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j0lee91 | 09-05-14, 6:26 AM
amg youre here n.n I miss your brows

j0lee91 | 09-05-14, 5:52 AM

Folofl | 06-04-12, 9:10 AM
Indeed-o, pedoman :>

Folofl | 05-28-12, 4:28 AM
So.. which one is it?

Shikamaruuu | 11-24-11, 2:19 AM
Oh dear, that's not a good sign and there you were telling me to play it! :O I believe I've seen the first 2...or am I mixing it up with something else entirely? :O
They may be unaware of your awesomeness. It would be cruel to not let them know of it >: P.
What if you don't know which ones are the awful ones? At times they are horrendously disguised >: (
Flap flap FLAP! Flapping is fun, you should try it ; ).
Very true, I rarely do it either but I wasn't in the mood for sleeping and thought drinking myself silly and acting like a lunatic would be fun.
Lol that was very repulsive. Her body was rotting and withering away : O...I think i started laughing at some point though, maybe at her laughing >: P. I've seen them! I think...yup just went and confirmed it. I've seen them but I can't remember if it was the 3rd or the 1st I've not seen :O.

Shikamaruuu | 11-23-11, 10:21 AM
I'm still on mine, should get through a good 5 or 6 before I get sick of them and turn back to anime. What was the last one you watched? : o
Maybe you should go around with neon lights illuminating it for all >:P.
Ok fair deal, sometimes they are but sometimes they're awful! >: (
Correction, 'flaps' :P
I need to learn to do that >: ( plus drinking 2 stimulation drinks before bed is always a bad idea :O.
I think the music was more disturbing than anything :O. Ahhh Alien 3...can't say I've seen it :P.

Shikamaruuu | 11-23-11, 7:11 AM
Heh good on you! What's next? :P
I blame myself too. Your hilarity was in high need too : (.
Burgers suck!
Rofl, oh dear you shouldn't have said that. Do you really want me to murder the poor thing? >:P
I wonder if counting sheep really works :O
Off to watch 'The Shining' now. Have you seen it? : o

Shikamaruuu | 11-23-11, 1:52 AM
Lol and precisely just how many tries did it take you? >:P
Not happy at all, I'm still in a murderous mood. Killing that kitten would have been the perfect way to rid myself of this draining mood >: (.
Now who's being mean? :'( Rofl, how giant is giant? :O
Ah damn, then what the hell is this white beard doing here!?
Skyrim! Skyrim!! SKYRIM!!! AC: R let me down once again *sigh*, so I ended up buying Skyrim. It better arrive by tomorrow or else I will do some real damage to a poor innocent soul >:@.

Shikamaruuu | 11-19-11, 8:22 AM
Lol it's the same with MGS4. Hard mode is practically impossible!
You need help you psychotic animal abuser you! >: O
Perhaps you should make me some :eyes:.
Ho ho ho!

Shikamaruuu | 11-09-11, 2:21 AM
True true. If only all the PS3 game trophies were that simple and straigtforward. Their golds are a killer! :O
Save up all your rage for that day then take it out on Kratos and his foes >: D.
You eat dragons? You're evil! :O
Lol thought as much :P. There are 5 season right? I can't remember where I left off :S.

Shikamaruuu | 11-08-11, 12:20 PM
You're right , you can't but I thought in order to get the trophy you'd have to have a full bar of health. It seems not :P. Heh, you have the power in you! :burn:
Me neither but I want to give it a go still ^.^. I'll probably end up getting unbelievably sick of Kratos but anyway :P.

Mince is extremely useful though >: D.
Still watching Mad Men? :P

Shikamaruuu | 11-04-11, 1:22 PM
I sure did ^^. I don't understand why though because I did lose health by those least I think I did. It took me at least 7-8 tries though so I think at that point I was just glad I finally got to the top and can't recall if I had a full bar of health or not :P.
Yeah I remember it being pretty much the same thing. I hear the challenges in there are somewhat tougher.

Lol, did it confuzzle you? >:P The series itself doesn't have that many releases though. It looks like it'll be the last one too, at least with Ezio as the protagonist.
There's always good old Mincecraft if all else fails ; ).

Shikamaruuu | 11-04-11, 12:27 PM
I'm out of Hell! : D It wasn't as long as I initially thought it'd be. Climbing the tower though, it was some serious messed up ROFLs mixed in with unbelievable frustration cos I kept falling off! Kratos is such a pansy honestly! Why would you fall just because the edge of a blade touches you, that annoyed me the most >: (. Slicing you into pieces is one thing but a tiny touch is something else entirely, fuuuuuuuu! Done now xD. Nearly finished, yay!

