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Wimwinkle | 08-10-14, 4:38 PM

mrrunningbear | 07-29-14, 8:20 AM
Hi friend

Wimwinkle | 07-02-14, 6:55 AM

toridoshi | 04-22-14, 1:50 PM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

Note: Due to the club having so many members, a newsletter will not be going out to everyone after this round of the competition. If you would like to receive a newsletter informing you of when each new round starts so that you can go in and vote, please post in this thread. Thank you!

Spidermanisgay | 04-20-14, 12:22 PM
The Mad Scientists Update

Dear member of The Mad Scientists,

Recently, newer admins of “The Mad Scientists” have been trying to reignite the flame that was once its community. We’ve been trying to make it active, and more fun. Unfortunately, our efforts have been failing. The number of active members has significantly dropped due to the long period of inactivity. As one of the newer admins who is trying to make a change in the community I have been doing everything I can, but without members, there can’t be a club. This is why I am informing you of the revival that is taking place. We hope that by sending this to many current but inactive members, we can increase the activity that goes on within the club. We would like each and every one of you to become active, to create a truly magnificent Steins;Gate loving community. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


87.4 anime compatibility. I think that's the highest I've had yet.

toridoshi | 03-09-14, 2:42 PM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

elkensteyin | 03-08-14, 6:57 PM
Namine's Cafe Newsletter & Competition Announcement

Ichi-chan | 02-10-13, 7:10 PM
Happy Birthday

galaxy23557 | 12-24-12, 3:07 AM
hey dude how you been

Rene094 | 09-10-12, 4:30 PM
Hell yeah.

Also, Messi is better.

boating92 | 08-23-12, 6:27 AM
nice favourites imo

vampyrsten | 07-27-12, 5:58 PM
7/10, pretty good actually, Portugal I'm impress !

H3ntaiP3rv3rt | 07-26-12, 6:53 PM
Li a descriçao do teu perfilll ... Ok ... weather... como ta o tempo? xD

sasukefan | 05-20-12, 10:07 AM

KingKong | 04-27-12, 5:05 AM
all of dat shitty taste

H3ntaiP3rv3rt | 04-26-12, 1:48 PM
Yooo :D

Kingwel | 03-13-12, 7:34 PM
Comecei a ver Rinne no Lagrange, estou vomitando moe.

Kingwel | 03-11-12, 2:54 PM
Your's not bad too.

Kingwel | 03-11-12, 2:53 PM
Thanks bra'

distractDB | 12-29-11, 7:15 PM
Happy New Year

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