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LonelyWizard | 08-26-14, 8:32 AM
dat Sankarea review singlehandedly made me start to read the manga...Btw watch Hanamonogatari if you havent watch until now,Siscon is really strong with that one :I

SerasAshley | 06-28-14, 5:42 PM
So sad that One Divine is so quiet now, but it's to be expected . People get busy with life and can no longer devote time to sites and anime, or they move on to other hobbies and so on. Mainly it is sad because I miss talking to you and shana and a few others.

I hope you are doing well and that your weekend is a nice one.

CoolBreeze | 10-30-13, 12:02 AM
You need some motivation my friend <__<

SerasAshley | 10-17-13, 8:47 PM
Very cute pic!


otakulineage | 10-08-13, 1:12 PM
Yeah. My friend was so into it when it was still publishing. I thought it still is so i gave it a try. But the ending was abrupt which led me to thinking that it was axed instead of getting its deserved lifetime.

I stopped when i had to fill in the character's name. Kinda have a hunch that i shouldnt touch it till im done with math shit...

otakulineage | 10-07-13, 8:35 PM
The psyren manga looked like it got axed.

And damn. More card games? And on facebook on top of that.... Crad games i dont need cus ive got mtg already.. Anymore would kill me. And fb isnt my forte... But im gonna go play that game anyway cus i like girls that lives in the virtual world.

subpyro | 10-07-13, 1:24 PM
Heh, the new one looks cool, too.
How do you like Monogatari Series SS so far?

otakulineage | 10-07-13, 11:07 AM
What profile pic is that?? Faunus? lol

subpyro | 10-06-13, 1:08 PM
Awesome profile picture! :D

otakulineage | 10-03-13, 8:20 PM
One word. Mehh. I dont have any more comments other than that...

Watched RWBY yet?

otakulineage | 09-30-13, 8:31 PM
And ofc, to suffer is the only way that we can truly feel alive.

Exactly. I dont know what tho... And i dont care about ads unless it gets invasive. Like pop ups and blocking buttons. Thats seriously annoying.

otakulineage | 09-30-13, 2:30 PM
So we shall...

Well, i removed it cus almost all ads are appearing. So it's like getting HIV and I'm almost dead despite having my immune system.

Rly? It didnt do shit anymore for me. Ads appeared everywhere despite me having that thing so it's useless to have it for me now.

otakulineage | 09-29-13, 9:31 PM
Holy shit!

Im nearing my dead zone too you know..


I removed it altogether cus it sucked.

otakulineage | 09-19-13, 7:04 PM
Fair enough.

I see. Well, i dont play the game anymore.... Cus it seemed like it would last forever..

Ooo, thats good then..

Right. It's a rather big thing for me lol. Next up is the 85 then 100 days milestone. And well, i remembered it cus i just finished installing my photoshop cs5 and figured i should make a new one till i remembered then again that i have other things to attend to....

And ads starts appearing in mal again.. *sigh* adblock plus wont work anymore huh..

otakulineage | 09-19-13, 12:52 PM
Btw, holy shit! I broke the 70 days milestone! Ive spent a solid 70 days on anime! And i think our signatures that keeps track on what last episodes we watched are broken.

otakulineage | 09-19-13, 12:49 PM
Yup i think Sawa-chan's the real deal...

I see

Lol when i was a kid i always thought Mao was dead since 1700s.

I see.. That's a shame.. Here i thought it was a revolutionary way of teaching things to ppl..

I see. Ive been thinking on playing it but.... Oh well.

No way, it'll be too long then.

Yeah. Well my friend got 4 ppl talked into playing MTG including me so i guess all's good.

I like that too. Which is why i'm struggling in this shit math class. Fuck math damn it. My swearing tendencies are starting up again.

otakulineage | 09-12-13, 12:48 AM
Alright. Ive ignored this block of text long enough. I'm gonna reply to it! With hope that i remember to copy the whole thing before pressing submit!

No more headaches! As you know, now it's backaches!

You know this too.

Added you hell yea.

And apparently it seems that Sawa-chan-sensei from K-On seem to can play the guitar. I mean the real seiyuu. Search for Death Devil on youtube. Looked like she rly was playing the guitar but i could be wrong and it turned out just to be the lighting fooling my eyes.

True. Stopped playing the game tho now that shit got serious with Math...

Not yet. Going to when i have the time later on lol.

I see.

Leaders.. So there's only one leader in 5th. Which is the guy who appears on the front screen before playing right?

I see yet again.

Well, i suppose there's some thing that are sensitive to China. Including the tank man thing too right? The revolution thing...

Can you like understand history by playing that game? It sounds as if it might be useful... Assassin's Creed III too...

Fuck golden age it's always golden age for me lol. Dont know why but it's rly easy for me to get a golden age..

Well there is the concept of using mana in the card game. It's a pretty fun card game. I got a collectible card that has the price of $30-$45 on the internet. Dont know what i should do with it...

otakulineage | 09-07-13, 5:21 PM
Did i tell you i had a headache? It's been going on till now. IT's only a little bit compared to last week but i cant move my head fast... I should sleep earlier.. And did i also tell you that my back hurts like crazy? Now my ribcage also hurts in addition to that... I'm sorry if i dont reply as fast as before, homework's also piling up..

And heck, why are ppl targeting mal? There's nothing here except otakus! And sure, what's your skype name?

Well i suppose. Are there any seiyuus you know of out there that can play an instrument?

Yeah i searched the internet and it seems that one more turn thing only appears after end game? I havent reaches victory yet....

Micromanagement is bad for OCD ppl lol. For me it's let's wait till the research's done and get nuclear missiles and wage war on Denmark. lol

Leader traits... There's none in 5 too right?

I suppose that is a game breaker. But there's no change in leaders in the 5th right? And damn a free tech in each age is rly game breaking.

Well i noticed that lol. Though now i'm quite interested in Total War Shogun II and Total War Rome II. Havent got a copy of it but i guess i wont till i get shit done here in life...

I see.

So wonders did something in the previous games.. Certainly, it doesnt do jackshit in the 5th except that it's fun to have things other countries dont lol. And i dont use the great person thing as they should be. I keep turning them to buildings...

Say, you know Magic The Gathering?

otakulineage | 09-06-13, 2:30 AM
Whoa what happened to mal? Hacked? Couldnt access mal for 3 days! And apparently, the only person i can hold a functional conversation this long is you. Tried starting conversations with numerous ppl and it ended with 3 responses in. I'm sad and disappointed :(

Well, i saw a youtube video where all the K-On! cast gathered into a band practice room place thingy while holding their own musical instruments so i expected them to be able to play but... I guess i was wrong..


Though i thought it only take 2 hours to finish a campaign. And here i am, splurging more than 10 hours on this damn game and not getting any reading done... And yeah they added religion. And if you dont wanna pay, there's always torrent lol

Never rly played Civ games other than this 5th one. I'm starting to get sick of the game tho.. My OCD ran wild a lot when i was playing and i rly want to stop that... lol

I see. Leader traits? Were there such a thing for the 5th? So some system were tweaked..

Hah i thought it was gonna be a game like Sims City, though not the latest one, where you can see whats going on inside the city, including what the people are doing in the city lol. Oh well, it's still pretty good lol.

otakulineage | 09-02-13, 11:44 PM
I listened to her singing No Thank You but she barely played the bass.. She just sang.

I know how to write "a" in katakana but otherwise, i'm fucked lol.

You play Civilization V? Pretty interesting game.

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