season.

Well the anime I asked you about are the ones I follow for now but I recently started watching Dragon Ball and that takes a lot of the time I spend for watching anime.

btw I see that you're from Bulgaria, I'm from Romania our countries are neighbours :P

Parisbelle | 07-15-14, 6:53 PM
Hello! Thanks for the friend request! 8)

Just out of curiousity, what made you add me? And your name is Etty? Sounds pretty unique and awesome! Can I call you that as well?

My name is Michelle btw, hope we get along! :)

Ina-twan | 07-14-14, 6:18 PM
Hello! Thanks for the friend request!

It's nice to meet you =)

Niteshade | 07-14-14, 3:08 PM
Etty-chan, Thankies for the add! <33

Nina-senpai | 07-10-14, 11:15 AM
Hi! Thanks for the add!

Heretic94 | 07-06-14, 11:34 AM
hey what's up? I see that you're watching SAO 2 as well, any other anime you're looking forward to this season? :P

Ichigo321 | 07-05-14, 3:28 AM
Hello there :D
Thanks for the friend request ^^ I know you sent it long time ago but I was pretty busy and couldn't write any message after accept them so I accept all only now
How are you?:)
I like your about me it looks very nice ^^ and I noticed you lik SAO, it's one of my fav animes :D K got awesome art and the ending I used to listen a lot and sing it all day :D
Pandoras Heart I heard was good and I wanted to try it long time ago, what did you think about it? do you think it was a good anime?:)

Nozorashi | 07-01-14, 9:46 PM
oh wow your tumblr is amazing! i like your taste in posts~
thank you for the friend request btw. nice to meet u! (*⁰▿⁰*)

chaosmyth | 06-29-14, 3:03 PM
That's good! Me as well, thank. ^^
Any plans for the summer?

chaosmyth | 06-27-14, 9:53 PM
Hello! ^^ How do you do?

Heretic94 | 06-22-14, 1:23 PM
Hey how are you? :) haven't heard from you in a long time

kappuchu | 06-15-14, 3:19 PM

littleally28 | 06-12-14, 5:37 PM

Hello members~

I have seen that the club seems a little down even if we are still active.
So I'm sending this newsletter to bump you up and invite you to pass by the club~
(He misses you ^.^)
There is gonna be a new change. It consist on opening a card theme ever WEEK. So go and pass by to ask for the card and not lose the change to collect it.
There is also the Creation Card Contest (C.C.C.), remember that if you win first or second place you are able to ask all the cards of an edition from linette (me ^^').
That's all, have a great summer and we wait for you in our club~

Miyuki- | 06-12-14, 2:53 PM

Hello Everyone of RACE!
Yes I mean everyone! This is a special delivery being sent out to everyone in the club! Whether you signed up for the newsletter or not :P (You should do that btw, if you haven't)
I'm the creator of Random Anime Cards Emporium, Miyuki (formerly Rozzimandias11), if you didn't know....
Special thanks to all my staff that helped with this delivery, it means a lot!
Now for the news

infactuation21 | 06-10-14, 3:59 PM
hii hii! thanks for the add :D

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