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Sho-kun | 05-14-12, 8:52 AM
Hello. After checking out your awesome list I've come to the conclusion that you sir have mighty fine tastes in anime. I'd like to formally invite you to a growing anime community that you would free right at home at. No pressure to join, just check it out.

You won't regret it :3

sakurahimesama | 11-10-11, 11:49 AM
konnichiwa (^.^) just wanted to say hi

Origa-san | 07-31-10, 6:33 AM

-White_Rabbit- | 10-20-08, 6:16 PM
Hello! You're the first person I've seen with Helba as a favorite character. (& .hack//SIGN on their fav. anime) Helba was definitely an cool character. And I liked SIGN a lot, I found it totally addictive when the DVDs were first being released but when I try to rewatch it now, it just doesn't hold my interest like it did. Not that I am knocking it though. I still think it's a great series.

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