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Nika-senpai | 05-18-09, 8:35 PM
I know it doesn't have a story, I said it was episodic. :P

I'm guessing we're misunderstanding each other, because I always thought slice of life shows tended to be episodic more often than not. That'd be my bad. :D

I'm not going to contest anything.

It doesn't have a story yes, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. It was just such a chill anime without any plot to worry about. I'm pretty sure the lack plot was intentional rather than due to the writer's inability. :P It was a cute anime with an otaku gimmick that was supposed to be funny and cute. It's not the pinnacle of creation in terms of anime, but it's pretty enjoyable (to me) and I think some people take it waaaay too seriously. Not you in particular, you've seen the discussion so you know what I mean. ^_^

Missytalker | 05-14-09, 6:55 PM

PandaPuff | 05-14-09, 3:44 PM
I tell you, once you start it's like "omg i have to see more" lol. At the time, I marathoned 1-75 like in half a week. After that I was bugging out when the new episode will be out!

PandaPuff | 05-14-09, 6:49 AM
Damn straight!

Vhaltz | 05-13-09, 3:25 PM
Thought you'd be able to appretiate this one, check it out =P

Seems like our compatibility dropped quite a bit since last time I visited though ^^'

WolfWar | 05-13-09, 12:57 PM
hope you do well ... good luck

TirosaurusRex | 05-13-09, 9:40 AM
I'm good thanks :) It's a beautiful day~

TirosaurusRex | 05-13-09, 8:10 AM
:) how are you today?

WolfWar | 05-13-09, 3:06 AM
not alot just revision for my final exams :P

TirosaurusRex | 05-12-09, 4:52 PM
Gintama? Added to my plan to watch!

Do you have anything against animes about love? I've lately started to recommend Princess Tutu, even though it was ages since I watched it :P

TirosaurusRex | 05-12-09, 4:06 PM
D: I don't like school either. But at least you don't have to go back once you're finished ^^

WolfWar | 05-12-09, 9:42 AM
im doing alright :P
what have you been up to recently?

TirosaurusRex | 05-12-09, 9:02 AM
Aw, you don't like school?

I'm pretty much trying to manage the Octopus club. Thinking about a mascot, what I should add and such ^^ What about you?

TirosaurusRex | 05-12-09, 7:17 AM
I'm just fine, thanks :} What about you?

TirosaurusRex | 05-11-09, 7:20 PM
Hey! :)

WolfWar | 05-11-09, 1:58 PM
hi hi
hows you

nMoura | 05-09-09, 4:48 PM
yes me too
i was saying with tears to my dad they cant kill him no they cant :D
and when i saw him i was so happy i started crying again :P

hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaa yes he is always funny :D

nMoura | 05-09-09, 4:29 PM
yep :D
and well to me benizuka is awesome in everything too and its the sadest to me :(
i love kotarou katsura you see :D
i almost collapse when he was first shown to be murderd :'(

nMoura | 05-09-09, 4:14 PM
oh i loved benizuka arc a lot :D
it made me cry though :'(

oh there are still some more fun es coming :D

nMoura | 05-09-09, 3:51 PM
i know i love it <3
what ep are you on now??? ^_^

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