Bring on GOW II (I'm not sure if I can be bothered with that one though. Played it once before on PS2 some time ago and got bored.) After that AC: R then B: AC :P.
What do you plan to play after Deus Ex? B: AC no doubt, right? ^^

Shikamaruuu | 10-20-11, 1:33 AM
Get your mind out of the gutter you!
They were normal emotes! It's this place, I'm tellng you! It's bugged >:@
Next time I'll return with enhanced powers. The better to kick your ass with! >: O
The nose isn't the only way to smell things :P.
*Handles it* Oh look, it was very...entertaining >; )
I knew you were a big spoiled baby!
Nope, she told me she was faking >:P.
Tell him he still owes me a drink : D.
I know too well how the male brain works. I was a fake man woman before remember :P.
Couldn't you order it from some place else? :O I'm waiting on the MGS ultimate collection. I want it now!!!
Lol, Will & Grace is a good laugh xD. Can't remember the last time I saw it but I remember finding that petite sqeaky voiced woman either ridiculously funny or downright-wanting-to-beat-the-crap-out-of-her annoying :O.

Shikamaruuu | 10-15-11, 6:31 AM
Does it become gooey when roasted? :P
Wtf is with all that ">". I could have sworn I put an emote in each of those places! >: (
I nearly electrocuted myself yesterday, or was it the day before? No idea! My sense of time is seriously warped : (. Anyway, I saw the spark and it was about a milimetre from making contact with me! :O
It so does. You just lack the apparatus to smell it >:P.
*Brings your whole body into this* Oh, look what happened!
Someone bought your ps3 as a gift? : o
Oh good God! Never have I seen something so frightful ¬.¬
I refuse to believe you were Sorachi's inspiration for Madao! >: o
Lol that actually makes a lot of sense. Very intriguing I must say >; )

Oh no, it did that ">" business again! Curse you MAL to oblivion!!! >: (

Shikamaruuu | 10-07-11, 7:15 AM
How soft?
Ofc...perv! >:O
I want an electrocutey one! I don't have one >: (.
You'll make it smell funny :(
With your nose too? :P
Oh fish, it'll be some time before I get my hands on it then : o.
You don't scare me! *Stands my ground* >: o
ROFLMAO! It's funny you think that because each time I watch it and see him, he reminds me of you too! : D. Hmmm, a lot of guys who like the Shinsengumi like Kondo best, I wonder why :O.

Shikamaruuu | 10-06-11, 2:48 AM
Does it have a shell too? :O
Does it bring you joy now? :P
Ah right! True, it's be much cheaper that way. Still, do NOT get a HP if you choose to buy a new one!
Why you sonofa-!? You'll stretch it out! Give it back >: (. Lol, still something at least ^^.
Men are useless with maps >:P
Oh and there was my thinking I'd be able to DL it for free! So you have to buy it? :O
Nu-uhh. I know for sure I won't >: D...I think...

I'm not too fussed about Madao, but I'd like to see more of Katsura too. Him and Gintoki arguing is beyond comical. Still, Toshi & Sougo FTW! >: D

Shikamaruuu | 10-06-11, 1:35 AM
Ah yikes, what is it!? :O
LOL that too brought joy in it's own way :P
Whatever you do, do NOT get a HP!
It's not feeling too well atm :(
Mine is older than that and still lovely and soft and WARM!-ish :P Get a new one asap. You'll need it for the winter :O. Rofl, nice celebration! ^^ Did you manage any great achievements? :P
You'd have to get through all my traps, obstacles and barricades first! >: D
Well only one way to find out ^^. I'll be stuck on LBP1 for some time before I get to try 2 :(...
I lied, I'm not! >:O

Heh! :D That was such a weird move, honestly! Madao is so silly :P

Shikamaruuu | 10-05-11, 10:41 AM
Rofl xD. Ok I will...consider it. *Pats you on the head* >:P
Inorite! Good ol' times *starts reminiscing*
Uh-oh, that's not a good sign :O. You both have the same laptop?
Get me a camera then! >:O
That is a pathetic excuse for a robe. Shame on it! What date? You didn't do anything? : o
You better be right! If you're wrong, I'll hunt you down like the fiend you are! >:O
Yeh, I bet you hoped it wasn't *rolleyes*. I don't think you suck. I'm sure you can hold your own when you need to :P. I'd love to, it'd be fun! I'll get to kick your ass in game, what's not to like >; ). I started playing LBP today. It's really quite funny :P
Ah apologies for disappearing on PSN in the midst of talking. Got DC'd! >:(

Attorney Sakata! xD

Shikamaruuu | 10-04-11, 12:58 PM
You suck! >:O
Pinball is fun. I miss my old pinball game that came free with the PC :(
You'll be back on there in no time >:P.
All in good time. Patience young Padawan you must have >: )
ROFL, you're just not comfortable! I must say, I agree though. Now that you've said it, I can't stop staring at it! :O. Get it for your bday. When is it anyhow? : o
Wow, that's some skill you have there. You died yet you're still here :O. *Is envious*. Stein's gate completely slipped my eye, *goes to read up on it*...
Who me? Ofc it wasn't! I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about >:P. Is that a challenge? :O

Back to Gintama! xD

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