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nu | 03-13-09, 7:29 AM
I see. I'd love to go to China to learn more Kung fu there but also learn Mandarin hehe I don't know if I'd like to learn Korean either though...

Well we're only getting started wrote all of the texts and working on the music of 7 of them. We made a first record of three of them. It's in French since its our mothertongue. We'll have to work on the voice effects + emotion... and work on the mixes. SO much work O_O. You can listen to them there to give you a first feel : It's funny how French people aren't used to listen to people singing in French on rock music. Many musicians here thought we were too out of style... I guess we'll have to work even harder to show them we can do something good with our language...

nu | 03-12-09, 9:08 PM
Oh oh oh I see :) I do take lots of time to watch anime these days. I learnt that resting was a good thing for my body after having burnt myself a couple of time ended up hurted hehe... So you went there in the end! Are you learning Korean?

Well I guess we are doing mostly the same beside having different jobs and me working on a music album with my bf. I've been training for my black belt too. Coming up next July. I'm surprised though that they have belts in Korea. I heard that belt systems where made up by Americans... humm -_-... But congrats anyway :D You must be learning some great moves and stances huh?

So how is your family going?

nu | 03-11-09, 5:37 PM
Hey there ^^ seems that we plan to watch some of the same animes.

What are you up to?

Manuelus | 07-28-08, 11:25 AM
51% not too bad

clapika | 07-28-08, 2:34 AM
wow. our anime compatibility is quiet high. xD

Dick75 | 07-15-08, 9:29 PM
The krac sure does rock . . . Like what I did there

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