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shimizukumiko | 01-03-13, 12:27 AM bad..
take a more rest and drink a lot of water..
I hope u will better soon..

Hmmm, I'm doing well but a bit busy with my revision for final exam..
wish me luck..
thanks for asking..

MoeMoeKyun | 01-02-13, 11:21 PM
What was your reason for not playing fighters again, hassle to remember combos lol?

MoeMoeKyun | 01-01-13, 9:59 PM
Aw you lucky faggot I can't play P4 unless I go buy the PS2 disc. Settle for P4A instead -_____-

Bout to hop back in the no life GW2 train. But been watching D3 hardcore vids where if you die your character and gear is gone forever. Shit gets my dick hard thinkin about it, you know? Hue

MoeMoeKyun | 01-01-13, 8:36 PM
Nigga what the hell you doin then. You buyin games and then not playin them like with gw2 lol?

MoeMoeKyun | 01-01-13, 1:12 PM
Gay boiiii

U got D3?

shimizukumiko | 01-01-13, 8:33 AM
thank you so much..
u too ~

So, how are u today ?

shimizukumiko | 01-01-13, 7:33 AM

MoeMoeKyun | 12-30-12, 9:02 AM
I jus sed r/cringe u dum hoe

MoeMoeKyun | 12-30-12, 1:12 AM
So I just found the best thing ever


MoeMoeKyun | 12-28-12, 9:47 AM
imma slap u wit mah dik hold dat

MoeMoeKyun | 12-27-12, 9:10 PM

MoeMoeKyun | 12-27-12, 10:43 AM
Y u so butthurt

And how the fk is it controversial I have a stun AND I can gank from anywhere [halfway across the map] !??

MoeMoeKyun | 12-27-12, 2:06 AM
Quit being a fag and get back on league I'm losing games cause I have to 1v5 with my jungle TF

MoeMoeKyun | 12-25-12, 9:13 PM
Good because I'm never playing it again.

Back to league

MoeMoeKyun | 12-25-12, 5:51 PM
Got dota 2 you play it?

MoeMoeKyun | 12-25-12, 12:16 AM
uninstall browser pls go back to school

MoeMoeKyun | 12-24-12, 6:33 PM
o no our anime compatibility went down 10%

Whatju do nigga

MoeMoeKyun | 12-24-12, 5:43 PM
so dumb

MoeMoeKyun | 12-24-12, 12:15 PM
Looks better than spazzie imo lol

MoeMoeKyun | 12-24-12, 11:08 AM
The important part to take from it is what he said. Engrave it into you're heart. Whenever you tell me something let those words echo in your mind.

Now then..

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