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j0lee91 | 02-01-15, 5:46 AM
Oh it is sentenced... but.. it didnt show that at first D: good job, sentences.

j0lee91 | 02-01-15, 5:45 AM
Oh right! Yeah that stuff :O Its been a whle since i read magi now, havent read anything in forever D:: Im at the part where you learn about young Solomon

Thank you! I got a dab radio :wat: and roses!

But.. dont rush me! :@
Only one ive seen of those is akame ga kill :O Go anti govt squads!

Should I watch the original first? Or go straight for fate stay?

They are so expencive D: I payed 13k NOK on the equipment. Retinoscopy and all, thats 1150 £ ;_;
Oooh! Are they smashing?
Where are you working? Ooh like what? :D

j0lee91 | 01-30-15, 3:32 AM
Who wont my perfectly seperated sentences pop up when i press Submit Reply ;_; like yours D:

j0lee91 | 01-30-15, 3:31 AM

Im sorry ;_; Lifes busy and christmass was just a ball of stresspoo

BUT BUT, TIEM, I CAN ONLY KEEP UP WHAT I HAVE D:::: soon.. i shall..
Which ones?
I just watched like 1 ep or so of the first season of durararararararararrararar :O I lacked enthusiasm!

IS fatestay good?

Good good, lots of tests in uni and so on and so on, and i just used ALL OF MY MONEY ON EQUIPMENTS FOR OPTOMETRY, WHY IS IT SO EXPENCIVE? How are you?

j0lee91 | 01-26-15, 3:53 AM
Haha! Which battle was that? :O

Happy new year and merry christmas! Im slow, but i got there Dx I did, did you? :D

I dont know D: Log Horizon s2 came out so i started that D:

j0lee91 | 12-07-14, 3:22 PM

j0lee91 | 11-25-14, 6:04 AM
All I was thinking in the end was WTF WHY DIDNT THEY KISS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO

j0lee91 | 10-06-14, 9:31 AM
I agree! the adventure of magi makes it worth it n.n and the characters <3

SAO has dissapointed me too, still watch it tho.. >_> I loved the beginning, and loved that there was an actual relationship involved in an anime for a change, but they took it too far D: got too moooshie. Love the fights and all still >: O

Log horizon :'D I watched that this summer. I quite enjoyed it. But yea you are right, there are some missing parts. But! Season 2 is comming out this fall, hopefuly there will be more explaining done.

Havent gotten far in steinsgate yet. I convinced my non-anime-watching boyfriend to watch FMA: Brotherhood with me, since i love it, so we're watching that together now. Imma drag him into my world >: L SO FAR SO GOOD
Steinsgate is next on my agenda :wat:

j0lee91 | 09-24-14, 4:34 AM
I am about to watch Steins gate, i've been rolling it over for quite a while and now i have decided to go for it : L I say this cause i just saw that you have it on favorite :OOoo Is it really that good? I know you're picky with your animes >: O

j0lee91 | 09-24-14, 4:32 AM
But you havent seen my butt :<

Its great isnt it n.n Nah its not like normal crazy shounen land. It's more political, really :O the struggle of powerhouses! Love the characters tho n.n

j0lee91 | 09-05-14, 6:26 AM
amg youre here n.n I miss your brows

j0lee91 | 09-05-14, 5:52 AM

Folofl | 06-04-12, 9:10 AM
Indeed-o, pedoman :>

Folofl | 05-28-12, 4:28 AM
So.. which one is it?

Shikamaruuu | 11-24-11, 2:19 AM
Oh dear, that's not a good sign and there you were telling me to play it! :O I believe I've seen the first 2...or am I mixing it up with something else entirely? :O
They may be unaware of your awesomeness. It would be cruel to not let them know of it >: P.
What if you don't know which ones are the awful ones? At times they are horrendously disguised >: (
Flap flap FLAP! Flapping is fun, you should try it ; ).
Very true, I rarely do it either but I wasn't in the mood for sleeping and thought drinking myself silly and acting like a lunatic would be fun.
Lol that was very repulsive. Her body was rotting and withering away : O...I think i started laughing at some point though, maybe at her laughing >: P. I've seen them! I think...yup just went and confirmed it. I've seen them but I can't remember if it was the 3rd or the 1st I've not seen :O.

Shikamaruuu | 11-23-11, 10:21 AM
I'm still on mine, should get through a good 5 or 6 before I get sick of them and turn back to anime. What was the last one you watched? : o
Maybe you should go around with neon lights illuminating it for all >:P.
Ok fair deal, sometimes they are but sometimes they're awful! >: (
Correction, 'flaps' :P
I need to learn to do that >: ( plus drinking 2 stimulation drinks before bed is always a bad idea :O.
I think the music was more disturbing than anything :O. Ahhh Alien 3...can't say I've seen it :P.

Shikamaruuu | 11-23-11, 7:11 AM
Heh good on you! What's next? :P
I blame myself too. Your hilarity was in high need too : (.
Burgers suck!
Rofl, oh dear you shouldn't have said that. Do you really want me to murder the poor thing? >:P
I wonder if counting sheep really works :O
Off to watch 'The Shining' now. Have you seen it? : o

Shikamaruuu | 11-23-11, 1:52 AM
Lol and precisely just how many tries did it take you? >:P
Not happy at all, I'm still in a murderous mood. Killing that kitten would have been the perfect way to rid myself of this draining mood >: (.
Now who's being mean? :'( Rofl, how giant is giant? :O
Ah damn, then what the hell is this white beard doing here!?
Skyrim! Skyrim!! SKYRIM!!! AC: R let me down once again *sigh*, so I ended up buying Skyrim. It better arrive by tomorrow or else I will do some real damage to a poor innocent soul >:@.

Shikamaruuu | 11-19-11, 8:22 AM
Lol it's the same with MGS4. Hard mode is practically impossible!
You need help you psychotic animal abuser you! &gt;: O
Perhaps you should make me some :eyes:.
Ho ho ho!

Shikamaruuu | 11-09-11, 2:21 AM
True true. If only all the PS3 game trophies were that simple and straigtforward. Their golds are a killer! :O
Save up all your rage for that day then take it out on Kratos and his foes &gt;: D.
You eat dragons? You're evil! :O
Lol thought as much :P. There are 5 season right? I can't remember where I left off :S.

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