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snow_hime | 01-23-12, 12:34 AM
OMG i forgot to say "happy new year "!

really sorry , hope u have started a good new year :)

snow_hime | 01-23-12, 12:31 AM
ya! what's up ?

snow_hime | 11-17-11, 9:36 AM
hello , how are you ?
how's school and it's projects ?
i hope you r doing fine despite of the projects :)
take care * hugs*

ana-puu | 10-01-11, 2:01 AM
It's ok. Haha. Congrats for the job. Haha. You will learn in time. Just enjoy it. :))
Thankss. You're right. Yes. Major problem is money. I'm taking up 7 classes. Yes, it's also a 4 year course but I hope I can finish it in 2 years. :))
Are you back in school?

Carro-Chan | 09-21-11, 11:08 AM
yeah, one of my friends has some issue at home so she might repeat her junior year D:
oh wow, you want to go study in japan, that's so cool, what do you are you/want to study?
and yes, history is really interesting at the moment, we're doing french history right now ^_^ my other classes are alright but my favourite teacher has gone on maternity leave so i won't see her until next year at the earliest >_<
and I've just realised that I don't even know your name >_< but you don't have to tell me if you don't want to >_<

snow_hime | 09-19-11, 12:17 PM
Yo! oh thanks , how considerate. sure i will ... ! and don't worry about the lateness of the reply, i know,we all are busy and have our own businesses to attend to , don't worry , i 'm just happy that you reply me and happy that I'm able to talk to you :)

err ...and i actually did some crazy things like jumping from a waterfall , but i don't think petting a lost baby tiger is crazy :) but bring it back home with you IS , (that's right, i did it hehe , i brought back a baby tiger with me, he was so attached to me that wherever i went he would follow me :D so i took him with me and brought it home , and now I want to name him but don't know what kind of name suites him .... he is playful, energetic ,Adventurous, sometimes clumsy and kinda Spoiled .please help me name him if you still aren't so busy . thank you
and sorry for the long message .
take care
* hugs *

Carro-Chan | 09-15-11, 12:56 PM
cool, I've just started the equivalent of senior year in high school i think >_<
thank you, I'm sure you will get awesome grades too :)
well my class is called 'early modern history' so it's all the stuff that's pre 1800 really.
yes, i have been back at school for a week now, lots of work but I'm coping, how about you?


snow_hime | 09-05-11, 12:50 AM
Hi, how are you doing ?
i wanted to thank you for your advice about re adding all of my favorite char .... , unfortunately it didn't work .... but .... I could get rid of some old characters and add new ones :) so it somehow helped me . arigato

well ... in the end i went to the jungle ... ! it was a right decision i had a lot of fun :) ( soooo much things happened there that i don't know which one should i tell you )
but unfortunately I soon have to get ready for an other entrance exam ( one is for art, and the other is my own field ) please wish me luck
hehe i'm soooooo busy !
but i've decided to enjoy this last month of summer to the fullest :-D
i wish you a wonderful time in the last month of summer break .
bye and take care
* waves hand at you *

Carro-Chan | 08-31-11, 1:13 PM
aw, that's okay, what year/grade are you in now? >_<
results day went alright, I got AAABC which is alright, I got the B in history which I'm a bit annoyed about but hey, could have gone much worse >_<
and camping was a complete fail, it was pouring down with torrential rain so we had to abandon it and my friend's mum offered to let us stay the night at hers so we ended up having a massive sleepover :)
er, the topics I wrote on were 15th century relations between the holy roman empire, france and the ottomans and charles V's government, sounds boring I know XD
awwww, well at least at school you get to see your friends everyday and I hope school is okay ^_^
and thank you :) I only have another week of holiday and then school starts again :)

snow_hime | 08-21-11, 3:18 AM
hi how do you do ?
i'm not sure why but for some unknown reason , when i want to add the 10the favorite char it shows me this " only 10 favorite char are allowed " but i have 9 in my list :( do you know what the problem is ?

Carro-Chan | 08-14-11, 2:57 AM
yeah, my friend's bbq had to be postponed, she's camping all of next week so it'll have to happen in a few weeks time >_<
And the camping and results day hasn't happened yet >_< it's on the 18th which is this coming thursday :S I'll tell you you how it goes :)
Yeah my history exam has three essay questions and you had to answer two, my teacher had told us what questions she though would come up and then none of them came up and one the essays was really hard because it was kind of two topics in one :S

aw yay vegas sounds so fun, are you doing anything else over summer, or is school starting again for you?

snow_hime | 08-10-11, 10:42 AM
oh i'm glade .... you r back .... welcome back :)
oh that's sad news , but my summer break still is 1 month is remaining , and yes i have decided to go somewhere like beach :) or to the jungle lol ( i have 2 choices go to the beach with friends or go to the jungle with the family ) it's hard 2 decide :(
which one would you chose if you were me ?

thanks for your respond , yes i wanted 2 know that ,has my profile pic finally changed or not ?! ( because it was about 2 weeks ago that i had changed it to what it is now but for some reason it wouldn't show ... ) thanx again
gambare ( in relearning Japanese :) )

snow_hime | 08-08-11, 12:54 PM
hello how are you doing today my dear friend ?
i hope you are still enjoying the summer break ! :)
i have a question : pls tell me : now that you r reading my comment , my profile pic is Simca ( the girl with the pic hair) or it's still Rin ?
thank you and sorry for my stupid question

Carro-Chan | 08-04-11, 12:24 PM
oh thank you :3
oh lol, yesterday and the day before was really sunny, i went down the park with my friends and we had a massive water fight with the river nearby and it was really fun.
today my friend planned on having a bbq but it was raining for like 4 hours so she had to postpone it >_<

haha, i'm actually getting my results in the morning and then going camping in the afternoon, so it'll either be a celebratory or a sad camping trip >_< i think i did quite well, not so sure about history because i ran out of time, so i managed to finish but i had to skip some points that i wanted to include D:

ooo, have fun in las vegas, doing anything exciting?


snow_hime | 08-02-11, 10:06 AM
not really , no big vacation plan .... or at least not yet :)

ana-puu | 08-02-11, 1:57 AM
really? so what job did you got?
congrats! :)
Thanks! ☺ not really. it's a bit easy. yes. i like it so much. :)

Carro-Chan | 07-28-11, 12:07 PM
awww yay :3
I got a boyfriend like the day after my last comment to you ^____^ awwww :3
but at least you'll have loads of money and you won't get bored >_<
and aha, I've been out like 2 out of the past 4 days this week and I'm out all day tomorrow, people keep organising to meet at the park or somewhere really late notice
annnd, I'm planning on going camping on my exam results day, so it'll either be a celebration or like a sadness thing >_<

and i know, harry potter's finished D: but I don't know, there was something in the last film that just wasnt that good D: I liked 7 part 1 much more :)

don't work too much >_<

ana-puu | 07-27-11, 11:50 PM
It's alright. Why were you busy? I am doing great too. So far, this is the best experience I have in college. I'm taking up Commerce now. ☺

Carro-Chan | 07-22-11, 12:27 PM
:) that is okay
I finished school today :3
Now I have nothing to do >_<
so how has your summer been so far?
and yes, harry potter was rather good, although I didn't cry ><

snow_hime | 07-21-11, 11:59 PM
hi , don't worry :)

yas it wonderful till this moment =) ,

and sorcerers apprentice was funny .no it's not a cartoon or a remake , it's a movie real movie , maybe i should say , but it was fun and well ... refreshing .... lol
summer wars you say ? hmm ... that's seems interesting thanx for the advice , i will watch it then :)

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